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Chapter 16

Thirty six hours passed since the news story about the Hinata House aired. None of the potential buyers who saw the house had called to make an offer and this left Keitaro with very few options.

Keitaro dragged his feet as he was being forced to follow his friends. Haruka decided to take a hiatus from running the Hinata café since her customers decided to stay away after the news story.

"Why are we going to a park?" Keitaro asked as he lifted his free arm to shield his face from the morning sun.

"To have a picnic, your aunt suggested it." Mizore replied pulling his arm.

"Yeah, we wanted to cheer you up sempai." Shinobu smiled.

"And what happened to school today?" Keitaro questioned.

"There's an outbreak of this really contagious bug and they told us that we shouldn't come to school if we're feeling unwell. I was going to go but then I found out three quarter of my class wasn't so I decided not to." Shinobu answered.

"Don't ruin this for me Keitaro. I haven't had a picnic in like forever." Sarah yelled.

"Yeah, don't be such a sulk Keitaro. Even I showed up." Takeru mocked.

"I don't remember anybody inviting you…" Shirai grumbled.

"I think Haruka did." Haitani laughed.

"I did. I wanted to thank Takeru for accompanying Kanako on the train and helping Keitaro with the house." Haruka admitted.

The park was filled with tall trees that provided plenty of shade. The well-tended bright green grass created a picturesque image. Just like any other park there were park benches, water fountains and drinking fountains. Keitaro looked at the joggers and other people who were enjoying the morning air. The group decided to make use of a picnic table near a small pond filled with ducks and geese. The picnic table was a round table with three large seats around it. Each seat was big enough for three people.

"Do you like the view?" Mizore asked as she nudged Keitaro.

"This place is beautiful. It makes up for the hour long trip." Keitaro smirked.

The couple sat down on a blanket that Mizore brought for them and watched over the pond and chatted about small things.

Haruka, Shinobu and a surprisingly well behaved Sarah set out the stuff they had brought for the picnic. Kanako sat at the table with a gloomy expression as she watched Takeru, Shirai and Haitani expecting the worst.

Haruka called everyone to the picnic bench when they were done. Keitaro sat down in the middle of one of the seats expecting Mizore to take the seat next to him but was surprised when the two youngest members of the group dashed to the empty spots beside him. Mizore smiled and decided to sit next to Haruka. Takeru had taken a seat and Kanako took the one next to him and instantly Shirai occupied the last spot leaving the young Urashima in-between. Haitani took the last place on Haruka's other side.

"Keitaro, here try this. I made this hamburger. You'll love it." Sarah smiled as she placed it on his plate. It was just a meat patty inside a bun with some ketchup.

"No, sempai. That doesn't look appetizing or safe at all. Here, I made these healthy and delicious rice balls for you." Shinobu protested as she revealed a lunch container filled with very appealing rice balls.

"This may not look it but this is the world's best hamburger!" Sarah shouted.

"I find that very hard to believe. You shouldn't force sempai to eat it. The patty doesn't look cooked." Shinobu worried.

"Nonsense, it's delicious!" Sarah picked the burger up and bit into to it. The blonde chewed for a minute before stopping. She got up from her seat and ran to a bin and spat out the uncooked meat.

Sarah returned to her seat with a scowl of defeat on her face.

"I told you so." Shinobu smiled.

"Like what you made will be any better." Sarah reached across Keitaro to grab a rice ball from Shinobu. The blonde's actions startled Shinobu and caused her to drop the rice balls on Keitaro.

"Look what you did. Are you okay sempai?" Shinobu squeaked.

"Me, you shouldn't have showed off with your cooking skills." Sarah countered.

Across the table Shirai tried to act civilized as his eyes constantly found themselves watching Takeru.

"Kids…" Takeru snickered as he took an egg salad sandwich out of a tray.

"Hmmm." Shirai mumbled as he took two egg salad sandwiches.

"I think I'll have some sushi." Kanako thought out loud as she opened the tray.

Takeru reached for a juice box but Shirai quickly grabbed the same juice box before he could.

"I'm sorry, did you want this." Shirai asked with a devious smile.

"No damage, I was just going to move it so I could get to the other one. I'm not a fan of lime." Takeru said as he grabbed the grape juice box.

Shirai then looked and realized he did indeed hold the lime juice box.

"There's no more juice. I thought we brought enough for everyone and some extra." Kanako exclaimed.

"He he…" Haruka laughed nervously.

"Here have mine." Takeru offered.

"No, have mine." Shirai offered louder.

"No thanks both of you. I'll just have some water." Kanako refused not wanting to start something.

"Are you sure? I saw a vendor with a cooler box on our way here. He should have some juice. I could buy some from him." Takeru said.

"No, I'll buy it." Shirai declared getting up.

Kanako calmed Shirai down and then went about feverously explaining that she didn't need any juice.

Haruka, Mizore and Haitani sat trying to contain their laughter. The events on either side of the table were enough to bring them to tears. Keitaro was being force fed by two young girls and Kanako played peace maker trying to prevent anything from happening.

After forty five minutes all the food was done and the group decided to play some games.

"I'm too stuffed to play." Haruka declined.

"I just want to be lazy and relax." Haitani confessed.

"I just want to watch and see what happens." Mizore admitted.

Keitaro and Kanako both laughed nervously.

"Let's play!" Shirai and Sarah both shouted rising from their seats. The two locked eyes and shared a common idea.

"Let's play a team game." Shirai announced.

"I know, it'll be Shirai and I taking on Shinobu and Takeru. The winners get to play Keitaro and Kanako." Sarah smiled.

"I don't know, I'm not very competitive." Shinobu mumbled.

"Anything's fine with me." Takeru yawned.

Shirai and Sarah both shared glances. They sensed victory and saw time with their desired target in mind.

For the sake of playing Shirai and Sarah both wanted to play in a larger area and the group agreed. They moved to a large grassy patch of flat ground that was just for sports and outdoor games. Shirai and Sarah stretched to warm up while Takeru and Shinobu just stood watching.

"We're going to cream 'em." Shirai whispered.

"Then I can play with Keitaro." Sarah snickered.

"But how exactly are we going to beat them." Shirai asked.

"Leave it to me." Sarah smiled.

As the team of Shirai and Sarah planned and colluded Takeru and Shinobu barely exchanged words. The others found a bench to sit on and watch.

"So what exactly are you guys playing?" Keitaro shouted.

"The name of the game is hacky sack." Sarah announced as she pulled out two small tennis ball sized bean bags, one from each pocket. "Basically you have to keep the hacky sack in the air while passing it to each other while only using your feet. First team to drop their hacky sack loses."

