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There are several things that Gaara never wanted to see. One of those things was Kankuro, naked, watching incest porn involving two men and their sister. The fact that one of the men, the redhead oddly, was taking it up the ass while being forced to pleas e the blond sister orally had not helped the situation. It was an awkward moment for both Gaara and his older brother who couldn't stop his eyes from going back and forth between his little brother and the moaning trio.

It was a mutual agreement that neither Sakura nor Temari should ever know how Kankuro ended up in the hospital with six broken bones (who can think of control when they're in such a shock!)

The second thing that Gaara never wanted to see was Chouji devour what seemed to be two cartful of food… it frightened him so bad that Shukaku was cowed and allowed him rest without trying to escape. It was a wonderful three days…

But the thing that Gaara didn't want to see… never thought of ever see… was two S-Rank criminals having intercourse on his bed. Yes, intercourse. As in very hot, steaming man sex. Of course with something that startling, Gaara did the first thing that came to his mind. He attacked. The blond haired S-Criminal let out a squeal as brown sand grabbed his ankle and tossed his naked body through a wall. The redhead criminal stood swiftly and dodged a hand shaped burst of sand. He returned with several green studded kunai that were tossed to the side and nearly nicked the groaning blond. He let out a screech and jumped dramatically out of the way.

"Damn you! You trying to take off my arm, un!" he shouted then grunted as sand encased his throat and dragged him forward. Gaara flung the naked blond at the equally naked redhead who gasped as they both went flying out the window. Before the Kazekage could smirk, he felt his body being dragged out of the window. Looking down Gaara noticed several chakra strands holding his body. It reminded him of a fight he had with Kankuro…

'Brat, let me help or you will lose. Just let me out!' Shukaku shouted as Gaara twisted in the air and landed on a platform of sand. He wrapped sand around the strings and flew high above his village, taking the criminals away from his people. Gaara barely blinked as two more strings attached themselves to his shoulders and arms; instead he flew faster until they were in a vast open wasteland with no people in sight.

Gaara threw the two to the ground and melted into the burning hot sand that felt like cool water to his shielded skin and welcomed him home. Meanwhile Deidara pulled himself off the burning sand and whipped his head around.

"Where is he, un?" Deidara hissed. Sasori shrugged his shoulders and pulled out two scrolls from his back, ignoring the harsh glare that was given to him by his lover. "Donna don't you dare—oh you've got my clay!" The blonde's anger disappeared though he made a mental note to be angry again. The puppet bastard knew something was going to happen.

"Jump brat."

Deidara blinked in confusion until he felt the sand beneath his burning feet soften and suddenly drag him under. He yelped a curse as it was too late to escape. Sasori ducked as a sharp sand blade barely missed his neck then sent several explosive tags towards the swirling sand cyclone. As the sand did nothing but part out of the way, Sasori rushed to help his partner though not without dodging several attacking grains of earth. When the redhead reached the blond, he pondered something.

"How do we beat a sand user, a mature one at that, while we are surrounded by sand!"Deidara gritted his teeth, gasping when he hit air but not without dislocating his knee. Sasori didn't pause but, instead, he summoned a metal umbrella. Bullets of sand rained down on the protected too.

"How far can you control your abominations?" Sasori questioned. Deidara's brow twitched though he resisted the temptation to correct the smug bastard.

"One hundred miles but that's only with my biggest… oh!" Deidara caught on and began his hand signals. Almost immediately a large, open mouthed clay figure appeared in the far north, tiny from their prospective but still visible. "Time to destroy Suna!" Deidara shouted gleefully before activating his falling bomb.

"NOOOOOO!" a gritty voice howled. Much to Deidara's surprised, but not to Sasori's, the Kazekage had appeared nearly twenty feet in front of them. His pale, bare arms were reaching toward his village in what seemed to be a futile gesture to save it.

*At the Village*

"Hurry, hurry! Run!" Temari urged the panicking villagers. She wasn't sure how this happened but a large thing hovered her village and seemed to come a little closer with each passing seconds and she would be damned to take it lightly. Something told her it would be her biggest and last mistake. So the blond was forcing her people below ground. Gaara had designed it far below in case something horrible forced him to use Shukaku or the entire village to be in danger. It was enforced with nearly every ninja's chakra so even if Gaara were to die, the tunnels wouldn't collapse.

