Authors Note-I would of sent it in on the 14th, but I was away on holiday, so this is a short story just for a special day, soz about the Christmas story, with GCSE coming up, I'm finding It difficult to keep up with my stories so their gonna be a little late. Happy late Valentines Day

Warning: this is a rated T or M, I don't know, but it contains abit of language and gnome sex and I put more of a description for the ending scene and a little info on when a gnome has feelings for another gnome ;)

So this is not appropriate for little children.

Slanted writing-Juliet's thoughts

Juliet groggily opened her eyes, fighting the sun rays that snuck through the trees in the garden. She closed her eyes as a little smile grew on her face, turning over hoping to lie her head on top of her husbands chest, but found herself lying on his pillow.(a empty seed packet filled with cotton, something fluffy) She opened her eyes confused to see nothing but a gnome sized card with a purple heart on it. She picked up the card and began to read out loud

'To my Darling Wife

Do we have to go through this shit every year?'


'Ha, I'm joking

Roses are Red, Violets are purple'


'But that doesn't rhyme so instead we say Blue'


'I use to be alone on Valentines Day,

Thank Lord for the day I met you' (a lovely song by Summertime's End )


She then saw in brackets next to the poem '(I know I know it's cheesy)' and began to giggle to herself. She then read out the last lines saying 'Happy Valentines Day, Love Gnomeo xxx' sighing afterwards, as she pressed the card to her heart.

"I see you got my card then"

Juliet looked up to see her husband leaning on the side of the glass door of the greenhouse, making Juliet giggle.

"Yeah, and I love it' she stated as he walked over to her to sit on the edge of the bed (sandbag) 'And to answer your question, yes we do have to go thought this 'shit' every year' she smirked as Gnomeo chuckled at her comment, as he brought his lips to hers.

"So, you got any surprises for me tonight?" Juliet giggled as their lips separated.

"I might have a few tricks up sleeve, but you gotta wait over at the main garden if you want your surprise" he said as he nuzzled his nose with hers.

"You know I hate waiting" Juliet huffed, making her husband chuckle.

"I know, but I know you love surprises' he admitted, making her giggle 'but I promise, it will be worth the wait' He whispered as he brought his lips to hers and slipped under the covers to join his wife for a kiss and cuddle 'I promise" he finished, as he and Juliet melted into a deep passionate kiss.

As Gnomeo prepared his and Juliet's romantic evening, Juliet went over to visit Nanette in the main garden.

"Hi Nanette!" Juliet called from the bottom of the stairs to the newly built pedestal, although it was a year old since the feud, the gnomes kept it in good shape so it look good as new everyday. A frogs head popped over the side of it and the smile on its face grew bigger at the sight of the gnome.

"Hiya' she called back, leaping down the steps to greet her friend with a hug 'ah isn't today just lovely, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and love is in the-"

"More like the day is colder, the rain is picking up, but yes, there is love in the air" Juliet admitted with a smile.

"Alright, alright' Nanette huffed, but smirked at her friend 'but you said it with a sm-ile, what did he get you?"

"That is none of your business Nanette" Juliet scoffed.

"Let me guess, Valentine's Card?" Nanette said, making Juliet roll her eyes as she gave up.

"Gnome-sized with a purple heart on it" she admitted smiling.

"Was it totally sugar sweet?"


"Did it have a cheesy rhyme in it?"

"It wasn't cheesy' Juliet said, but got a smirk from Nanette 'Ok, Ok, it was a little cheesy, but at the end of the day, it was sweet"

"And did it have a sweet little kiss next to his name?"

"Actually, he put three" Juliet corrected her, making Nanette's eyes grow big.

"Three?" Nanette shrieked, as water burst out her mouth, all over Juliet.

"Yes Nanette, three kisses, what so bad about that" Juliet asked.

"Oh Nothing, nothing, it's just that some guys would just put one heart or a kiss, but three kisses! He must love ya like crazy" Nanette admitted, making Juliet giggle.

"Well, why else wouldn't he, his my husband' Juliet giggled, as they began to walk up to the top of the pedestal 'Anyways, enough about us, what about you and Paris, what are you doing for Valentines Day?"

"His taking me to the theatre tonight, there doing a performance of Romeo and Juliet"

"Nice' Juliet complimented 'Has he got you anything?"

"A small box of chocolate covered Bluebottle-flies" Nanette sighed

"Yuk, I can't believe you enjoy that" Juliet said disgusted.

"What's wrong with it, sweet crunchy flies covered in melted chocolate, a delicacy" she said, while Juliet pretended to vomit 'Uh whatever, so what are you and Gnomeo doing tonight?" she asked.

