"What? Nagisa-chan's pregnant?" Chris whispered.

Hariya's opened wide his eyes.

Hikami swallowed his coffee up.

The room became silent. Teru did not quite understand. "Yeah, she is."

"I pity you", Shiba said soundlessly.

"Why? I thought a pregnancy was a delightful thing." Shota asked, holding his beer tightly.

"It is...great." Hikami said, "Chiyomi was a bit demanding… just a bit…"

"I am glad I survived those painful six months…" Hariya said, his eyes became teary.

…Wait? Hariya was crying? What the hell is going on?

"Tatsuko suddenly became moody… she wanted cucumbers with chocolate and ramen with vanilla sauce… it was disgusting and scary at the same time and when she didn't get what she wanted…", Shiba balked.

"Haruhi gained a lot of weight. A very lot of weight…" Hariya was pale and covered his eyes with his right hand. This memory was too frightening…


Teru tried to imagine a pregnant, mad Tatsuko… Oh my god.

Teru tried to imagine a pregnant, demanding little Chiyomi… Okay, this is not funny.

Teru tried to imagine a pregnant, Haruhi… Is that even possible?

Teru tried to imagine a pregnant, mad and demanding little Nagisa… Let's stop here.

"But I'm sure you will have no problems since it's Nagisa-kun we are talking about!", Hikami said.

"Yeah, she won't get fat, na?"

"She won't try to kill you or anyone else, so it's okay."

'I don't want to have kids…", Shota thought

'I don't want to have kids…", Taku thought

'I don't have to have kids…", Tarou thought.

'Reiichi hasn't come here lately.", Masuda thought.