Here's a bonus chapter in honor of Episode 30, because the one ship they made canon was the one I didn't include.

Gohan and Dende: It's Funny Because it's Canon! Abridged

Dende shivered as Gohan trailed his index finger down his antenna.

"G-Gohan?" he queried tremulously. "What are you doing on New Namek?"

"Shhh," his friend murmured, pulling him into a shirtless embrace, "Don't speak. I had to see you. I just wanted to tell you that… I love you, Dende… Dende…"


The little green boy shot up, looking around wildly.

"Huh? What?"

Tograc was looking down at him, expression somewhere between confused and alarmed.

"Dende, why are you hugging your pillow like that?"

"What?" He looked down, to find himself clutching his pillow with both arms and legs. He let go quickly. "Nothing!"

Tograc just continued looking at him for a moment, before shaking his head. "Riiight. Look, Mori's expecting you. He said he wants to start teaching you the ways of the Namekian Elder. If you hurry you won't be late."

"Right!" The little boy hastily hopped down off the bed and raced out the door. Tograc frowned down at the boy's bed.

"Gohan?" he muttered. "Why does that name sound so familiar?" Eventually he shrugged, and left the small hut to go get some breakfast.