"Beats me' Juliet said 'It's a surprise, it's probably a night in you know"

"Did you get him anything?' She asked, making her friend ago silent 'Oh My Flipping Gnomers! You haven't got him anything have you?" she gasped.

"Well I didn't know what to get him! It's easy for guys, all they need are flowers and chocolates, and I don't know what to do!" Juliet admitted

"Hmmm, true, true' Nanette agreed to what she said as she tried to think of something that Juliet could get for Gnomeo. Then finally a grin grew on her face.

"What? What?" Juliet asked as she noticed the grin.

"Maybe you can't get him something, but there is something you can do with him" She said.

"What?' Juliet asked as Nanette began to whisperer into her ear, but when she heard the idea; she brought her ear away from the whisper.

"No, No, No, N-O, No, I'm not doing that' Juliet refused, making Nanette huff.

"Well you don't have to do it if you don't want to" Nanette said, making Juliet feel abit better.

"Ok, I'll think about it" She said as Paris came walking into the grotto.

"Nanette, you ready?" He called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh, I'm coming" she cooed as she walked down the steps.

"Where you going?" Juliet called as Nanette turned her head round.

"Out to lunch with Paris"

"I thought you were going to the theatre?" she asked as Nanette reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh we are, but his taking me to lunch first, and then the theatre" she said as Paris nodded in agreement.

"Oh ok' Juliet said a little glum, but replaced it with a smile 'Have fun"

"We will' Nanette smirked at her as they began to walk out the garden 'Oh and Juliet' Nanette called back 'If you change your mind, paints in the shed" she laughed as she made Juliet rolled her eyes.

Hours passed as Juliet waited and waited for Gnomeo to come for her but still there was no sign of him. She then looked at the shed and remembered what Nanette said. She outlined the curves of her body with her hands and bit her lip, as she began to think about Nanette's idea. A grin grew on her face as she began to head for the shed. She took one look at the garden then disappeared into the shed, locking the door behind her.

"Juliet…Juliet?' Gnomeo called as he entered the Garden. The day was coming to an end as the first few stars appeared in the sky 'Owh! Benny!" Gnomeo called as Benny came running past him, stopping at the sound of his voice.

"Oh hi cous, what you doing here?" Benny asked

"I've come to get Juliet; do you know where she is?"

"Oh yeah, I saw her run into the shed a few hours ago" he said, pointing towards the door.

"What's she doing in there?"

"I don't know, but she have a smirk on her face' he admitted 'so what you doing for Valentines Day?"

"Uh, that for me to know and Juliet to find out"

"Ahh, a little valentines surprise ehh" Benny teased as he nudged Gnomeo, making him roll his eyes.

"So what you doing for Valentines Day, Samantha seeing you or you seeing Samantha?"

"Me seeing Samantha, Mr. and Mrs. C are going out so me and my girl are gonna watch a movie"

"Oh nice, see ya man" Gnomeo said as he began to walk towards the shed.

"Juliet you in there?" He called, pushing at the door discovering it locked.

"Gnomeo is that you?" she called from inside.

"No, it's the pizza gnome, who do you think it is?" he joked.

"Umm…Just a second" She shouted from inside, as 10 seconds later, she appeared from the shed.

"Oh hey stranger, long time no see"

"Why was the door locked?" He asked as she closed the door.

"Umm, I don't know, but the better question is, why do we live in a world where the doors need locks" she said, confusing him.

"Ok? So…shall we?" he said, holding his hand out for her to hold it, making he giggle.

"We shall" she said back, accepting his hand as he led her back to their garden.

Whilst walking past the alleyway, Gnomeo, unexpectedly, slipped his arms under Juliet's thighs and began to carry her bride style, as mixture of laughter and a shriek escaped her.

"Was that totally necessary" she giggled as he carried her through the hole in the shed door.

"Well I want to keep the surprises coming" he said, placing her down onto the floor as she laid her eyes on the garden. They nearly exploded as fairy lights surrounded her, dangling from the trees and on the shed and greenhouse, glowing low set creams, lighting up the garden.

"Did you do all this" Juliet asked, getting her breath back as Gnomeo nodded his head. She let out a gasp as she took one more look at the garden.

"This is heaven" She sighed as Gnomeo lead her to the side of the pond. Beside it was a red checked napkin making a blanket to gnomes as on it sat a small pale filled with elderflower champagne as two acorn shell tops sat beside it. Also their was something hiding under a small blanket as mini lily-pad lanterns floated on the pond's surface and candles lit the area to the picnic.

"Please, sit down" Gnomeo offered as he lowered Juliet down to a place on the blanket as he sat beside her, filling a acorn shell up with the elderflower.'

