Rowan new about her fathers curse, and she hated. She hated how he was the devils' bounty hunter and how he killed his victims. On the other hand she loves thrills and stunts, she loved flying on her bike. She loved cascading through a cyclone of fire. She met the devil himself before. Her dad, who now goes by the name of john, considers the devil as a client. John's job now was a motorbike mechanic, and manager for Rowan's stunt-gigs. He still does his dirty work, sometimes even carter Slate tags along for those hard ones. Her mother, Roxanne, is still a reporter. She also hates the fact that the devil suggests that he might pass on the curse to Rowan.

Today was a big day, the day she jumps over a pit of coals for her 14th birthday. Rowan herself was nervous of the idea. Her mom not so much, she knew she would have to follow a path, and her dad was oozing with pride also with terror. and that was also the stunt that would determine is she was gonna be the next rider, if she lives she'll follow her fathers dark path. If she doesn't she'll live by the devils side, becoming his own protégé. She knew she would have to follow one of the paths, they both kill. But she'd rather follow one of her dark paths with her dad than follow the devil.

Moments from the jump Rowan is greeted by the devil.

"Rowan, are you ready?"

"I think I am, promise you won't interfere? Because I want fate to determine my future."

"now, why would I do that? The chosen path for you will both give me an advantage. If you follow your fathers path you'll be doing my dirty work. And if you become my protégé you would determine who lives and who dies."

"ok. Good to know". the words 'my protégé' and 'dies' lingered in her mind.

It was time. She could here the crowd chanting her stage name Rock-n-Rowan! She didn't mind it. When she was 7 she listened to all brick in the wall songs, by then end of the day she was beating her bedside all night to the rhythm. From that moment on she would only have pudding in her lunch as a snack everyday and she earned a nick-name Rock-n-Rowan.

Her bike purred and guzzled. This was her moment. The bike revved and scooting to the ramp. The jumbo screen displayed her face and her title. The first wheel went off the edge than the second. Before she be aware of the fact that she was speeding down the ramp she felt that she was in a trance. Everything slowed down in front of her. The ramp was sizzling from the bike tread. All of that happened in a swift moment. She flew through the air. The coals' heat was almost un bearable when she was 53 feet above it. Something happened, the landing ramp was farther than thought out. Rowan knew this was one of the devil's tricks, to make her panic. She knew it was the right the length. The devil did this to her before, he wants her to follow his path. She couldn't allow that. Rowan regained reality, her tire barely missed the landing. The crowd cried, "Rock-n-Rowan!".

Her bike steered towards her parents. She was greeted with and a present. It was big and heavy. Without hesitation she unveiled a leather waist jacket, leather capris, fingerless gloves, leather knee-high tops, and the strangest was a chain. The same chain that her own father used to kill Black Heart and his hench-men. This chain meant everything to her father, even she loved it. There was one more, a small box. It rattled in her by her ears when she shook it. Inside was keys to a new bike. It was the bike of her dream the Harley Davidson 2012 Nightster. In black. She almost fainted at this beauty. the crowd gasped at the sight than cheered. She was so happy to see it that she cried. But rowen knew this was for her ghost rider future. In the day she learned to control her power while doing stunts. By night she would partner with her dad. To make this all happen she would need to sign the devils' contract. If she didn't Rowan would be forced to follow the devil. And had no say.

Later that night the devil arrived with the contract. She was ready. Like her dad, Rowan unraveled the scroll, cutting her thumb at the top making the blood drip on the paper. That was it Rowan was now entitled a the ghost riders protégé. When john knows she's ready he will retire and give her his title.

During the week Rowan was practicing with her chain. Later that week on Wednesday she thought it was her first night. Rowan changed into her leather that fit like a charm. Her dad glanced at her with the fire consuming his body, he doesn't scream from the agony anymore.

It was different for rowan. The pain started in her eyes as if they hadn't blinked ever. It blossomed in her chest. Splitting at the arms. And then separating at the legs. The heat was unbearable, the pain wasn't possible. Her skin didn't burn to ashes it faded to a dull grey. Blood slashed at her skin making tiny symbols in her skin. Her eyes diluted to a deep cherry red, tinting her vision. The flames only blazed at will. Her hair changed from brown to black with bright red highlights

Next was her Nightster's turn. She wasn't taught how to do it, it just came by instinct. Grasping with both of her hands on the shell she urged the change. Instead of bones framing the bike it was stenciled by the same marks on her body. The shell went maroon red with the black symbols.

For a brief moment rowan thought to herself. For a term project in English literature she had to do research on a mythical creature; she chose the shinigami. Death gods that kill for they're on greed. Maybe rowan was a shinigami.