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Chapter 3

Chihaya sighed as he flew up to Eden's landing area. He sat his bags down and sighed as he walked down the pathway to his home at Lord Micheal's. He wasn't really sure how he was going to bring this subject up to him, but he had to at least try.

He walked up to the gate of Lord Micheal's house and walked inside and sighed. "Lord Micheal? It's me Chihaya." he called through the big mansion.

He stopped when he saw Lord Micheal's door open up, revealing a perplexed Micheal.

"Chihaya, I got your message." he said in a serious tone. "What is it?" he asked.

Chihaya bit his lip. "About that...can we discuss this over a cup of tea?" he asked politely. He knew better that to be rude to his adoptive father, he knew that Micheal was strict on punishing.

Micheal nodded and allowed Chihaya to come into his office. They sat down and Chihaya poured them a cup of warm tea. Chihaya picked his cup up and stared into it.

"I...don't know how to even begin...well...I want...I want to know who my real parents are!" he said, waiting to see Micheal's reaction. "I'm just really curious, so please help me find them! It's not that you aren't a good father, I just can't help but wonder what they are like and if they are thinking of me, I couldn't tell Kagetsuya this, he would laugh at me...and plus...I would like a partner exchange...he doesn't want me back there." he sighed.

Micheal blinked at the teen's sudden burst of talking. "I understand the first part, but the second part? What are you two arguing about this time?" he asked.

Chihaya looked into his cup. "He just doesn't want me there." he said with a slight blush.

Micheal looked at Chihaya and then his features. "Chihaya...did you have sex with Kagetsuya, I have a reason to ask, and it is good." he said, seriousness heavy in his voice.

Chihaya blushed madly and was attepting to lie, but failed. "Yes...I'm sorry." he whispered every so quietly.

Micheal sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of his nose. "You know that you could cause serious damage...Chihaya you two could both get sick! Did you not learn anything! Two male angels cannot have sex, why can't you grasp that? You should feel ashamed. I do not want it to happen again, and do I make myself clear?" he asked.

Chihaya sighed and hung his head, but he wasn't ashamed. "I understand...but I absoulutely refuse to be ashamed. I love Kagetsuya and we did nothing but love each other. But I don't think it will happen ever again anyway, as I said, he doesn't want me there." he whispered hugging his arms slightly.

Micheal sighed and then something on Chihaya caught his eyes. He got up quickly and walked over to Chihaya and placed a hand on his shoulder, causing him to wince and move away in pain.

Micheal gasped and backed away. "Oh Chihaya...no please...it isn't what I think it is?" he asked refuring to the deep black bruise on his shoulder.

Chihaya fixed his shirt and looked away. "I don't know...but...most likely...very soon...I to.." he trailed off.

Micheal had to sit down before he fell. He looked at Chihaya in pity and sadness. "How did this happen?" he asked.

Chihaya shook his head. "I don't know...it just started to happen recently...Lord Micheal...I will soon be a fallen angel...I am certain of this...so when I do, please do not tell Kagetsuya, just tell him I went on to another branch and we are forbidded to see each other." he whispered. "I beg of you." he whispered even more softly.

Micheal looked at the black haired male. "Chihaya...I don't...alright...but I'm sorry, you cannot stay on Eden, it can't be kept a secret either...we need to put you on trial...and then decide whether to send you to a clinic in hopes of recovery...or put you to death...but it looks like you have a few months before that is neccisary." he whispered.

Chihaya sighed. "Lord Micheal, thank you for trying to help, but this is absoulute...there isn't a cure. I am going to die and that is just that." he said standing. "And before I do, I must find my parents so that I can ask them...why I have these ugly wings and hair." he whispered.

Micheal stood up to. "Chihaya, they aren't ugly...you are indeed diffrent, only a fool would think otherwise, but Chihaya...you are special, there might be something that you can do." he said.

Chihaya sighed. "Lord Micheal, are you going to help me or not?" he asked softly.

Micheal sighed and thought about it for a moment. "I will...try." he said and sighed in defeat.

Chihaya sighed and smiled. "Thank you, oh and if Kagetsuya tries to find me, please tell him what I told you to tell me other. Please give him a better suited partner." he said.

Micheal nodded and showed him out of the office.

Chihaya stretched and yawned as he looked at the clock. He would miss sleeping beside Kagetsuya, so much...but he couldn't help it, he wasn't wanted or needed.

He gathered his suitcase and back pack and headed up to his old room. He hadn't been back in this room in a long time. He was around 14 when he last entered it. He sat his bags down on the bed and unpacked his clothes and put them in his drawers. He then sat down and gazed out his window. He felt alone with Kagetsuya.

Meanwhile Kagetsuya was preparing dinner for himself. He was determind to get Chihaya to come back to earth with him, even if he had to be dragged back, he'd do it because he loved him. He wasn't good at expressing his love for Chihaya, and that was just obvious. He really loved Chihaya, but he wasn't good at showing it, he just could find out how to do it.

He sighed and ate his dinner after he finished cooking. He was so used to getting good comments on his cooking for Chihaya...he already missed his smile, his voice and his whole presence in general.

Kagetsuya washed up his dishes after he finished his meal and went to stretch out accross the bed. He wouldn't go after Chihaya until tomorrow night, it was already pretty late here, so he knew it would be really late on Eden, Chihaya would most likely be asleep.

He thought back on what he said today, it was so careless, so hurtful, that even he was shocked at himself, he couldn't believe he had hurt the one person he cared most for, this much.

He covered up and ran his hand over the empty spot on the bed. He smiled at the memory of Chihaya's warm eyes watching him as he fell asleep. Chihaya was so good to him, so sweet, so innocent.

He wished that he could hold him in his arms tonight. He sighed and rolled over and looked out the window at the moon, it was high in the air, shining brightly. He wondered what Chihaya would be thinking of right now. Finally after a couuple of hours of more restlessness, he fell fast asleep.

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