There once was a woman from japan

Who dreamt of living as a man

She'd walk in the front of the line

while carring a mobile shrine

As the beautiful geishas followed behind

The people would clap and cheer as she walked near

(I thought this would be a interesting way of describing how Tekomai's came to be)

They dress up as men and walk in front of geishas singing chants, this has been taken place since the Edo period. This usually accurse during mid October which is awesome because I was born in mid October ;)

I'm not going to say I know anything about them or that I've ever seen them in person. I really don't know the history of why they dress as they do. But I thought hey if I was to dress up as a man it would be for something I thought was important. And who doesn't want to be the one carrying the portable shrine?

I think its totally adorable :)