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Plot: Chihaya is slowly getting sicker, he is slowly becoming a lucifer! Kagetsuya notices his lover acting a little strange, but he doesn't really see what is happening. Chihaya tries desperatly to hid it from him, but as time goes on, it gets more serious. The secret of Chihaya's black wings will come out!

Until the End

Chihaya was watching t.v in the livingroom as Kagetsuya was prepairing breakfast for them. Last night they had gotten into an agrument. They were both in the wrong, they had said things that hurt each other. Kagetsuya had struck Chihaya's cheek, causing him to cry and run off. They hadn't spoken to each other all morning, when Chihaya tried to start a conversation, Kagetsuya would walk into another room or just completely ignore him.

Chihaya sighed and he stood up. "I am going out for breakfast." he called.

Kagetsuya came to the door of the kitchen. "What? I just fixed us breakfast, it's hot and ready!" he said, his voice not tender at the moment.

Chihaya said nothing more as he walked out of the door. "I'm going now." he said closing the door.

Kagetsuya stood there, anger rolling off of his features. He was still mad about last night and now he was even more flared up.

He sat down at the table and ate both portions up. He grumbled and left the plates in the sink, he took care of the cooking and Chihaya did dishes. He got up and grabbed his coat and growled as he headed out to look for Chihaya.

Meanwhile, Chihaya was sitting on a bench at the children's park a couple of blocks from his and Kagetsuya's apartment. He wasn't feeling all that well today, his back was a little sore along with his arms and whole intire body.

He rubbed his shoulders gently and shivered at the cool morning air of spring. He zipped his thin jacket up a little and smiled as he watched the children play in the park before they went to school. He loved the Earthians dearly. They were such precious creatures, he couldn't find one bad thing about them. On the other hand Kagetsuya always had something bad to say about the race.

He sighed and winced as a sharp pain went through his lungs, causing him to cough a little. He sighed and stood up as he saw a tall blonde storming towards him. "I'm sorry Kagetsuya, I will come eat breakfast." he said softly, trying to wash away the anger and tension between them.

Kagetsuya stopped in front of him and crossed his arms. "Like hell you will, it's already gone." he mumbled.

Chihaya flinched at his tone but recovered quickly. "I see. Then I will wait until lunch." he said, smiling a sweet smile.

Kagetsuya looked down at his black-haired lover. "Don't smile like that, smiling isn't always going to solve things." he hissed.

Chihaya's smile fell. "I was just trying to...make things better between us. I know I said some hurtful things last night, and I am sorry about that Kagetsuya, really I am." he said.

Kagetsuya turned. "Whatever...let's just go, we have a job." he sighed.

Chihaya nodded and followed Kagetsuya down the street. "Um, Kagetsuya...I have something to tell you...you see I am a little wor-" he was cutt of by Kagetsuya's angered look.

"What?" he asked, his voice a little rougher than what he wanted it to be. He didn't want to be mad at Chihaya, it's just his temper was getting the best of him right now.

Chihaya looked into Kagetsuya's violet-colored eyes. "I'm sorry, it's nothing." he whispered, his head dropping slightly.

Kagetsuya looked around and sighed, he really needed to cool off, Chihaya already apologized to him.

Chihaya sighed to and walked past Kagetsuya, but was grabbed on his upper arm. He whimpered a little at the pressure and he looked into his taller lover's eyes. "W-what is it?" he asked biting his lip, his arms were really sore, he didn't know why.

Kagetsuya looked into Chihaya's arms and saw some pain and discomfort. "Chihaya what is wrong? Is there something wrong?" he asked. "You look like you are in pain." he said.

Chihaya shook his head. "No, it's nothing, I'm think I am getting a spring time cold." he said smiling."That's all." he said.

Kagetsuya looked at his small lover. "Alright, when we get home I will give you medicine." he said.

Chihaya nodded and he walked beside Kagetsuya and shivered a little at the breeze.

Kagetsuya noticed the shiver in his lover and he took off his big jacket and put it around Chihaya's shoudlers.

Chihaya looked up at Kagetsuya. "But don't you need this?" he asked.

Kagetsuya shook his head. "Just take it, come on let's hurry." he said as they entered the train station. They were currently on their way to a lucifer warning in a nearby area. Once again the percentage rate raised by 2 percent since last month.

Chihaya nodded. "Alright then." he said as they got on the train and he sat down in an empty seat, while Kagetsuya stood in front of him.

While they were on the train, Kagetsuya monitored Chihaya, he looked more tired than usual.

A half an hour later they arrived at their destination and they got off. Chihaya looked around at all the peopel swarming around in the underground subway. He looked up at Kagetsuya. "Where to now?" he asked.

Kagetsuya looked down at the paper in his hand and looked down at Chihaya. "It's just right outside here." he said and took Chihaya's coat sleeve and pulled him alongside him.

