14- Forbidden love.

Now that Grumman was Führer he hoped that Roy and Riza would be able to admit in public that they loved each other.

He did, after all, love his granddaughter and held a particular soft spot for Mustang. He was a younger version of him and, therefore, needed to be controlled in order to stop any potential harm befalling his granddaughter… and the possibility of her shooting one of his two ideal successors as Führer when he decides when to retire.

Instead of hiding out in Roy's office for hours on end, whispering sweet words of love to each other, and doing other things, whilst one of Roy's gloves was kept on the door handle as a gentle reminder to the remainder of the team not to enter or disturb them. Under any circumstances. Even if Homunculi were acting again. Otherwise they would get burned to ash and then have their ashes shot into a fine powder.

As far as punishments go, Grumman had to admit that that was a rather effective threat.

So, to stop the pair of them losing their jobs or positions within the military, Grumman relaxed the anti-fraternisation laws and allowed the committed relationships of commanding officer and subordinate.

That, however, didn't get rid of the glove.

The pair of them could not be stopped, but, that, Grumman decided, was true to the ultimately forbidden nature of their love.

And that made it all the more beautiful.