So I did adopt this story out but it seems like the adopte never continued it so I was thinking about possibly continuing it myself if I can get enough ideas for it and since I have more time on my hands to write I might as well continue this story since it was one of my better ones. Anyway, so is anyone actually still interested in this story?

I do have a basic idea for the plot but hey, if anyone has any ideas they'd like to share, that would be awesome! If I do reboot it, I will be posting it in on my new account and deleting it from this one, my new account is under the name maskedxmayhem. So if I get enough people wanting me to reboot this I will one I come up with a better plan for it, since I do like this idea, but my main focus is on my Xmen SYOC Divine Evil right now, so I may be pretty slow writing this one. It could be helpful though, to have another story to alternate off with.

Anyway, let me know what you all think and I'll update later on wither I'm going to reboot it or not, since I know a lot of people liked this one including myself :)

Also, if anyone wants to beta for me that would be pretty cool, ahah this story if I reboot it and the SYOC I'm working on? Anyone? hmm? lol kidding..anyway I'm gonna stop rambling now xD