"Sounds simple enough." Kanako murmured.

Sarah them tossed one of the bean bags to Shinobu who fumbled it with her hands before dropping it.

"Kanako, Keitaro, why don't you two judge and see who wins." Shirai asked.

"Good idea Shirai." Sarah whispered. "We got this in the bag. Just return the hacky sack to me and I'll do some tricks, pass it back to and you send it back and then I do more tricks. All while they blunder and drop their one."

Shirai and Sarah laughed and snickered as they took a few steps away from each other and tried flexing to intimidate their opponents. The sneaking pair then looked over and almost collapsed in horror.

Shinobu and Takeru were standing a few meters away from each other and effortlessly kicking the bean bag back and forth.

"You guys better start." Keitaro shouted sending Shirai and Sarah into action.

Sarah lightly lofted the bean bag to Shirai who took a glance to his left and saw Takeru standing on one leg and playing keep ups with the bean bag.

Shirai decided to do the same. Instead of passing back to Sarah he tried to kick the bean bag up into the air but miss-kicked sending the bean bag flying to Keitaro who caught it.

"I guess you guys lose." Keitaro said unsure as he held the bean bag.

Unaware what was going on with the other team Takeru and Shinobu continued passing the bean bag as Keitaro and Kanako joined them.

Sarah glared daggers at Shirai who was down on one knee and begging for forgiveness.

Naru let out a deep breath of air as she tried to ignore the pain in her knees. It had been a long time since she had done chores at home and now she was scrubbing clean the kitchen floor. It was her fault the place was a mess, her attempt at trying to cook ended in disaster. Her best friend who was supposed to be helping her was currently hunched over in the bathroom throwing up. Kitsune had been the unfortunate volunteer who taste-tested Naru's meal and in order to prevent the meal from claiming more victims the fox-like girl dropped the pot all over the kitchen floor as she ran to the bathroom.

"No wonder Keitaro always complained about joint pain. He was always cleaning the house like this. I shouldn't complain either." Naru thought loud.

"You should never do that again. You should just find a husband who can cook." Kitsune complained as she joined Naru in scrubbing the floor.

"It wasn't that bad." Naru protested.

"I don't even know what I was eating. I never felt worse in my life." Kitsune countered.

"The recipe called for sweet and sour sauce but since we didn't have any I used sugar and vinegar." Naru confessed.

"I fear to ask what else you put in that soup." Kitsune shuddered.

"That wasn't a soup." Naru said continuing her confession.

"Let's forget about that for now and worry more about cleaning the floor." Kitsune changed the topic not wanting to know what Naru had attempted to cook.

The two scrubbed the floor in silence making sure there was no trace of the demonic chow Naru had created.

"Are you really okay with everything that's happened?" Kitsune questioned.

"Why do you ask?" Naru faked a smile.

"I heard you last night. You were sleep talking."

"I was having this really strange dream where Keitaro didn't leave and we all stayed at the Hinata house together. Keitaro and I attended Tokyo U and Shinobu and Motoko got in. Then after a few years he was an archeologist and I was a teacher and we got married. I became Mrs. Naru Urashima. I know it sounds crazy." Naru admitted.

"It is kind of crazy. If anything I think Motoko or I would have stolen him away from you before it reached that point." Kitsune joked.

Naru faked a laugh and forced her lips to curve into a smile. Kitsune sensed the tension and remained silent while finishing off on the floors.

The sun was still in the sky and Keitaro was sitting on the roof of the Hinata House. They had got back from the picnic an hour ago and he decided to return to the house to wait in case any of the buyers called. Mizore had to return to the Tohsaka because she needed some rest before her night shift. Keitaro stared across the property and took stock of everything.

"Here, have a juice box." Takeru shouted as he climbed onto the roof and tossed a juice box to Keitaro.

Keitaro fumbled but held on. "Thanks."

"Don't thank me. Thank your idiotic friend. He bought an entire case for your sister because she didn't have any at the picnic." Takeru explained.

"I need to talk to him about that." Keitaro mumbled.

"You should do that before he does something crazy like get a tattoo of her on his right arm." Takeru warned.

"Ah man, when is he planning to do that?" Keitaro asked with hints of worry and slight annoyance in his voice.

"I think sometime next week." Takeru replied sipping his juice box.

"You think? I thought you were almighty with your sight." Keitaro joked.

"I was but I'm slipping. Lack of sleep is killing me." Takeru revealed.

"I'm sorry about that. It because you worked on selling the house and stuff." Keitaro apologized.

"No, it's this damn night shift. All this creeps and there, I can't even talk about it. Gives me nightmares." Takeru laughed.

"Look at us, two grown men sitting like this and drinking juice boxes." Keitaro snickered.

"It really is sad; we shouldn't have sold all that sake you had in the basement." Takeru smiled.

"I can still sell the place but…" Keitaro mumbled.

"I know. I doubt you'll get your asking price and the only people who will buy the place know is someone that will want to tear it down and build their own place." Takeru completed the thought.

As Takeru sat there, the tile he was sitting on became loose. As he slipped down the roof he managed to get a grip on a few tiles, then all the tiles that were keeping him up gave way and resulted in him sliding of the roof. As he went over the edge he got hold of the gutter.

"Are you okay?" Keitaro asked as he slowly went down the roof to help Takeru up.

"I'm just peachy." Takeru responded. "How about getting me up?"

"I'll think about it. While you're down there I have a question for you. What exactly is your relationship with my sister?" Keitaro asked as he peered over the edge of the roof at Takeru.

"We're just friends. She's actually a very nice person once you get to know her." Takeru tried pulling himself up.

"Just don't hurt her, okay." Keitaro sighed as he pulled Takeru up.

After some effort Takeru was back on the roof and examining the tiles that gave way.

"You guys suck. I thought you fixed up this roof a few days ago." Takeru complained.

"Let me see that." Keitaro pulled the tile away from Takeru. "I don't get it; we replaced the old ones with new tiles so these shouldn't have broken like this. I'm going to go back to that store and demand my money back."

"Good, now that's out of the way." Takeru smirked as he patted Keitaro on the back knocking the Urashima down and causing him to roll to the roof's edge.

Keitaro managed to grab onto the gutter with both hands and one leg. "What the hell was that for?" Keitaro screamed as Takeru got off the roof.

At the Molmol embassy everything seemed normal on the outside but on the inside everything was different. Many of the staff had fled a few days after Princess Su was dropped off there by two girls. Now only a few loyal staff members remained but they too feared the young princess.