"My Son! Sora!" a young woman, teenager really, tried to fight the tide. Temari cursed and turned to see a small child of three crying, far from the rushing people. The blond nodded to Kankuro and started her way back. No one was dying while under her watch. 'Where is Gaara when you need him?' Kankuro cursed, pushing the last of his people into the safety tunnels. He had known that something bad had happened when he looked at his brother's destroyed room. A child's report of seeing her Kazekage flying away with two people clinging to him had sounded alarms and a gentle urging of civilians into the tunnels was commissioned. Now that white… sculpture had every villager in the spacious tunnels that ran half way to the Leaf and another direction to the Mist.

"Temari, be safe," Kankuro heard one of the ANBU whisper under his or her breath. Kankuro also prayed for his sister and that kid she went after.

The empty streets should have made it easier for Temari to gather the child but the boy had disappeared in his fear and now she was completely—

Temari's head snapped to the side as a pair of whimpers made themselves known. She ran and nearly vaporized the wooden crate that harbored the green haired boy that she had looked for... and another small child with pure white hair and large brown eyes.

"His name is Temu," Sora whispered, brushing the white hair out of the other boy's eyes. Temari sighed in relief and bent over to pick the boys up and take them to the tunnels.

"What—?" Temu started, pointing to the sky. Temari gasped upon the sight and threw her body over the boys. The thing was glowing and it clicked in her mind—it was a bomb! They could outrun it and Temari wouldn't let the boys see their deaths. She wouldn't allow her lover to see her death so why should two young boys see such a horrible thing?

The wind ripped around the three and the sand tore from under them as if it could sense the damage the bomb would cause and the three lives it would take.

The villagers underground let out a cry as a loud explosion sounded above their heads and the ceiling shook. A pained howl of utmost lost echoed the heavy silence. Kankuro turned to see a green haired teenagers crying into her hands while another woman tried to comfort her. Kankuro's heart clenched also because he knew his city was gone and his sister dead.

"Oh Temari…" the same ANBU murmured sadly, leaning into the nearby wall. The short pink hair slid slowly down. Kankuro felt tears build in his eyes but he urged his people to continue, trying to ignore the howling girl.

Gaara's arms were stretched high above his head though slight convulsions raked his body. Sasori's eyes and ears cleared enough for him to see and hear. To the redhead's surprise, the young Kazekage had actually shielded his land with a giant mass of sand that literally formed a large bowl around the bomb, swallowing the explosion with effectively saving his village.

"They'll die from the immense amount of sand Kazekage, un," Deidara smirked as the redhead fell to his knees and the sand began to crumble above his village… his people… his home… his family.

Temari stood on shaky legs and began to run to the tunnels as the sand began to rain harshly onto their heads. The tons of her sand would kill them so she dashed as swiftly as she could, balancing Sora and Temu carefully in her arms.

"It's moving!" Sora whispered in awe, pointing. Temari's head snapped up painfully fast as she watched the protective sand slowly drag itself from the top of her village. Temari's knees shook with relief and she sent silent thanks and prayers to her baby brother as tears fell down her face.

"We're safe," she murmured into Temu's hair. 'But is Gaara?' she wondered worriedly.

"Where Mommy?" Sora called attention to himself as he yanked on Temari's single ponytail. Temari forced herself to continue to jog. These boys were her first priority. Gaara could take care of himself… hopefully.

Gaara felt the last of his sand fill a void ditch and the last of his strength drove him to his knees. 'Let me out! Let me protect us!' Shukaku howled, thrashing against his bondage and… the demon was beginning to win.

Sasori jumped back from the Kazekage as the young man's skin began to gain purple swirls and the sand edged towards him to, probably, transform him.

"More, un? Will he just give up already?" Deidara practically pouted. 'I won't lose to these assholes! I will destroy these fuckers and then your village is next you stubborn brat!' Shukaku crowed.

"NOOOOO! You shall not escape monster," Gaara clutched his throbbing head and forced Shukaku deep within himself and promptly lost consciousness. The sand lost all motion and the markings slowly left Gaara's skin. In his blissful ignorance, Gaara was not aware of the two pairs of hands picking up his limp body and stealing him away.

The End

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