The name is Alex and I am a Spider Rider that no one knows about. I am a girl apparently, I have black hair that goes to my waist that I also braid in many braids, and moon white eyes that look like diamonds, and I am thirteen.(Look older than that, but I don't brag! XD) I also have a Spider that I ride named Moon. She is white with black on her and she has a blue like gem on her forehead.

I am wearing my usual, which is a white manacle with black on it and a blue gem like Moon has. My white dress that is sleeveless and it goes to my knees. My black boots that are only ankle length and they have little blue gems around the top.

Today I was walking through Arachna and I was looking around. Moon was in my manacle and I had it covered up by some black cloth around my wrist so that the other Spider Riders will never know that there is another in their kingdom.

"Alex?" asks Moon from my manacle.

"Yes, Moon?" I ask looking at my manacle curiously.

"Why don't you want to go to the Spider Riders and become an official Spider Rider instead of avoiding them and other people who know them?" she asks concerned.

I sigh in defeat. "Maybe I don't want to be an official Spider Rider. I have been a loner for years and its hard for me to trust people so easily." I say quietly, but I knew Moon heard.

"I understand. I was a loner before you came along and you changed my opinion about humans as well." she says through the manacle.

"I remember." I say and then the whole world seems to turn into the day that I entered the Inner World.


I remember seeing a cave as I was walking and decided to explore. I was looking around when I found this room and then I looked through this trunk that was just sitting there unused or I thought it was.

I remember opening it and finding the manacle that I now where there. I was curious so I decided to put it on and lets just say the next thing I knew I was falling and I didn't care if I screamed. I looked around as I fell and screamed. Then I saw this woman. She was beautiful and she extended her arms to me and I saw a smile spread across her face. So I touched her hand and then all of a sudden I was falling again, but this time I was going to hit the hard ground.

I screamed bloody murder again.

The world seemed to slow down and then all of a sudden I was on something, but I didn't hit it hard. It was like a soft impact. Then I finally opened my eyes to see a giant spider that I was sitting on. I was having a heart attack at that point.

"You finally opened your eyes." she says to me. Wait! She talked!

"W-Who are you?" I ask having a panic attack.

"My name is Moon and I am a battle spider. You are my rider." she says.

"What did you say?" I ask looking curious now.

"I am your battle spider and you are my rider." she says to me.

I think I was about pass out. Then I looked around and then I was curious again.

"Where am I?" I ask looking at Moon not afraid anymore.

"The Inner World." she says. "Where do you come from?"

"The Outer World." I say.

"That means you're an Earthen." she says. "Earthen's are bad in the Inner World, but I think you are harmless. I think you would help the people of the Inner World more than harm them."

"Why are we bad? A woman sent me here." I say looking at Moon who was jumping from rock to rock with me on her.

"I don't know, but they say you are bad." she says. Then she looks at me. Well, I think she was looking at me. "What did this woman look like?"

"She was very beautiful. She had green hair and her eyes sparkled green." I say to Moon.

"That is the Oracle." she says.

"Wow." I say and then look around and notice the sun was part of the ceiling. "Why is the sun like that?"

"The Oracle Sun. She put it there and life was born from it." she says.

I smile and then I look at the manacle on my left wrist and frown. "Why would she choose me?"

"She saw potential in you probably and that is how you came to be." she says.

"Well, how does it work?" I ask.

"Well, you should know how to do that." she says looking at me.

"I remember something that my Dad used to tell me. He said 'Always believe in yourself and never give in.' He would always end it with 'Arachna Power'" I say and then this light came to life and shot into the sky. It was white.

(Somewhere else….. Grasshop's P.O.V)

Hmmm….. A new Spider Rider. An Earthen at that. Just like that Hunter boy.

I'll make sure this one doesn't get away! Lord Mantid will love another pawn like Aqune.

(Back to Alex and Moon. Alex's P.O.V)

I was just riding around on Moon and we had bonded pretty quick. She had told me about the Spider Riders in Arachna, but I told her that I didn't want to go there.

She understood me completely.

Then there was this loud crash and then I was hit off of Moon's back. I landed on the ground really hard.