Currently dozens of mechanical turtles roamed the embassy exploding when coming in contact with people. The staff that remained hid fearing for their lives. Su casually bounced through the embassy searching for the staff. In her mind they were playing a giant game of explosive hide and seek.

The door to the embassy opened and a much tanned man in a suit walked into the embassy.

"Big brother!" Su screamed as she ran to the man.

Lamba Lu was the current King of Molmol and Su's beloved "Big Brother". He was in the Molmol army until he received a call from one the embassy staff informing about the terror they had undergone in their time with Su.

"Su, we need to talk." Lamba said as he held out his arm to prevent her from hugging him.

"What wrong's big brother? Are you mad with me?" Su asked.

"Yes." Lamba answered firmly. "What have you done to this place?"

The foyer was in complete disarray and there were multiple holes in the floor that looked like explosions caused them.

"I was just playing with everyone." Su answered with a smile.

"This isn't playing. You've sent nine people to the hospital." Lamba scolded.

"Why did they go to the hospital? Were they feeling sick?" Su asked confused.

"No, you hurt them. They are in pain now and suffering." Lamba tried explaining.

"I don't understand. I didn't want to hurt anyone. We were just playing like how Keitaro and I used to play." Su mumbled dropping her head.

"Su, I'm here to take you home. I'm going to help you grow up." Lamba kneeled down and picked the young princess's chin up.

"How big brother?" She asked.

"Amalla is going to teach you how to be a proper princess and before you say anything I'm telling you as King you have to do this." Lamba said.

Su looked at him and didn't know what to say.

"It's okay. Everyone has to grow up sometime." He reassured.

Out of breathe Keitaro ran through the streets of Tokyo looking for the location Mizore told him about. His girlfriend phoned him in a state and said it was an emergency. Keitaro finally found it, the building where Mizore worked. His purple haired girlfriend was already outside the building.

"Keitaro, what are you doing here?" Mizore asked flustered.

"You called and told me it was an emergency." Keitaro huffed and puffed.

"You cut the call before I could explain. My mother showed up out of the blue. She's going to be here any minute." Mizore explained.

"That doesn't sound so bad." Keitaro smiled.

"She came here to meet you. I was phoning to ask you when you were available for dinner." Mizore continued.

"I guess I got worried and came all this way for nothing." Keitaro chuckled.

"I wouldn't say for nothing." A voice sent chills down Keitaro's spine.

Keitaro turned around to see a very youthful looking woman with purple-silver hair which was tied up. She had blue eyes and a lollipop in her mouth. She wore a white kimono with a purple obi sash with black sandals.

"Mum, did you have to wear that?" Mizore asked slightly embarrassed.

"Oh, you don't like it. I wonder what your boyfriend thinks." Mizore's mother asked.

"Err, it looks lovely." Keitaro said without thinking.

"Nice to meet you Keitaro Urashima, I'm Tsurara Shirayuki." Mizore's mother introduced herself.

"It's nice to meet you too." Keitaro smiled.

"Now that you've met Keitaro we'll be seeing you later mum. We're really busy." Mizore said as she tried dragging Keitaro away.

"Such a shame. I really wanted to spend time with my daughter and her boyfriend." Tsurara sighed disappointed.

"Mizore, why are we ditching your mum?" Keitaro whispered.

"She has a bad terrible track record behaving with guys I like." Mizore answered softly.

Keitaro's mind tried to process the ambiguity of the statement.

Mizore's mother was very young and taking Mizore's age into account Tsurara must have had Mizore very young.

"Where are you kids off to? A love motel?" Tsurara questioned as she followed.

"Mum, why are you following us?" Mizore asked blushing.

"I'm not used to Tokyo and I don't want to get lost. Would you mind lending me your boyfriend so I can find my way back to my hotel?" Tsurara smiled.

"I don't think so. You made it here by yourself." Mizore declined.

"I don't mind helping your mum out." Keitaro laughed nervously.

"See, he is such a nice young man." Tsurara complimented.

Keitaro found himself in an awkward situation as he was caught in between the mother and daughter. Just when he was running out of ideas his cell phone rang.

"Yes…I see…Really…That's bad…" Keitaro spoke as the Shirayuki duo listened to half the conversation.

"I have to go Mizore. Some kids egged the Hinata." Keitaro kissed Mizore on her cheek. "Mrs. Shirayuki I really hope we can meet again. Maybe dinner, the three of us." Keitaro said as he left running.

Motoko sat on the veranda floor of her sister's house. The younger Aoyama had just finished cleaning the veranda and was resting. Tsuruko had her sister working since the day she arrived as punished for everything that happened.

"Motoko, you've been working really hard. Come inside for some tea." Tsuruko said peering into the veranda.

"Thank you." Motoko replied as she followed her sister to the kitchen table.

The two Aoyama sat in silence as Motoko drank tea while Tsuruko drank water.

"Are you still angry with me?" Motoko asked as she got tired of her sister's overly formerly actions towards her.

"Why do you ask?" Tsuruko danced around the question.

"You haven't spoken about it since we arrived. Do you hate me that much?" Motoko looked down into her tea.

"I don't hate you. You're my sister and I don't think I could hate you. I'm just upset with you. I thought I taught you better than that." Tsuruko sighed.

"I'm sorry. I know it doesn't mean much but I'm sorry for making you take care of my mess." Motoko apologized.

"You know you don't have to apologize every day." Tsuruko smiled.

Motoko's mood picked up seeing her sister smile. The younger Aoyama was used to seeing her sister scowl at her recently but this was one the few sincere smiles she had seen.

"My husband's company will be taking interns next year. I expect you to study hard and not to embarrass him." Tsuruko warned.

"This is too much. You don't have to do so much for me." Motoko dropped her head.

"Who said I'm doing it for you? As soon as you start as an intern I expect you to start paying for your room and board." Tsuruko announced.

Motoko looked up at her sister shocked. "I… I will."

"That's good. I'm really proud of you. I thought you would have taken this very hard but you seem to be doing well without your sword. It's a good thing. This world that we live in now has no place for samurai." Tsuruko explained.

"I will make you proud. I won't let you down. I let my hatred for men and my skill go to my head and I thought I could do anything to any man but I was wrong. I'll take the kindness you've shown me and use it to become a better person." Motoko declared with tears running down her face.

"You've already started." Tsuruko noted as she used her hand to wipe away Motoko's tears.

