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Tsuna always had an attachment to the time of 2am.


Because that was the first time Reborn showed he cared...when he woke him up from a nightmare about his first kill, placed a small but comforting hand on his shoulder, and whispered "It will be alright."

Tsuna laughed the first time someone compared him to Reborn. All he could think was 'What is there to compare?' Tsuna wished though, that one day he could be good enough so that he could be compared to him.

What he didn't know was Reborn was wishing for the same things.

He was their sky. There was nothing they wouldn't do for him. They would kill for him, they would protect for him, they would even die for him...but they would not do the paperwork.

When Gokudera walked into his Boss' office, he wished he had a camera. Tsuna had fallen asleep at his desk (again) with a few unfinished stacks of paperwork to his left. There were four empty cups that had held coffee earlier on the desk where Tsuna was cushioning his head on an arm, while the other was wrapped around Natsu, who was laying on the only remaining space on the desk sleeping much like his master-his little head snuggling into the side of brown locks.

The first time Tsuna ever dealt with snow- real, thick, up to your knees snow- it had been at least 15 degrees below zero. Everything had been fine at first...until the blizzard hit and he had gotten stuck in the middle of nowhere struggling to stay warm enough to survive.

His guardians never did let him do winter missions solo after that.

Tsuna admits his days are some of the most unusual in the world.

Who else can say they woke up to a baby drop kicking them in the face, avoided eating breakfast food that could melt through metal, sat down to do paperwork only to have to get up and put out a fire caused by dynamite, fixed a window broken by a man from ten years into the future, avoided assassination attempt one, went back to the paperwork, got up to stop more dangerous fighting involving different flames, avoided assassination attempt two, fixed another window and went to bed with ten stacks of unfinished paperwork only to start over in the morning?

No one he knows.

But he wouldn't have it any other way

Tsuna had no idea how he had attracted so many polar opposites together under his one family...but he was so, so glad that he had.

Even if he had to deal with death threats, explosions and plain chaos every moment of every day...he wouldn't change it for anything.

The connection between the Vongola and Tsuna is very, very strong. It was something the entire mafia world learned really quickly. Attack Tsuna and the entire Vongola is after you. Attack Vongola and Tsuna will come down on you with a vengeance. Honestly, no one is sure what's worse.

The first time Yamamoto lost his temper-honestly lost it- the Guardians were reminded that rain was a main part of storms, and though it was soothing and could wash away was also capable of blinding, killing, and destroying things as well.

The reason Hibari spoke so often of the food chain all ties back to when he was really young. The only time he ever remembered spending with his father was watching a show on Hawks. He can remember his father saying "Now that is what a man should be. A top of the line carnivore with the freedom to go where he chooses." Incidentally this is also the root of Hibari's aversion to being tied down.

Tsuna knew something was wrong when Lambo didn't check in at the appointed time. The now 16 year old Thunder Guardian hadn't missed a "check in time" since he had started missions. Tsuna had given each guardian the order to check in regularly so he knew when something had gone wrong. Tsuna had given Lambo and extra five minutes before he gathered his Guardians together to hunt their youngest member down. The person who dared to attack his family...they were dead men walking.

Tsuna would destroy them.

Reborn finds it amusing that despite the numerous, vicious, adamant, repeated promises that Tsuna would not be the tenth boss...when the time comes it turns out that Tsuna is a natural at it.