The story takes place after Love Hina Again. I draw on elements from both the anime and manga. Everyone seems to be putting up a disclaimer so I'll follow suit.

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A new lease on life

Chapter 1

Keitaro Urashima a student of the prestigious Tokyo University and current landlord of the Hinata House looked up the long stairway leading to his residence. Sighing heavily he forced himself up the stairs; he was finding it harder everyday to make this trek. It wasn't because of the physical strain but more from emotional exhaustion.

"I thought things would be different with her now. She said she loved me and we kissed but it seems like she's forgotten about it. It's been three weeks and she doesn't like it when I bring it up." He mumbled to himself as he reached the top.

Pushing his glasses back up his nose he looked at the large building before him. He remembered the good times he had there when it was the Hinata Inn; a hot springs lodge famous for its open-air onsen. Now it was an All-Girls Dormitory called Hinata House. Sure he had some good times here but they were slowly being outweighed by the bad.

Keitaro just smiled and hit himself on the bad of his head. "Get rid of those thoughts." He said out loud and laughed like a man possessed.

"You're even admitting to having perverted thoughts. I really hoped you got past that." A female voice sent shivers down Keitaro's spine.

Naru Narusegawa was the girl behind him. She was his girlfriend, at least in title. She was wearing a large oversized Tokyo University jacket and sweat pants. Her light brown hair was left untied as she crossed her arms in frustration.

"Naru you've got it all wrong. I was just thinking about…" Keitaro stopped. He couldn't possibly tell her he was beginning to regret accepting his grandmother's offer.

"See you couldn't even come up with a good lie. You're completely hopeless. You're lucky I was here and not Motoko." Naru teased.

"Why would Urashima be lucky I wasn't here?" A new female voice entered the equation. Motoko Aoyama had rounded the corner of the house and joined them unnoticed. She was wearing her training hakama and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Keitaro began sweating buckets. He could feel another Aoyama sponsored trip to Tokyo on the cards.

"Don't worry about it Motoko. The idiot was just apologizing for bumping into me." Naru lied.

"Naru it sounds like you're implying that I would have over reacted if Urashima had accidently bumped into me. Do you really think I lack self control?" Motoko whimpered.

'Forgive me for this Keitaro.' Naru thought as she looked at the depressed Aoyama. "I never said anything about it being an accident; he was trying to get a feel of my chest." Naru retracted her previous statement.

"Urashima you devil. Even in the middle of the day and in front of the house. Does your perversion have no bounds?" Motoko pulled out a bokken from nowhere.

"Where did you get that from?" Keitaro screamed. "Naru please tell her you were lying."

"How dare you call Naru a liar? You vile male!" Motoko shouted as she unleashed a powerful ki blast that sent Keitaro flying through the air.

This was something very common to Keitaro; he would usually take several trips like this on any given day. Most men would have died from impact and the others from the landing but he was Keitaro, the invincible, the immortal, the unbreakable. Keitaro braced himself for landing as he descended.

Three hours later, covered in dirt he dragged himself up the stair case to the Hinata House. It was approaching six in the afternoon. He didn't expect to take so long but he ended up landing on a mugger thanks to the sword strike from Motoko. The old lady who he saved thought he was an angel and dragged him through town showing him off. She wanted to keep her lucky charm but Keitaro managed to convince her that he was a normal man and not some being of luck or power. She was disappointed but let him go.

"She could have given me some kind of reward after dragging me around like that." Keitaro mumbled to himself.

"Hey sweetheart, you look like you've been through the ringer." A soft sultry voice greeted him at the top.

Standing in front of him was the devious and very opportunistic Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno. She was the reason Keitaro was so broke. The fox of Hinata was wearing a red tank top and faded blue jeans.

"I just got back from Aoyama Airlines flight, destination Sakura Park." Keitaro tried to joke.

"Sakura Park, heard some brave and handsome guy saved an old lady from being mugged there. You didn't happen to see him. He could be perfect boyfriend material." Kitsune purred.

"I didn't see anything." Keitaro wasn't sure if she knew it was him or not. If she did know she could have been playing some angle. "I was too busy trying not to die from the fall."

Kitsune looked at him with a disappointed look. "So Mr. Manager I was wondering if there was anything I could do to get you to hold off on collecting this month's rent." Kitsune had her hands on his chest and was clinging to him.

"Clean the onsen for a week and I'll wait." Keitaro smirked.

"I don't you understand, I said I'll do anything." Kitsune winked.