It was close to Ten PM and Keitaro walked around the Hinata House making sure the house was empty and secure. He didn't want someone to attack the place because of what his grandmother had done. The other reason he was there was to make sure that the storm raging outside didn't damage the Hinata.

He had been shirking on his responsibilities at the Tohsaka because he needed to watch the Hinata House. He hoped Tohsaka would forgive because she was getting angrier every day.

Keitaro let out a massive yawn as he walked by the dining room. As he passed he got the smell of a very strong and bitter tea. Taking a big gulp he grabbed a nearby broom and dashed into the dining room to find his grandmother and Mutsumi having tea and watermelon.

Keitaro rubbed his eyes and looked again. He still wasn't sure and continued rubbing his eyes.

"You're not imaging this Keitaro. We're really here. We need to stop you from making a big mistake." Hina spoke.

"Mutsumi, what are you doing with my grandmother. You can get in big trouble with the police." Keitaro shouted.

"Don't worry about it Kei-kun. It's all just one big misunderstanding." Mutsumi smiled clearly choosing to be disillusioned.

"Mutsumi, you're completely missing the point. This is not some misunderstanding. You can go to jail for helping her." Keitaro continued to try and get through.

"Keitaro, what happened to you? You used to believe in people and promises. Where did you go wrong?" Hina sighed.

"I don't have to listen to this." Keitaro searched his pockets for his cell phone which was missing.

"Looking for this Kei-kun, you're so careless you left it charging in the common room." Mutsumi held up Keitaro's cell phone.

"Don't bother trying the land line. The storm knocked out the lines." Hina spoke up.

"Was it the storm or was it you granny?" Keitaro accused.

"When did you becoming so untrusting my grandson?" Hina slightly sobbed. "It has to be that new woman in your life. I'll have to do something about that."

"Don't you even think about going near her!" Keitaro screamed remembering about his grandmother's less than legitimate business partners.

The lightning from the storm outside provided an intense back drop to the unfolding conversation.

"Kei-kun, please stop shouting. Sit down and have some tea." Mutsumi tried to calm the situation down.

"Mutsumi, how can you be so oblivious to what's going on?" Keitaro questioned.

"I'm not oblivious. I just want you to be your old self and keep your promise." Mutsumi replied.

"We are doing this for you. You're confused right now. You have all these people pouring poison into your ear and you can't think straight." Hina tried to play mind games.

"NO, you're wrong. For the first time in years I am thinking straight." Keitaro shouted.

"You don't know what you're saying. You were planning to sell the Hinata House. This place is your birth right and belongs to the Urashima family. You are supposed to one day pass it down to your children." Hina replied.

"If that's true why didn't you give the place to Haruka or my dad?" Keitaro questioned his grandmother's motives.

"Haruka isn't really my daughter; I adopted her after my daughter, her mother died. You know that. I wanted to pass the Inn to your father but he refused. He met that girl and chose to join her family business. Even though it has our families name it's still your mothers business." Hina said bitterly.

"So I was the default choice that you decided to saddle with this place." Keitaro spat.

"No, no. Kei-kun, don't say it like that. Granny picked you because you were the chosen one." Mutsumi pleaded.

"What is this? The power of one? What are you talking about?" Keitaro asked.

"You're the spitting image of my father. It was a sign that you were the one who should inherit this place." Hina answered.

"I know that but that doesn't excuse what you did." Keitaro responded.

"I did what I had to. Life left me with no choice in the matter. What I did was for the sake of the Hinata." Hina shouted back.

"That's not what I meant. I'm talking about you controlling my life and trying to take away my free will. You forced me into this place and into Naru's arms." Keitaro yelled.

"Don't talk like that Kei-kun. You and Naru love each other." Mutsumi cried.

"Love is not something that should be forced by the meddling of other people." Keitaro tried to calm her down not wanting Mutsumi to get over excited and faint.

"We did what we had to so you and Naru could meet and you could keep your promise." Hina reasoned in her own twisted way.

"Promise? I don't even remember it. The girl I saw in my dreams looked nothing like Naru; in fact she was too old to be Naru." Keitaro shouted.

"I never thought you were someone who would abandon your responsibilities because of a failed relationship." Hina changed topic.

"What are you talking about?" Keitaro asked taken a back.

"Just because you and Naru didn't work out as a couple you abandoned your role as the manager. And now you're trying so hard to forget it you're willing to sell your inheritance. I was wrong about you. You're nothing like my father. You're a coward. A coward who is trying to run and hide." Hina declared.

"Granny, don't say such things about Kei-kun. You don't mean it." Mutsumi was shocked.

"I do Mutsumi. My grandson hasn't proven himself. He is not worthy of owning the Hinata." Hina responded to the confused girl.

"I see. That's your new angle. You are resorting to name calling. You are trying to bully me into becoming the manager and running this place again." Keitaro shouted. "I knew you were desperate but I didn't think you would try and stoop so low."

"You have no idea what I've been through to keep this place in our family. I've sacrificed so much for this place and I'm not going to let your weakness destroy the Urashima legacy." Hina threatened. "I'm taking this back, by force if I have to."

"Granny please calm down. You're just upset. You should rest." Mutsumi stood up and tried to pacify the elderly lady.

"No, Mutsumi. You failed. I told you to guide my grandson and you allowed him to stray of the path I had planned for him." Hina scolded. "I wash my hands of you."

"I did everything you asked. I loved Kei-kun but you said because of our families it would never work so I switched my promise with Naru so she could be the one who loved him. I did it just like you said." Mutsumi cried.

"Granny, you were the one behind that promise that haunted me. The promise I was foolish enough to base my life on. That stupid promise." Keitaro gritted his teeth.

"Kei-kun, don't say that. It wasn't stupid. I wanted us to all be together." Mutsumi walked up to Keitaro.

The anemic got close to the young Urashima before her legs became heavy and she stumbled forward. Keitaro made a split decision choice to catch the watermelon girl before she hit the ground. As Keitaro cradled the semi-conscious girl Hina ran.

"I'm sorry Kei-kun, I just wanted to be in your life and I thought the only way to do that was if I was the one who got you and Naru together." Mutsumi apologized before passing out.

Keitaro carried Mutsumi and left her on the couch in the common room before going to look for Hina. He could hear the sound of someone walking in the basement and chased after. Keitaro ran into the basement and stopped. He looked around realized that there were dozens of doors and tunnels Hina could use to escape. As he walked slowly a massive lightning strike outside caused a black out throughout the Hinata.

Keitaro wandered through the dark and felt the coldness of a presence following him. He remembered what Mizore warned him about. He thought she was being paranoid but now that he was there he could sense a dark presence.