Chihaya nodded and kept up with Kagetsuya's pace. They walked out to an abandoned building, it reeked of alchol and mold. Chihaya covered his nose and mouth and made a weird face. "It smells terrible in here." he said through his hand.

Kagetsuya looked around. "Stay close to me, Chihaya. I don't like this place, something isn't right." he said.

Chihaya nodded and moved closer to Kagetsuya as they made their way through the building and to the top floor. The stairs were worn down and there were holes in the roof.

There was some violent coughing coming from the last room on the left of the top floor.

Kagetsuya put Chihaya behind him defensivly and slowly walked to the door and opened it.

Chihaya followed him into the room and his eyes went wide and his heart sank at the sight inside the room.

There in the room there was a black haired man who was laying with a woman, who was pale and obviously dead. The man sat up at the sound of movement other than himself in the room.

"Who are you, what do you want?" he asked the two partners.

Kagetsuya looked at the man, the stench around the room was almost unbearable. "We are of your kind...Elan." he said calmly.

Elan looked at him. "Kagetsuya?" he asked and stood up and stumbled over into the light of the room. "So it's time already time, huh?" he asked. He sighed and looked over at Chihaya.

"Is this your partner? The famous natural black wing?" he asked.

Chihaya stepped foward. "Yes." he whispered.

Kagetsuya placed a hand on Chihaya's shoulder. "We need to know...what were you feeling when the cancer first began to spread, how did you know you had it in the beginning?" he asked.

Elan sat down against the wall, fading fast. "You start by feeling sore. Everything that comes into contact with you, it feels uncomfortable, the slightest touch would hurt. You arms, back, legs and stomach becomes sensitive, that it slowly begins to hurt." he said. "Then soon enough...even making love with someone hurts. Your wings will turn black and your hair as well." he said. He sighed. "That's all I can say...please let me die alone...it's the last thing I want in this world." he said.

Chihaya was frozen to the spot. His eyes were wide in complete fear, he now knew what was wrong with him...he had the cancer. He was turning into one of the fallen!

Kagetsuya shook Chihaya. "What is wrong, are you alright?" he asked, worried at his lover's expression.

Chihaya snapped out of it quickly and smiled and shook his head. "I'm fine, let's just get going." he said.

Kagetsuya nodded and looked at the fallen angel one more time and then walked out of the room.

Chihaya looked once more at the fallen one, and then turned and left, shutting the door behind him.

He looked at Kagetsuya and smiled. "Alright, let's go home." he said smiling.

Kagetsuya nodded. "Yeah, We need to write our report." he said and kept a hand on Chihaya's shoulder the whole time.

Chihaya was sore where Kagetsuya was touching him, but he kept quiet.

They caught their train and headed home. When they got there they got started on their reports right away.

Chihaya was thinking about whether he should tell his adoptive father, Micheal, or not.

"He will flip...and he will reject me...when it get's too serious...I will leave out on my own." he whispered to himself in his room.

There was a knock on the door, followed by Kagetsuya popping his head into the room.

"If you are finished with your report, supper is almost finished...so go wash up if you are ready to eat." he said.

Chihaya turned in his desk chair. "Alright." he said and got up and walked out of the room and into the bathroom. He washed his hands, face, and arms, then dried them off and walked into the dinning room and sat down as Kagetsuya placed the last dish on the table.

Kagetsuya sat down and turned on the t.v and watched it as they began to eat.

Chihaya watched the t.v as well as he ate his food. He found that he wasn't really hungry, but he ate anyway, knowing that Kagetsuya would get upset and be angry at him.

"So, did you finish your report?" he asked.

Kagetsuya looked at Chihaya. "Yeah, and you?" he asked as he took another bite of his grilled chicken.

Chihaya nodded. "I finished a moment ago." he said. "When do you think our next job is?" he asked.

Kagetsuya shrugged. "I have no idea, whenever there is another lucifer alert." he said sighing.

Chihaya nodded. "Sorry, am I bothering you?" he asked his lover.

Kagetsuya sighed and sat his fork down and reached across the table and cupped his cheek. "I said...some terrible things to you last night...about the color of your hair and wings...I'm sorry for calling you a freak...and a mutant." he said.

Chihaya blushed. "It's alright, I've been called worse." he said smiling a gentle smile. "No harm done, I am alive and there is air in my lungs, I may be a mutant...but at least I am here, you know?" he said softly.

Kagetsuya sighed. "I see. You've got all you need." he said sighing. He got up and walked to Chihaya's side of the table. He took his upper arm into his hand and pulled him up as softly as he could. He pressed his lips to Chihaya's.

"Let's go to bed." he whispered and took him to the bedroom and closed the door. That night they cuddled together, they didn't make love, Chihaya was still feeling sick. Chihaya stayed close to Kagetsuya, all night long.

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