"I don't think you understand the definition of the word anything." Keitaro laughed.

"I see going to Tokyo U has given you some back bone Kei. Good for you. I think we should go inside, Shinobu prepared a feast tonight." Kitsune opened the door leading the way.

Kitsune led Keitaro through the main living area and into the dining area. All of the residents and two extra people were seated at the dining table.

"Sempai, you're back." Shinobu shouted excitedly. She was wearing floral themed top and black pants. She had short dark blue hair, with one strand of hair subtly sticking out.

Kaolla Su was still dressed in her school uniform and was about to jump from her place when she remembered what was discussed before Keitaro's arrival. "Keitaro is home, Keitaro is home." She sang.

"Big deal, so the dork is here." A young American blonde hissed. Sarah McDougal was Keitaro's boss's adopted daughter. She was wearing a white shirt and blue overalls.

The two people at the table who weren't residents were Mutsumi Otohime who was wearing a blue dress and Haruka Urashima who was wearing a purple shirt and blue jeans with a dark blue apron over.

"Oh my Kei-kun. Look at how dirty you've gotten." Mutsumi gushed.

"You sure have a knack for getting into trouble kid." Haruka got out as she played with a cigarette in her mouth.

"I completely forgot. I should get cleaned up before dinner, excuse me." Keitaro was about to leave when Motoko spoke up.

"You are acceptable as you are. A warrior should be proud of his battle scars or in your case dirt." She said.

Keitaro looked at her blankly but decided not to upset the Aoyama and take his seat next to Naru. Once he was seated he got a good look at the feast in front of him. Shinobu had cooked miso with snow dried tofu, chicken teriyaki, oshitashi and shiso rice.

"Aren't you going to say something?" Naru was clearly miffed at something.

"Oh sorry, Shinobu the food looks great as always." Keitaro complimented causing the young girl to blush.

Naru became more visibly angry at what she thought was Keitaro playing dumb. Keitaro saw this and grew scared.

Kitsune realized Keitaro wasn't going to say anything so she spoke up. "Come on Naru, you know Kei is the kind of person who doen't likes to brag. Keitaro Urashima we are proud to call you our manager."

Now Keitaro was even more surprised but started to drink a glass of water.

"Even a pervert like you has redeeming qualities it seems." Motoko delivered a backhanded compliment.

"Keitaro, Keitaro how did it feel when you beat up that entire gang and saved that helpless old lady." Su burst out.

Keitaro started choking at her words.

"Don't play innocent. Everyone is talking about the great Keitaro Urashima the hero." Haruka laughed.

"All this time I thought of you as weak but clearly you're hiding a side of you." Motoko actually smiled.

"What exactly did you guys hear?" Keitaro was getting worried.

It was now time for Naru to speak up. "I had to hear about it from Haruka who heard it from a bunch of school girls. A gang of bikers with chains and pipes were harassing an old for her purse. Then without regard for his own safety Keitaro Urashima threw himself at the gang. After a hard fought battle he toppled the leader and got the money back. Then he carried the old woman back to her house." Naru repeated what she heard.

'Who comes up with this stuff? There was one guy and he wasn't a biker and he was unarmed. I just landed on him as he was wrestling the old lady. If anything he practically carried me through town. Are they being nice because they think I'm a hero? I have to set them straight.' Keitaro thought.

"Are you happy with yourself?" Naru asked angrily.

Keitaro just looked at her blankly.

"I care about what happens to you. Just because you have this immortality thing going doesn't mean you can do stuff like this. If something happened I don't know what I would do." Naru cried.

Keitaro wrapped his arms around her and embraced her. She cried into his shirt ignoring the fact it was dusty.

"Naru that story wasn't exactly what happened." Keitaro said as the girl stopped crying. "There was no biker gang, the guy wasn't even armed. The ki blast from Motoko sent me flying into Sakura Park. I landed on the mugger as he was trying to steal the old ladies purse."

"You little worm. How dare you deceive us?" Motoko shouted drawing her bokken.

"You made me feel worried about you and you just sat there feeling me up when I was vulnerable." Naru scoffed.

"I knew the dork couldn't be a hero." Sarah laughed.

"Why did you lie to us sempai?" Shinobu cried.

"Keitaro no hero." Su looked on confused.

"Kei I can't believe I let you take advantage of me outside the inn. You told me you were a hero." Kitsune lied trying to add fuel to the fire.