"Alex!" yelled Moon trying to get to me.

Then she was in a net and I was struggling to get up.

"Alex! We need to work together to get this done! Remember what you Father always said!" she yells struggling against the net with these creatures laughing at her.

No one laughs at her! The words my Father always said.

"Arachna Power!" I yell and then all of a sudden the net breaks and my clothes are changing.

My dress split on the sides and there were blue gems there now and my shoulders were covered in blue armor. Then my boots became knee length and blue gloves appeared on my hands that went to my elbow. Then a white shield was created on my manacle and I was holding a long slender silver sword with a black handle that had blue gems in the handle. Then finally a silver chain came from both sides of my hair and came down to meet at the middle of my forehead with a glistening blue gem.

I was standing on Moon's back with a bloodthirsty look on my face.

Then I attacked all the invectids is what Moon told me what they are called screaming for vengeance.

"NO ONE TOUCHS ME OR MOON!" I yell defeating all of the invectids. I saw one run away in defeat and I smirked in triumph.

"Now, do you want to go to the Spider Riders or not?" asks Moon.

"No." I say and that was the end of the conversation.

*End of Flashback*

I shook my head and thought of all the pros and cons of being a Spider Rider that people knew about. I was weighing which one would be better and the pros won.

I sighed. "Moon I think I am finally ready to meet the Spider Riders." I say in defeat.

So I walk to Arachna Castle.


As soon as I got there these guards took me to the throne room and sitting there was Prince Lumen. I saw all the Spider Riders there too.

I started to rethink all this.

"Go on, Alex." says Moon's voice and I heard it. I also knew that the guards didn't hear it because she talked quietly.

They showed me forward and then Lumen started to speak. Great…(Sarcasm!)

"Who are you and what do you want?" he said in a bored tone and then he looked at me and he seemed to perk up. Oh no…

Then he was in from of me on one knee and holding my hand.

"What do you need beautiful maiden?" he asks me smoothly.

My face flushed against my will.

I saw all the Spider Riders face palm and I put my hand up to my face and chuckled a bit.

Then I look at Lumen and ask, "Are Battle Spiders aloud in the throne room?"

"Why beautiful maiden?" he asks looking at me curiously.

"Because I want you all to meet a friend of mine." I say pulling my hand from Lumen's and removing the cloth to show them my manacle.

"She's a Spider Rider!" says a boy that I realized was Hunter.

"Moon!" I yell and then my gem glows and Moon was then standing there in all her beauty and glory.

"Alex…" she says looking at me.

"Oh yes!" I say remembering what I was supposed to say. "My name is Alex and this is my Battle Spider Moon. I am a fellow Spider Rider. I am from the Outer World."

Then I see Hunter smile at me.

"Your not the only one." he says.

"Good to know. I was sent here by The Oracle herself. I don't know why, but I have been a Spider Rider ever since I fell from the sky or more likely the ceiling." I say sweat dropping remembering that fall.

"You fell from the sky! You sure look beautiful!" says Lumen taking my hand again.

I started to sweat drop and felt like slapping Lumen, but my will betrayed me again and made me blush. I thought I heard Moon chuckling so I turned my head and she was chuckling so I glared at her and she became silent.

"Oh my! Your dress looks filthy and you look like you need a good cleaning!" says Prince Lumen looking at my torn and dirty dress and then at my appearance which was pretty dirty from all the battles I have been in.

Then all of a sudden I was picked up by two guards and I heard Lumen tell them to take me to get a bath and then he told them to tell the royal seamstress to make me a new dress.

(No one's P.O.V)

The next thing that happened was Alex was dragged away screaming in protest to the idea of being forced to get clean and get a new dress.

Lumen just sighed contently and said he was going to go take a nap and to wake him when she was ready.

Igneous just smiled at the thought of another girl being part of the team.

Corona was chuckling at Alex as she was being dragged away and Magma and Hunter had slacked jaws at how this girl was getting mad at Lumen.

Sparkle kept talking about how Lumen took a liking to her and everyone would look at Sparkle and the Lumen who had dozed off and then look back at Sparkle.