"Granny, where are you?" Keitaro yelled into the darkness.

He didn't get a reply but he could hear laughter, the child like laughter off a young girl.

"Stop messing around granny and turn yourself in. You're in big trouble. Maybe they'll go easy on you if you turn yourself in and apologize." Keitaro yelled into the darkness.

Instead of a reply the laughter continued.

"Who's there?" Keitaro asked.

"Did you forget about me Kei?" The voice asked.

"Moe…" Keitaro mumbled.

"Yes, you remember." The reply came. "I'm glad you still remember."

"How can this be? I thought you moved on." Keitaro questioned.

"I'm a Tsukumogami. I just pretended to be gone because I thought you'd be safe with that Naru girl. When they hurt you I wanted to destroy them but I couldn't do much with this body so I just made this place spooky. When they were foolish enough to challenge your sister to a fight I was able to bind myself to your sister's anger and take out my frustration on them." Moe explained.

"So you were also the one who tried to scare Mizore." Keitaro stated.

"Yes, I also wrote the note to Haruka in your name and I loosen the roof tiles under your friend." Moe confessed.

"Why did you do that?" Keitaro yelled spinning around in the dark trying to find Moe.

"I wrote the letter because I didn't want the girls to find you. I wanted to take care of them before you returned but I wasn't strong enough. As for your friend, he spoke about tearing down the Hinata." Moe answered.

"So that's it. Where is my grandmother?" Keitaro shouted.

"I have her here. She's mine now. Just like you and the watermelon girl upstairs." Moe replied with a sweet voice.

As Keitaro wandered through the darkness he found himself getting lost. He didn't remember the basement being that big. As he walked he felt around and he found the wall. Using the wall as a guide he made his way out of the basement and found that the Hinata House was now lit up with hundreds of candles.

"It looks like we have a visitor, a very worried friend of yours." Moe's voice echoed through the house.

Keitaro then ran through the house careful not to knock over any off the candles as he made his way to the common room to get Mutsumi. When he got there he was expecting to find her still passed out on the couch but she wasn't.

"Are you okay?" A voice startled Keitaro causing him to spin around panicked.

"Mizore, what are you doing here?" He asked out of breathe and relived.

"I was worried. I tried phoning you but I couldn't get through for an hour so I came over here." She answered.

"Oh, sorry about that. My battery died and then my phone got stolen but that's not important. We have to get out of here." Keitaro dragged Mizore to the front door.

Mizore followed behind her boyfriend with a confused look. "I have some great news. The Yukihiro group still wants to buy the place."

"That's great!" Keitaro exclaimed as he tried to pry open the front door which was stuck. "Damn we're trapped."

"They want to buy the property and build their own resort because of the news story. But they're still willing to pay a pretty penny." Mizore said.

All the candles in the Hinata began flickering after Mizore spoke.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"Remember when you went into the basement and you told me that there was something weird in the house. You were right. And now it's very angry at the thought of the house being torn down." He replied.

"This would be the time where I'd normally say I told you so." Mizore smirked before frowning. "Oh, I guess I shouldn't have mentioned the Yukihiro group."

"You can't run Kei. I already have Hina and Mutsumi; soon I'll have you and your girlfriend." Moe's soft voice echoed.

"We need to get them out as well." Keitaro panicked.

"What the hell is this?" Mizore asked.

"It's Moe. She's a doll my great grandfather bought that became a Tsukumogami."

"I read somewhere that Tsukumogami don't occur in modern appliances because electricity repels them."

Keitaro and Mizore both stood in silence as they thought off a way to use that information to stop Moe.

"I got it." Keitaro began whispering his plan to Mizore.

Mizore nodded as she set off into the house while Keitaro went to the kitchen and armed himself with a shovel. Keitaro thanked his lucky stars Haitani suggested keeping it there in case of emergencies. At the time Keitaro wondered about it but now he saw the slight brilliance. With shovel in hand Keitaro walked up to the terrace and stood in the pouring rain.

"Moe, come out here. With need to talk!" Keitaro screamed.

"Who talks with a shovel?" Moe asked from the shadows. "You should be nicer since I have them."

"Fine." Keitaro threw the shovel away from himself.

When the metal tool hit the wooden floor Moe emerged from the shadows dragging Mizore behind her.

"Mizore! Let her go!" Keitaro screamed.

"I'm sorry. This doll got me before I could find them." Mizore apologized in a murmur.

"Keitaro, can't you see. She's too weak to be your girlfriend. You should stay with me. We can live here in the Hinata forever." Moe offered as she dropped Mizore.

"I can't do that Moe. I have someone in my life that is very special to me." Keitaro replied.

"Are you talking about Naru Narusegawa? She doesn't understand the concept of love. She doesn't deserve you."

"I wasn't talking about Naru."

"Is it her, is it this girl. She can't protect you like I can. How is she special to you?"

"I love her that's why."

Mizore suddenly felt a warm sensation take over her after hearing that.

"How can you love her? She…She…She…" Moe stuttered.

"How can I explain something like that to you? You complained about the girls mistreating me but you're not that much different than them. You're hurting me now." Keitaro said.

"What happened to Promise…protects…Urashima…" Mizore repeated what she heard in the basement.

"I…I…I… This is your fault." Moe stuttered as she walked over to the shovel and picked it up. "Keitaro will stay at the Hinata if I remove you from the equation." Moe then walked towards Mizore with shovel in hand.

"No, stop." Keitaro ran at Moe but the possessed doll knocked him away with the shovel.

Moe walked towards Mizore with the shovel raised into the air. As Moe walked the effects of the rain finally hit the doll causing the metal gears Su installed to cease and stop functioning. With Moe stuck holding the shovel in the air Mizore got up and ran to Keitaro dragging him away. As Mizore dragged Keitaro away a massive bolt of lightning struck the shovel and Moe.

When the bright light faded all that was left was a melted metal shovel and a pile of ash.

"Are you okay?" Mizore asked as she held Keitaro up.

"I've been through worse." He smiled. "So my plan worked."

"Worked? Your plan was for me to get your friend and grandmother out of here while you broke the doll with your secret weapon, which turned out to be a shovel." She poked him annoyed.

"I'm just glad you're alright." He held her.

"Did you mean it? What you said… or did you just want to distract that thing" She asked.

"I said it because it is true. I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too." She whispered back. "What do we do now?"

"I not sure, I'm not very good with relationships." He confessed.

Mizore chuckled loudly. "I meant with your grandmother. We should call the cops. We have plenty of time to concentrate on our relationship."

