Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction Abridged

Character pairings are an integral part of fanfiction. What if some of the most common fan pairings got the abridged treatment?

Trunks and Goten are Gay For Each Other Abridged

"No son of mine!" Vegeta raged incoherently as Trunks dodged ki blasts aimed at him. "No son of mine—Kakarot's brat—disowned—"

Chi-Chi sniffed at this display and turned to Goten.

"You can do better."

Piccolo and Gohan Are More Than Teacher and Pupil Abridged


"Oh shit—"


"Piccolo, get out of here—"


"Mom, it's not what you think!"


How Did They Get Together, Anyway? Abridged, Part 1

"You're kind of short," Bulma said dubiously. Vegeta's grin was cocky.

"I'm big where it counts."

Piccolo and Chi-Chi Go Behind Goku's Back Abridged

Piccolo blushed bright purple. "Um… you know I'm asexual, right?"

Chi-Chi rolled her eyes. "Well, you can't be any worse in bed than Goku. And at least you're around. I can handle the lack of testicles just for that."

How Did They Get Together, Anyway? Abridged, Part 2

"You're kind of short," Eighteen said bluntly. Krillin smiled nervously.

"I'm big where it counts?"

"No, you're not," she said, studying her nails. "But since my only other option is Yamcha, yeah, sure, whatever."


"But you have to grow out your hair."

"Done and done!"

Piccolo Paired with Anyone Abridged, Part 1

"I'm one of the few survivors of an alien race that reproduces by coughing up eggs, despite all appearances I'm apparently genderless, and there are at least two other people living in my head."

The small redhead sitting across from him stared, slack-jawed. Piccolo sighed. Why had he let Gohan talk him into this speed dating thing again?

Goku and Freeza Were Alone Together on Namek—Anything Could Have Happened Abridged

"Hey, Freeza, are you a boy or a girl?"

"Am I what."

"Never mind. I'll just use my trusty pat-pat technique. It never fails!"

"Excuse me—eeeeeeek!"

"A-HA! I knew it. You are a girl!"

"You're vile!"

"No, I'm definitely straight. Just ask Chi-Chi."

Piccolo Paired with Anyone Abridged, Part 2

Piccolo stared.

"Weren't you on Namek?"

"I don't like to talk about that," Cui sighed, toying with his water glass. "Anyway, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about."

"I don't think it works that way…"

Cui smiled wickedly. "We could find out."

Vegeta and Goku Must Have Some Serious UST, Right? Abridged

"There's no way in hell."

"It's okay, Vegeta. Piccolo told me yaoi is just a type of muffin."

"Then he dies first."

Gohan and Videl Try to Get Past First Base Abridged, Part 1

Videl leaned forward. Gohan leaned back. "I… need an adult?"

His girlfriend tore at her hair. "Gohan, for the last time, you are an adult!"

Piccolo Paired with Anyone Abridged, Part 3

Piccolo sighed in exasperation.

"Dende, you're not even old enough to drive."

The younger Namekian made himself more comfortable in his booster seat.

"Don't worry, I'm just here for the food."

"But we don't eat food… do we?"

Dende gave him a patient look.

"Piccolo, I've been meaning to tell you. You know Nail's just been messing with you this whole time, right?


"Slug people. Haha. Good one, Nail."

Goten and Bra Abridged

Chi-Chi raged, throwing dishes and furniture across the room.

"No son of mine—disgraceful—that slut—disowned—"

Vegeta shook his head at his daughter.

"I don't care about the boy, but I will not be related to her," he said.

Pan and Trunks Abridged

"But I AM an adult!"

"Pan, you're 11. That would be statutory rape."

"What's statutory rape?"

"…I rest my case."

Gohan and Videl Try to Get Past First Base Abridged, Part 2

"…and then she threw my book bag out after me." Gohan ran a hand through this hair. "I know it shouldn't be this difficult to engage in sexually themed displays of affection with my significant other, but every time she gets near me I just freeze up. Against my better judgment I'm going to ask if you have any advice."

The Namekian opened his mouth to speak, but Gohan continued.

"And I swear if you say 'dodge' you're getting a Kamehameha right upside the head."

Piccolo closed his mouth, opting for silence.

Piccolo Paired with Anyone Abridged, Part 4

"Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Nail, we share the same body."

"Yeah, about that. Piccolo, buddy… this isn't working out."


"It's just been kind of crowded in here ever since Kami moved in, and we haven't been spending as much time together as we used to…"

"Are you… are you breaking up with me?"

"It's not you, Piccolo, it's me. I just feel like we've grown apart."

"We can't grow apart, we're fused together. Permanently."

"I… may have exaggerated about the permanent part."

"That reminds me, Dende says we're not really slug people."

"Ha, are you still on about that? You are so gullible, Piccolo. I will always love that about you, even if we're not fuse buddies anymore."

"Fine! Who needs you anyway. I still have Kami. Right, Kami?"

"Piccolo, my boy… we need to talk."