This is a crack paring that zestia240 came up with. But this is still an awsome one! A bit hard to make but still fun! I wonder what other crack parings will come up XD

From the time I was a kit, my mother had told me and my sister Leafpool about the battle with BloodClan. About their leader Scourge, who had tried to take over the forest and had killed Tigerstar with one blow. I didn't see how that made him evil, yes he killed Tigerstar but wasn't he trying to take over the clans? Not just that but he tried to kill all half-clan cats as well, that wasn't right. No one can pick their kin. But none the less Scourge was seen as something more evil then Tigerstar. I never meet him so I wouldn't know anything more then the stories told to me about him. It was that night, when I had gone to sleep that I seen a black tom. He was sitting with his back to me, looking to the sky. I looked around, we where in a meadow. Bright flowers, sweet smelling grass and a bright cloudless sky. I looked back at the tom to see he was wearing a collar around his neck with dog's and cat's teeth studded in it. I padded closer and as I lifted a paw the black tom wiped his head around to look at me. His eyes where ice blue, and as he got to his paws I saw that, like myself he had one white paw.

"I haven't seen any other cat come here before" The black tom yawned and flicked his tail.

"You must get lonely then" I blinked, not really sure what to say.

The black tom nodded then asked "What might your name be?"

"I'm Squirrelflight! A ThunderClan warrior! Who are you?" I asked.

"A ThunderClan cat? I see... and it's Scourge" the tom said.

For the rest of the night Scourge and I talked. It seemed nice to talk to a cat you didn't treat me like a mouse-brain. I think Scourge liked it to, from what he says he rarely ever sees anyone. But still for the past few nights I would go talk to him, then one night something happened. I was going to have kits, I wasn't sure how this happened but that didn't matter. After I told Scourge that we became mates, and no one would ever find out.