Without saying another word Keitaro pulled her in for a kiss as the rain continued to fall.

3 years later

In the heart of the Kanagawa Prefecture was the 'Todai Restaurant'. It was owned by Haruka Urashima and was one of the most popular restaurants around. The restaurant was very simply in its design. It was the food that made it famous. Today the restaurant was closed because it was catering for a special family event.

Kanako Urashima walked into the empty restaurant carrying a small baby in her arms. The baby was no more than six months old and was wrapped in a warm, pink blanket. When she was inside she was swarmed by two young women.

Shinobu Maehara and Sarah McDougal worked at the restaurant when they weren't in school. Shinobu was the chef that prepared most of the restaurant's specials while Sarah was the hostess with the friendly face that greeted people in the afternoon when they came for dinner.

"Sakura!" Shinobu cheered as she saw the baby.

"You get cuter every time I see you." Sarah gushed.

"Don't be very loud. Sakura is sleepy." Kanako warned as the baby stirred.

"Can I hold her?" Sarah asked.

"No way." Kanako backed away from the blonde.

"I see you're still as protective as ever." Shinobu chuckled.

"I never pegged you as the type to act like such an overwhelming mother." Sarah grumbled.

"I'm just busy so often with work that I never get to spend time with Sakura." Kanako admitted as she cradled the baby.

"Speaking of work; how is everything at the bakery?" Shinobu asked.

"It's great. The orders just keep coming in but luckily Takeru can handle things during the day at the factory so I spend most of my time at the shop." Kanako explained. "Ever since we started doing special custom cakes business has not slowed down."

"Please Kanako, let me hold Sakura." Sarah pleaded.

"Not now. When she gets up and after I feed her then you can hold her." Kanako relented.

"I don't want to wait that long." Sarah complained.

"Don't be like that Sarah. You remember last time you carried Sakura while she was sleeping." Shinobu nudged the blonde.

"Yeah, she woke up and wouldn't stop crying until her mother took her." Sarah remembered.

"That's right. Sakura doesn't like you very much Sarah. But she loves me." Kanako looked down at the baby.

"I don't get it. Everyone tells me that I have such a cute face, how come Sakura cries when she sees me." Sarah complained.

"I don't think babies judge people on how they look. Maybe it has something to do with your voice or your attitude." Shinobu joked.

As the two argued the baby began to stir and cry. Kanako gave both the girls a stare that could kill. Shinobu and Sarah began apologizing feverishly.

"Don't cry my angel. Do you want me to sing to you? Natsuhiboshi, why are you so red? Because, I had a sad dream last night. My eyes are red from the tears I've shed, swollen as I cried. Natsuhiboshi, why've you lost your way? I'm searching for a child whose gone afar.
He can't be found, though I've searched all day. My sad dreams come once more." Kanako sang calming the baby down.

"I love that song." Sarah said trying not to cry.

"I know it just has this affect on me." Shinobu sobbed.

"Now you two don't start crying. If you disturb Sakura again I'll not be held liable for what I do to you." Kanako threatened.

"We're finally here!" Two voices screamed from the entrance as they crossed the threshold into the shop.

Sakura began to shed tears and shriek as her serenity was disrupted by the two voices.

"Shirai, Haitani…" Kanako gritted her teeth.

The two realized what they had done when they heard the baby cry.

"I'm really sorry Kanako." Shirai whispered.

"We didn't know." Haitani added as they tried to keep in Kanako's good graces.

"Why does everyone insist on upsetting my little angel?" Kanako asked the baby as she embraced her.

Kanako cooed and made funny faces until Sakura calmed down and stopped shrieking.

"You do better have a good reason for upsetting Sakura like that." Kanako looked up at the two men who were stuffing their faces with bread sticks.

"Yeah, we have a very good reason." Haitani said.

"We're delivering the food to the wedding. Haruka hired us." Shirai continued.

Shirai and Haitani started their own delivery service while studying. Even though they were a small business they still made enough to get by thanks to their two biggest clients, Todai Restaurant and the Urashima Confectionary Store.

"Haruka should be back from the hospital in the next hour. Let's all relax while we wait for her." Sarah said.

"I know. I'll make us some tea and there's some cake from yesterday." Shinobu offered as she ran to the kitchen.

The five friends sat around a table and enjoyed the tea and cake as they caught up with each other; well the other four talked while Kanako was preoccupied playing with Sakura.

"I can't believe Haruka is suffering from Emphysema. I guess all that smoking took a toll." Shirai thought out loud.

"We tried to warn her. At least she stopped when it mattered." Kanako said as she continued playing with the baby.

"Kanako please let me play with Sakura." Sarah begged.

"No, I think I should get to hold Sakura before you. I'm older and more responsible." Shinobu played the age card.

"You two shouldn't bother Kanako. She's at that time in her life when she's you known." Haitani tried to explain.

"What time in my life? I'm twenty one." Kanako looked at the tall man curiously.

"So Kanako; how is your relationship with Takeru?" Shirai questioned.

"It'll be three years together next month." Kanako smiled.

"That's good. Me and my girlfriend will be celebrating our six month anniversary soon." Shirai boasted.

"Your girlfriend? You mean the nurse you asked out when Sakura was born. Glad to see you two are still together." Kanako remembered Shirai at the hospital in tears because the love of his life was having another man's child. She remembered how fast he got over it when he found a very attractive nurse.

"If you want to talk about relationships, Shinobu and her boyfriend have been going out for a month now." Sarah revealed the cook's secret.

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend." Kanako smiled. "That's very naughty not telling us."

"I think we need to check this guy out." Haitani joked.

"Cut her some slack guys." Shirai laughed.

"Sarah, why did you tell everybody? Maybe I should tell them about your secret boyfriend." Shinobu threatened.

"What are you talking about?" Sarah began sweating.

"You know what I'm talking about. You and the president of the chess club." Shinobu blurted out.

"We've only been out twice!" Sarah quickly countered.

Everyone laughed together and enjoyed the mood until Kanako's phone rang. The Urashima received a text message that killed her buzz.

"What is it?" Shinobu asked worried.

"My grandmother's trial just got another continuance. This thing has been going on for three years now. Just when we think it's going somewhere her lawyer pulls out some cheap trick and gets things postponed." Kanako sighed.

"Don't worry about it. You've managed to become very successful despite what your grandmother did." Shinobu tried to cheer Kanako up.

As they tried to move passed the subject the door opened and another friend entered.

"Hey." Takeru greeted everyone with one wave as he walked over to Kanako.

