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Rukia do you know about Valentine's Day?

No I do not is it one of your earth a ways?

In a way...

What do you mean?

Its more of a holiday when girls give guys chocolate.

Okay, and?

Today is Valentine's Day...

I see...

Do you plan to give me chocolate?

No why would I give you chocolate!

Because it is Valentine's Day!

Yeah but why do the girls have to give the guys the chocolate!

I don't know they just do, they usually make it too...

That's a lot of work just to give it away...

Yeah well it's worth it.

Why is that?

Because when the person who is special to you accept them and compliment you its...nice I guess...

Does that mean you want me to make you chocolate because I'm special to you?

...…I never said that...

Oh, but you did. So do you want Chappy shaped chocolate, oh no even better I'll make it strawberry shaped!

Does that mean I'm special to you?

What! No why would you think you're special to me like that!

Why because you're making me chocolate.

I still don't get what this stupid holiday is all about anyway

You want to know what its about?


Its about celebrating being with the one you love.

...Ichigo, I-

That's why I want for YOU to make me chocolate.

I think I can manage making some chocolate for this...what's it called again?

Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day...I think I might like this holiday...


I think its stupid...


Damn bitter singles

...Will you go out with me tonight?

Only if you let me make the chocolate Chappy shaped.