Her logic was really accurate!

So Alex was being bathed by two maids who were giggling at her unamused expression and death glares.

All the Spider Riders were gathered around the room she was being bathed in and they could hear her saying all kinds of things about Lumen and how he made her blush against her will. Lumen was still taking a nap so he didn't hear this.

Then all of a sudden something went off and then Alex ran out in a robe and that was it…..

She also had really wet hair that was dripping like crazy.

So we all ran to a guard and he said that more Earthens had entered Arachna and they were falling from the sky.

Then everyone looked up to see three girls falling from the sky and then all of a sudden Alex froze.

Everyone looked at her and Lumen was also looking at her.

"Who are they?" he asks looking at the girls falling rapidly.

"My sisters!" says Alex coming out of it. Then she jumped over the side landing on Moon's back perfectly.

Then she was off.

They watched as one by one Alex saved all three girls.

Then she came back to the castle with three wide-eyed girls.

One had long curly black hair and red eyes. She had a black manacle with a red gem on it. Another one had long curly blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She had a manacle that was glacier blue and had a white gem. The last one had long bleach blonde hair and lime green eyes. She had an orange manacle with a lime green gem.

They all looked at the Spider Riders curiously. The first two looked no more than 12 and the last one only looked 11.

"What are you doing here?" asks Alex angrily pacing in front of her sisters only with the robe on still.

"They are okay. Why are you so mad at them?" asks Lumen calmly not terrified by Alex's death glares.

"I told them that if anything happened to me that they shouldn't come looking for me and now here they are!" she says angrily.

"Alex we came after you because Dad was missing you and said that you could have done something stupid." says the girl with lime green eyes.

"Emma…. I didn't want any of you to come." says Alex as she stops pacing and her eyes seemed to soften.

"But we want to help!" says the girl with red eyes. "It wasn't Emma's idea to come after you it was all our idea….together."

"But-" started Alex in protest.

"No buts! We are here so deal with it!" says the girl with sky blue eyes interrupting her.

"Angel… Demon… Emma….. I'm sorry." says Alex hugging all the girls to her as tears run down her eyes showing how sorry she is.

"Hey sis?" says Demon.


"Might want to go put on some clothes." says Angel giggling at Alex.

Alex blushes bright red in embarrassment and turns to see all the Spider Riders laughing.

"I think I need another bath." says Alex looking at her grimy skin that got covered in dirt when she went and saved her sisters.

Lumen claps his hands and two guards carry away the protesting Alex who said that she could walk on her own.


Alex's P.O.V

So after getting another bath I got a new dress that was just like my old one, except that the sides were already split and they had blue gems on them like in her battle form.

"Okay. Now it is time to test your strength." says Prince Lumen to Alex as her sisters sit there watching.

"Now, who is going to be the person to test my strength?" I ask cockily.

"I will." says Magma.

"No! I will." says Igneous.

"No! I will." says Prince Lumen.

Oh boy…

Then I heard my sisters clear their throats and it got quiet.

"How about we decide?" says Angel smiling.

"Okay…" says Lumen gloomily.

"Hmm…" says Emma putting a finger to her lips in a thinking gesture. I was twitching at the anticipation and all the other Spider Riders could tell because my arms, fingers, eyebrow, and eye was twitching like crazy. My sisters knew I get impatient easily. That's why they always take their time with thinking.

Then I saw Demon smile.

"Okay…." she says and then her finger starts to roam the room going back and forth between everyone and then it stopped on Prince Lumen. "You will battle our sister."

"Is that wise, my prince? Ebony might be too strong and hurt her." says Igneous to Lumen. I just blink like they were discussing my death. I wasn't worried at all about getting hurt, but apparently Lumen was and so were the rest of the Spider Riders.

I was twitching again, but this time in fury.

"I can take care of myself!" I yell in fury. "I don't care if he is the most powerful spider alive! I can take it!"

Moon nodded like she agreed with me.

Lumen seemed hesitant, but then he nodded and all the other Spider Riders seemed eager to see Lumen battle me.

