Someone calls my name, multiple people maybe? And then again, I'm floating. I'm falling. I'm flying. And as if on cue, I wake up. Only this time, it's not my bedroom; there is no alarm clock or Izzy jumping on me. I try to sit up but someone runs over and stops me. I look up to see who is stopping me. Kent. He sees my obvious confusion, which he probably thinks is just where I am. But it's not that. My confusion is which day he remembers. Is it the day I die, where I act like a complete bitch, or the last day when I jump in front of the car to save Juliet? What does he remember? Does he remember me kissing him, or I guess him kissing me? Then I look up and he's talking. "…In a hospital. You jumped to save Juliet remember? I don't understand you…" He pushes my hair back. "First you kiss me. The best kiss of my life, then you jump in front of a car?" A light smile appears on his lips and he is still lightly touching my hair. I try to talk, to say anything, but no words come out.

"Shh," he puts his fingers to my lips, "Don't talk, not yet." Then he leans down and gently kisses me on the lips. That beautiful light butterfly kiss from before pops up in my head. And at that moment, I know that life isn't over for me yet, this is my second chance. And I cannot screw it up, not this time.