"I just got your message." Kanako tried to smile.

"Don't worry about it. They are going to run out of excuses soon." Takeru leaned over Kanako's shoulder and kissed her cheek before pulling up a chair from another table and sitting next to her.

"So Takeru did you guys finish the big wedding cake?" Shirai questioned.

"Yeah, it came out amazing. So Shinobu how did the food come out?" Takeru got down to business.

"Everything is right on schedule." Shinobu reported.

Takeru was no longer paying attention. Instead he was busy trying play with Sakura while Kanako made it difficult.

"Shinobu wants to know what the next step is after being in a relationship for a month." Sarah announced trying to embarrass the cook.

"You've been reading my diary again you little brat!" Shinobu screamed as she chased the blonde.

Shirai and Haitani could hardly contain there laughter. Then Kanako's face suddenly turned depressed.

"What's wrong?" Takeru questioned.

"It just occurred to me, one day Sakura's going to grow up and she's going to be interested in boys as well." Kanako dreaded.

"Well, they say that girls like boys who are similar to their fathers." Takeru thought out loud.

"And that's what scares me the most." Kanako said causing Shirai and Haitani to laugh even louder.

As the restaurant filled with laughter, arguing and the sound of fighting the owner finally returned. Haruka walked in accompanied by Seta.

"You guys seem to be enjoying yourselves." Haruka smirked.

"Look who's here." Kanako said walking over to Haruka. "Look its mummy."

"Hi Sakura. Did you enjoy spending time with your godmother Kanako?" Haruka asked as she took hold of her baby.

The baby made some noises that sounded like laughter as Haruka lightly pecked her cheeks.

"Aw, Haruka's back and I didn't get to play with Sakura at all." Sarah moaned.

"Got you!" Shinobu shouted as she tackled Sarah.

Seta laughed quietly as he joined Haruka in playing with the baby.

"Say daddy, come on Sakura, say daddy." Seta pleaded with the drooling baby.

"My daughter's first words are going to be mummy." Haruka said defiantly stopping Seta.

"We should get ready soon. The wedding is in a few hours." Kanako said as she dragged Takeru out.

"Why do we even bother getting ready early? We're still going to be late." Takeru complained as he walked out the door.

"Shirai, Haitani follow me. I'll show you what you need to deliver to the hall." Haruka led the way.

"Ay, ay captain." Shirai and Haitani followed.

Naru Narusegawa removed her glasses and placed it on the desk in front of her. She was at home in her room reviewing mock exam scripts. The red head had become a tutor while she continued her studies at Tokyo U. She sighed realizing that her students were only improving slightly. It couldn't be helped, the students who came to her for tuitions were slackers beyond anything she could ever imagine and yet she still persevered with them.

"Are you still grading papers?" Naru's housemate Kitsune walked into Naru's room.

Mitsune Konno, also known as Kitsune was currently working for a newspaper, well to some it was a newspaper but to majority it was a rag that printed gossip and sensationalized the news. Kitsune didn't care about what others thought, the job paid better than most proper journalist posts and the hours were flexible.

"Not all of us can have it easy like you Kitsune." Naru teased.

"Don't be like that. We need to celebrate. I'm two years sober today. I wanna go out. Do something exciting that sober people do." Kitsune yelled diving onto Naru's bed.

"I can't believe it's been two years since you had your last drink." Naru remembered back to when Kitsune finally realized she had a problem.

"Yeah, that pregnancy scare shook my world. Looking back it was my saving grace." Kitsune chuckled.

"I would love to go out with you but after I finish review these I need to get ready for my meeting tonight." Naru explained.

"I thought you were done with anger management! It's been like a whole year since you exploded." Kitsune whined.

"It has been thirteen months since my last outburst and I'm not going to an anger management meeting. I have a meeting with my psychology class. Remember I told you about it, we're going to be helping our professor with a sleep study of his." Naru enlightened her squealing friend.

"I forgot all about that." Kitsune moaned.

"Don't worry. I'll make it up to you this weekend. I'll introduce you to this guy from my class. Nice guy, just your type." Naru smirked.

"Hmmm, I guess I can forgive you. Do you need help checking those mock exams out?" Kitsune offered.

"I hate to break it to you but school has gotten a lot harder since we were there." Naru shrugged her shoulders as she implied Kitsune couldn't help.

"I'll show you. Give me one of those tests, I'll ace it. I bet I'd do better than you." Kitsune shouted as she tried to disrupt Naru's table.

"You're on!" Naru accepted.

The two friends then playfully fought over stationary as they tried to sabotage each other.

Motoko Aoyama sat at her work desk furiously typing out a memo that needed to be sent to the entire office. Two years ago she joined her brother-in-law's company on an internship and after a few months became his secretary. At first she thought the job was demeaning to her but then she starting getting good at it and without the pressure of being heir she needed something to keep her busy. The former kendo specialist's organized nature and almost obsessive compulsive desire to keep things in order made her very good at her job. She was still living with her sister but was saving up her money to find her own place.

As she worked the phone at her desk rang and she answered it like she always did. She touched a button on the handset and she received the call on her wireless headset.

"Just for You Insurance, Saito Ikari's office." Motoko greeted.

"You sound so calm saying that. It's hard to believe a few years ago you wouldn't even speak about my husband." Tsuruko laughed on the other end of the line.

"You shouldn't be calling during work hours for fun, I could get in trouble. Do you want to speak to your husband?" Motoko asked as she continued typing.

"No, I wanted to talk to you. Some of your old fans stopped by today wanting to know if you'll spar with them sometime." Tsuruko giggled.

"I hope you told them that the only time I'll pick up a sword is to protect myself or Katsumoto." Motoko replied.

On the other end of the line Motoko could hear her sister struggling with something. "Speaking off Katsumoto, it looks like his missing his aunt. He wants to get his tiny hands on the phone after hearing your voice."

"Can I speak to him?" Motoko asked taking her attention of her computer.

"Oba, Oba, Oba!" The young voice shouted on the phone.

"Katsu-chan, didn't we talk about shouting on the phone." Motoko laughed softly.

"Sorry, Oba, I forget." Katsumoto apologized.

"So my little genius, what are you doing?" Motoko inquired.

"Okaasan won't let me watch TV. Okaasan won't let me play outside in the rain. Okaasan won't let me eat sweets. Okaasan being mean." The young boy complained. "Please come home Oba and give me sweets, I won't tell Okaasan."

Motoko listened to sounds of the young boy struggling to get the phone away from his mother as she waited for the incoming reprimanding from her sister.