"I will meet you in the ring in a few moments." says Lumen hesitantly.

"I will me you too. You will see my strength and I will see yours." I say smiling at Lumen.


So I was now standing in the ring with Lumen and Moon. All the other Spider Riders were watching as well as my sisters.

"Ebony spider out!" says Lumen and I see a spider come out of his manacle. I looked at Ebony and I could tell that he was pretty strong and I had this feeling of dread as I waited for Lumen and him to transform.

"Arachna Power!" says Lumen and then he stood before me all in battle form on Ebony.

I started to have doubt, but then I had this feeling of power flow through me.

"Arachna Power!" I yell and then a white light flashes and I stand before all the Spider Riders in my battle form on my spider Moon.

"Moon let's show them what we are made of!" I say smiling cockily.

"Let's!" she says.

Then both Lumen and I come at each other at the same time. When our weapons meet an orange and white light appear as we fight for dominance.

Then the power built up in the balls of light and we go flying.

Moon lands perfectly and so does Ebony and Lumen and I just smile.

"Wow! She is just as powerful as the prince!" says Igneous looking at me and then Lumen.

"So Igneous…. Your not as powerful as his highness?" I say jokily.

I heard all the other Spider Riders snicker as well as my sisters. Lumen seemed to smile at my little joke about Igneous not being as powerful as him. It seemed more like a compliment I just realized… I blushed bright red at the realization of my mistake.

Lumen seemed to smile more at my face. Igneous and Magma looked….jealous. You have got to be kidding me!

I sighed in defeat, but no one heard it. Good!

"Okay. It seems that no one is going to attack again so that is a good thing. If you did attack again something much worse might happen." says Corona looking at Lumen and then me.

Both Lumen and I looked at each other in realization. We weren't attacking each other.

"How about one more try?" he asks me looking bored, but I knew he actually liked battling me.

"Sure." I say smiling happily. He seemed to smile as well.

All the Spider Riders face palmed and so did my sisters.

"Something bad is going to happen. I just have this feeling." says my sister Demon.

"Hey sis! Ignore that feeling! It just makes it worst! I have that feeling all the time!" I say looking at the amazed Spider Riders. "That feeling is just trying to psych you out and make you powerless! You are powerful and nothing bad has ever happened yet!"

They all nod in agreement.

"Well, except for that time when Mom got in a car wreck and died." says Emma sadly. I seemed to freeze at the mention of my mother.

Tears flowed down my face and I started to shake. I made sure my bangs covered my eyes so no one would notice, but everyone noticed.

"Sorry sis. I shouldn't have her up." says Emma sadly.

"It's…okay…Emma." I say trying to keep my voice even, but it cracked on every word.

"We don't need to attack each other again." says Lumen worried.

"It's okay, Lumen. I'm fine. I can do it one last time." I say looking up at Lumen with my tear streaked cheeks and swollen eyes.

So I hold up my sword ready to attack. Lumen seemed hesitant to attack me again, but my emotions only made me stronger.

So we collided with even more power this time and let's just say the explosion sent Lumen and I flying off of our spiders and landing on the ground painfully.

My sisters ran up to me in worry, while the Spider Riders ran to Lumen.

Then Lumen was in front of me and all I could see were spots.

"Are you alright?' he asks.

"Yes, I am fine." I say sitting up a little to fast and falling back to the ground. "Ow…"

"You shouldn't try to stand." he says.

"Your standing." I say pointing out the obvious.

"Well, I am used to those kind of blasts. You aren't." he says, but I start to stand without his permission. I seemed to sway a lot on my feet. Then I balanced myself and tried to focus on staying conscious. My armor had dissolved and I was standing in my normal clothes.

"Moon spider in!" I yell swaying a bit and then Moon was in my manacle.

"I think I am going to pass out…" I say and then fell to my knees.

"Alex…" I heard my name being said next to my ear and looked over to see Prince Lumen standing there. He was holding me by my arms. He was the one keeping me from face planting the ground. Oh goodie….

"Hmm?" I ask tiredly.

"We need to get you to the infirmary." he says looking at me.

"Okay." I say and then pass out in his arms.


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