A/N: I promise I'm not another author starting a new story whilst abandoning the old. I'm still happily working on Moments; I have two chapters written and awaiting my Beta's lovely help, as well as the next ten chapters planned out. However, this story has been floating around my head since before Moments and I decided it was about time that I gave it a go.

This is AU and as the story progresses you'll find out what has happened in the past. I will be sticking to canon where possible but I also want to have a little fun with the characters. This is brand new territory for me and I'm a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter One: The Meeting

Ron Weasley stared around at his family and friends in wonder. They had arranged a surprise party in his stylish penthouse apartment to celebrate his 22nd birthday. He had truly landed on his feet after the long, hard years of struggle and pain.

It had been five years since he had left Hogwarts and begun the quest for Horcruxes.

It had been three years since he had helped Harry Potter defeat Lord Voldemort; the most powerful, evil wizard that had ever been born.

It had been two years since he had qualified as an Auror.

It had been just under one year since he had been promoted; along with Harry.

It was astounding and yet here he stood in a luxury, top floor penthouse apartment with stunning views across London, which he had paid for himself, with his friends and family. It didn't feel possible.

Ron smiled as he watched his guests interact with each other. Bill was rubbing Fleur's growing baby bump whilst she whispered lovingly into his ear, Harry and Ginny were chatting happily, his Mum was fawning over the arrival of Charlie and Percy, and the work lads were having a heated Quidditch debate with George, whilst his Dad was discussing the use of muggle lawn mowers with Neville.

His heart gave a pang in the knowledge that everyone he cared about was in this room; everyone except Fred. The loss of his older brother still played heavily on Ron's mind, especially at occasions like this. He moved towards the open doors of his balcony and raised a wine glass in a silent toast to his mischievous and utterly missed big brother.

He took a deep breath and leaned on the wall of his balcony; taking in the twinkling lights of the London landscape. The apartment was perfectly positioned for working at the ministry and Ron loved the lifestyle that it brought; yet he couldn't help but miss the quiet, rolling fields and views around The Burrow.

Ron turned to face the people in his living room and took a sip of his drink. They all looked like they were having a good time as they laughed, chatted and drank merrily.

He paused as he raised the glass of wine to his lips again. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something move across the roof. Ron slowly placed his glass on the ledge and pulled his wand from his pocket. He uttered a quick locking charm on his balcony doors, leaving his guests safe.

'Who's there?' He called into the darkness. 'I'm warning you, I will attack if you don't show yourself.'

Ron took a step forwards and held his wand in a defensive pose.

Out of nowhere a large bang shot through the air and Ron was knocked to the floor by someone dressed in black.

'What the f –'

'Shhh!' A woman's voice said, as she quickly threw spells into the air and kept him pulled down.

'Do you mind telling me what is going on?' Ron whispered, feeling annoyed and trying to push the woman off him.

'In a minute,' she replied in a bossy voice, holding him down as she performed more complicated spell work.

'Look, I don't think you know who I am,' Ron said angrily moving to locate his wand, which had fallen from his hand as he had been knocked down.

'I know perfectly well who you are,' she replied as she pushed against his chest hard, seemingly satisfied that they were safe. 'You're Ronald Weasley, youngest son to Arthur and Molly, youngest brother to Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George, older brother to Ginny, best friend to Harry Potter, Auror and accomplice in bringing Lord Voldemort down. I know who you are.' She sounded as if she had practiced the speech off by heart.

'Well then, what the fuck are you doing on my balcony?' Ron replied as he pushed up, making her topple backwards and letting her hood fall down.

They both paused as light from the living room shone across her face. She was a pretty girl, around his age, with deep chocolate eyes, clear porcelain skin, and dark brown hair which had been tied in a French plait.

'I'm saving you,' she replied, pulling her hood back up. 'In case you haven't noticed, someone just tried to assassinate you.'

'All I saw was you flying at me,' Ron said, watching her curiously. Something about her was familiar, yet he knew he'd never met her before.

'I was saving you from being killed,' she said haughtily, moving to stand up and glancing into his apartment at the party-goers unaware of what had just happened.

'Thanks, but I'm sure I could've handled it myself,' Ron remarked as he also stood up and surveyed the rooftops around him. He couldn't see anything remotely suspicious.

'Well from where I was standing you looked like you needed all the help you could get,' she replied, folding her arms.

'What were you doing spying on my roof?' Ron asked, bringing his attention back to the petite woman standing in front of him.

'I wasn't spying,' she said wispily, 'I had been given intelligence that someone would attempt to assassinate you tonight.'

'Intelligence from whom?' Ron said with a frown. Surely if one of the Aurors had found intelligence that suggested he would be murdered they would have told him?

'That doesn't concern you, but you should know that people have been trailing you for weeks.'

'Doesn't concern me?' Ron replied with a snort. 'If someone is trying to fucking kill me –'

'I would suggest you place stronger safety charms around your home and keep a look out for anything suspicious,' she said, in the same bossy voice as before.

'I don't need some stranger telling me what to do, I'm an Auror –'

'Yes, you're a very good Auror, but that is a perfect reason to try and kill you.'

'I can look after myself,' Ron said, folding his own arms.

'I'm sure you can, but someone is after you and they probably won't stop until they get you. You would do well to listen to me.'

'And where exactly do you fit into all this?' Ron asked as she took a step towards the balcony edge.

'It doesn't really matter,' she said, twirling her wand in her right hand. 'You won't see me again.'

Before Ron had a chance to say or do anything else, the woman had moved out of the protective barrier she had created and onto the roof. Without a backward glance she Disapparated into the night's sky.

Ron took a few seconds to realise what had just happened, before looking back out towards London.

What the fuck was going on?

He turned to walk back inside, unsure if he had just dreamed the entire scene, when something on the floor caught his eye. Ron bent down to examine further and was shocked to see a small puddle of blood. He glanced down at his body and found more blood on his shirt but none on his body.

Ron quickly summoned a vial and scooped the dark, red matter into it. He stared at the crimson liquid for a few more seconds before placing it in his pocket and going inside. He needed to update Harry straight away and head to the Auror labs to test the blood.

Hopefully he would find some fucking answers there.

A/N 2: So it took Ron and Harry two years to destroy the Horcruxes without Hermione to aid them. I'm sure you can all guess who the mystery woman is, but why hasn't Ron met her before? And who's trying to kill him?

As you can see, this is a very different story to Moments and I'm really excited by it. Just like Moments, this one will be updated as and when I can get to a computer. Sometimes it can take a while... but I always come back!

Anyway hope you enjoyed my step into a real AU story!