"Did I just hear right? So you've been buying him sweets when I'm not around. No wonder his so hyperactive and to think I was blaming his father." Tsuruko sighed.

"I can't help it. He just has those big brown eyes." Motoko confessed.

"Well, just let me know when you're going to be spoiling him in the future okay. Bye and remember to pick up soy sauce on your way home."

"Will do, bye."

Starring out of the plane window at the clouds that looked like threads Koalla Su sighed. For the last three years her sister had put her through some of the most extreme training imaginable. The Molmol princess had been trained in etiquette by her sister so she could become someone who could be trusted as the face of Molmol. With Lamba the King currently in the army the small island nation needed to keep up appearances. Amalla did all she could but the time had come for Koalla to step in the spotlight and own up to her responsibilities.

"Is everything alright?" Amalla asked.

"It's nothing. I was just remembering three years ago when I was trying to fix that tracking device and couldn't. That is the only thing I regret failing at." Su reminisced.

"You shouldn't look so glum and despondent. We're going to be meeting with very important people. There will be presidents and prime ministers there. You need to put on your best smile." Amalla reminded.

"I know. This United Nations Conference is very important for our small island. We need to impress them with our technology and show that Molmol is a good investment." Su mumbled.

"Why are you so sad?" Amalla asked this time genuinely concerned.

"I kind of liked it better when people were scared of me and ran away. Now people are so formal and official. I guess that's what it means to grow up." Su nitpicked at her new lifestyle.

"I'll tell you what. When this is all said and done, we'll ditch our escorts and take a week all to ourselves. We'll have a girl's week. Just the two us. We'll do things normal sisters would do without royal responsibilities." Amalla offered.

"Really?" Su's face lit up as her sister nodded.

The Yukihiro Inn which was built on the land where the Hinata Inn once stood was busier than most days. The Yukihiro group had rebuilt the old annex but converted it into a hall that was mainly used for wedding and that's exactly what was going on.

The hall had soft lighting that was coming from electric candles. The chairs were set out in two sections creating a large aisle between. A carpet ran down the aisle with rose petals strewn on it. At the front of the hall were four men in tuxes standing in a row with boutonnieres in their lapels next to a priest. One of the men was Keitaro Urashima, the bridegroom, the others were his friends. Shirai and Haitani were the co best-man while Takeru reluctantly joined the wedding party at Kanako's insistence.

"Is everything ready guys?" Keitaro asked as his hands trembled.

"Don't worry dude. We handled everything." Shirai saluted.

"We even unpacked." Haitani added.

"We? I seem to remember that is was Kanako, Asuna and I who unpacked and furnished the house." Takeru corrected.

"You guys didn't have to do all that." Keitaro thanked.

The groom was currently in the hall waiting for his future wife. Most of the guests were already there with a few coming in late. Keitaro stood nervously as he waited. The last few years hadn't been easy for him and his fiancé. They had been saving for close to a year to afford their dream wedding. While studying for his Bachelor of Arts Keitaro also doubled his part time work. When he wasn't studying or working at the Tohsaka he was painting portraits and doing charcoal sketches of people. His fiancé took on all extra shifts at her newspaper and even earned two promotions in the process.

Keitaro looked at the crowd gathered and saw many familiar faces. His mum and dad sat next to Mizore's mother. Akane Urashima made sure she was next to Tsurara Shirayuki and not her husband.

Haruka sat next to Seta as Sakura squirmed jumping from parent to parent. The baby seemed to be enjoying it. Seated directly behind them were Konowe and Tohsaka. Sarah and Shinobu sat across the room; they wanted some space from Seta and Haruka as they discussed their relationships. The rest of the crowd consisted of friends and family of both the bride and the groom.

Keitaro then spotted an old friend in the back of the crowd, Mutsumi Otohime. The young woman was still studying at Tokyo U thanks to Chief Superintendent Tamazaki pulling a few strings so that Mutsumi received a suspended sentence for helping Hina. Keitaro rarely spoke to Mutsumi, a choice that was off the watermelon loving girl. She felt guilty about helping Hina but her presence at the wedding was a sign she was moving on with her life.

Then a soft piano rendition of the wedding march began playing as Mizore and her two bridesmaids walked down the aisle. Kanako and Asuna took their duty as bridesmaids seriously as they followed making sure nothing happened to the bride's dress.

Mizore's purple hair was cut to shoulder length with bangs framing her face. Her wedding dress was a simple one. The white strapless gown was long enough that she had to be careful how she walked. The journalist tried to sneak a lollipop into the wedding but her bridesmaids were three steps ahead of her.

Mizore, Kanako and Asuna finally reached the front as the guests settled down. Mizore and Keitaro both faced each other as their bridesmaids and groomsmen flanked them.

"You look beautiful." Keitaro whispered.

"You're not too shabby yourself. Like a nerdy James Bond." Mizore replied.

The two stood silently trying to contain their joy. The crowd murmured talking about stuff like the bride's dress or how beautiful she was.

Both Akane and Tsurara were crying as Keisuke tried not to. Haruka looked on approvingly as Seta struggled to contain an over active Sakura. Tohsaka complimented herself claiming she was the architect behind the relationship while Konowe ignored her and watched everything. Sarah teased Shinobu that soon she would up there getting married while the chef struggled to think of a response. Mutsumi just sat watching and hoping she would be forgiven by her childhood friend.

The priest had asked the question and the couple had said yes. The marriage was finally official as the priest spoke, "I now pronounce you husband and wife"

Keitaro led his wife down the aisle out the hall. When they reached the exit all the women gathered behind them as Mizore prepared to throw the bouquet.

"Shirai, isn't that your girlfriend in front of the group waiting to catch the bouquet." Haitani pointed out.

"Damn it." Shirai ran to his girlfriend.

"What a loser." Takeru chuckled.

"I think Kanako just threatened to break the nose of anyone who tried to steal the bouquet from her." Haitani shuddered.

"Not this again." Takeru took off as he followed Shirai's lead.

Mizore turned her back to the group of frenzying girls and prepared to throw the bouquet. Taking a deep breath Mizore tossed the flowers back over her head. The group quickly spilt leaving Kanako unchallenged to catch the bouquet.

The young Urashima jumped for joy as Keitaro and Mizore laughed. Takeru then found himself being bombarded with questions by Keisuke and Akane.

"Where to now Mr. Urashima?" Mizore asked as they left the hall.

"To our new home Mrs. Urashima." Keitaro smiled as he took her hand.

The End

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Natsuhiboshi- A song from the original Naruto series.