"Oh my, Kei-kun is a fraud." Mitsumi dropped her head.

"I never said anything. You guys are the ones who were listening to rumors." Keitaro got up.

"I can't believe you defiled innocent Mitsune with your perverted lies." Motoko screamed as she unleashed a ki blast.

Keitaro jumped across the table to avoid but ended up landing on Mitsumi. After knocking her off her seat his hands ended up on her breasts.

"Oh Kei-kun, it hurts." Mitsumi meant her head which she hit on the floor but everyone else thought she meant her chest that Keitaro was barely making contact with.

"You are the lowest of the low." Motoko roared.

"Get your hands off her you pervert." Naru barked.

"You told me I'd be the only girl for you when I gave you my body." Kitsune cried crocodile tears.

Keitaro could sense danger and decided to run. Motoko and Naru gave chase with the intension of punishing him. Kitsune, Su and Sarah followed to watch the punishment while Shinobu didn't want to be left out.

Keitaro decided to make use of the secret passages in the Hinata as he tried to save his life. As he ran up the stairs he decided to use the one in Kitsune's room. Normally he wouldn't enter a room without permission but this was life or death. Opening the door he ran two steps before tripping over a laundry basket. After falling and rolling through the laundry a bra belong to Kitsune became caught on his belt buckle.

"What on earth are you doing?" Motoko screamed in confusion as she watched the bra dangle of Keitaro's belt.

"This has got to be a new low to your perverted actions." Naru screamed.

Keitaro decided to forget about the bra and dove under Kitsune's bed to take the secret passage. This passage like all other passages in Hinata led to the most unexpected place, the roof.

"Damn it I thought this was the way to the onsen." Keitaro cried out as he ran along the roof.

Soon he was trapped as Motoko and Naru followed him with everyone else there to watch.

"You can't blame me for those ridiculous rumors." Keitaro tried to reason.

"We can blame you for seducing Kitsune with them and you assaulted Mitsumi with your pervert ways." Naru shouted.

"Give him a good one." Sarah cheered on.

"Oh why Kei, why did you steal my innocence." Kitsune cried.

"Keitaro is a pervert." Su repeated what Sarah told her to say.

"Sempai." Shinobu cried.

"It's still sore." Mitsumi joined them on the roof rubbing her head, but off course Naru and Motoko failed to notice this.

"Please listen to me, I never touched Kitsune and Mitsumi was purely by accident I didn't mean to hurt her." Keitaro plead.

"Enough lies Keitaro." Naru screamed as she ran to deliver a Naru-punch.

"Be gone vile male." Motoko yelled as she unleashed a ki blast.

As if they had rehearsed it, which would be no surprise, the ki blast from Motoko became joined with the Naru-punch to form a super Naru-punch.

"I hate you." Was the last thing he heard before he was sent flying. It sounded like a combined response from them all.

Keitaro had been hit before by both attacks but never with them combined. It was pain beyond belief, a normal humans' head would have exploded.

"Amazing!" Sarah celebrated.

"Keitaro the immortal." Su cheered.

"This had to be a record, you two work well." Kitsune smirked. 'That's what you get for suggesting that I do physical labor.'

"Sempai." Shinobu continued to cry.

"Hopefully that pervert's landing does something useful." Naru breathed heavily.

"Indeed, that pervert has truly ruined the innocence of Hinata House. I sometimes wish he would just stay gone." Motoko sighed.

"I agree, maybe some time without his pervert antics would be good for us." Naru laughed.

Somehow as Keitaro flew higher than he ever flew before he managed to hear all the girls. Maybe it had something to do with the fact Naru delivered an uppercut that sent him straight up and that the night breeze was going in the same direction. As he got higher and the voices died away he felt himself being pushed away from Hinata by a powerful wind. Keitaro tried to brace himself but all the strength he had was sapped by the words of all the girls.

His body picked up speed as he fell. As he fell he prepared his mind for the pain that would be coming. Keitaro felt his body smash into metal, it was a steel shipping container. He heavily dented the steel box creating a perfect dent in the shape of his body. Keitaro could feel that the container was in motion. It was on the back on a truck that heading god knows where. His body was being held by the crumpled steel. He wasn't a tight hold but he didn't have the will to escape.

'Some time without his pervert antics would be good for us'

"I'm stuck; I guess they get their wish. I wonder where I'm going to end up." Keitaro mumbled to himself.

So Keitaro begins to experience life outside of Hinata in the next chapter and the girls begin to search for him.

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