"Elderflower Champagne" Juliet guessed whilst giggling.

"Yep, just the way you like it' passing the cup to her 'and what's a picnic, without blueberries and…' he then pulled off the mini blanket to relieve the meal 'chocolate covered strawberries" he finished making Juliet gasp and then giggle.

"It just won't be right' she said, as Gnomeo got himself a cup of Champagne as Juliet brought her cup to his to toast 'Cheers to us"

"To us" Gnomeo whispered as his and Juliet's cups clinked together.

As the end of Valentines Day was drawing nearer, Juliet's head laid on Gnomeo's lap as they began to laugh.

"I don't, I don't-"

"You do, you have a face full of blueberries' Juliet said as they continued to laugh 'God your so greedy, your just like Nanette"

"Why, do you sleep with her too" he said, mentioning his and her sex life.

"Ew, now that's just gross' Juliet said as Gnomeo chuckled 'No I mean as in your like her when it comes to food, but, you know what, she's nice and very cute, the only problems are that she has a boyfriend and she snores at night but you two would be, perfect together" She joked as she helped herself to a blueberry.

"Is she hotter then you?' Gnomeo joked, making her roll her eyes 'I bet she's hotter then you" he said as Juliet brought her lips to his. As she brought them away, she noticed Gnomeo look a little different, not by appearance, but it was something about his smile, his eyes, and the way he was looking at her.

"What?" she asked, bringing him out of his daydream.

"Nothing, nothing' he said, looking at his feet and then back at her 'this is…nice" he said, making his wife giggle.

"Yeah…yeah it is" she admitted, as she took a sip of the Elderflower.

"Here Last Strawberry, you have it" he said as he mentioned the last chocolate covered strawberry. Juliet began to groan as she didn't know if she could after a whole feast of fruit.

"You know' He said, picking up the last strawberry 'This could be the most delicious strawberry in the whole in tirer world, but you won't know, cause your not gonna eat it" he finished, making his wife giggle as she opened her mouth wide and Gnomeo let her take a bite out of it.

"Mmm…your right" she said, as Gnomeo finished off the strawberry, throwing the stem away, making her giggle.

"More champagne" he offered

"Oh no, not for me" she said as she got her head off his lap.

"Oh can't handle it uh, didn't know you were lightweight"

"What?" she asked

"Light-Weight" he repeated

"Oh you're the one to talk about light weight" She said, taking the mick of his weight.

"Oh charming' he chuckled as she got herself a drink 'what is it with you and the criticism?"

"What is it…with you and the boring shades of blue?" she pointed out.

"What my clothes match"

"Did mummy pick that out for you?" she teased

"No mummy, mummy's gone, did it all by myself" he said, making her giggle.

"Ohhh, get you" she teased, taking a sip of elderflower as Gnomeo got some more. But as he got it, the cup slipped from his hand and spilled over Juliet, making her squeal as she felt it on her skirt.

"Oh god I'm sorry" he said as she giggled.

"No don't worry, its fine" she admitted

"No I really am sorry" he repeated himself as he grabbed the small cloth used to hide the fruit and began to dab the soaked skirt.

"No really Gnomeo I'm fine' she said, grabbing hold of his hand to stop him 'I got an Idea, why don't I spill some on you and we will be even"

"That's a stupid idea" he said

"Well I think it's a great idea' she said, getting her glass to pour over him but was stopped by Gnomeo 'Oh just one bit, cause that's not fair" she said, continuing to try and spill the drink. She finally spilt the drink over his waist coat as she began to laugh out loud.

"Ha Ha, revenge is sweet"

"Alright, that's it' he then pinned Juliet down to the ground and growled 'Come Here" as he began to tickle her.


Not listening to a word she said, Gnomeo continued to tickle her. "Gnomeo! I mean it! Stop I- HA HA HA HA HE HE HA! I can't breathe HA HA HA I MEAN IT!" she said breathless as she grabbed her cup and throwed the remaining elderflower over his face, making her gasp, but then burst out laughing.

"You just threw that in my face" he said in disbelief.

"Well I told you to stop' she said as she continued to laugh 'You're totally soaked"

"Oh I'll show you soaked" he smirked as he picked Juliet up bride style and threw her into the pond next to them. As she burst through the surface of the water for air, Gnomeo did a cannonball in next to her, getting her even more wet. They began to have a little water fight as they both burst out laughing. As they finished their water fight, they found themselves right next to each other as they began a silence.

Juliet then swam a little closer as she lightly pressed her lips against his, wrapping her arms around his neck. He slowly began to wrap his arms around her waist as the kiss deepened. They stopped moving their legs to support them floating and began to sink to the bottom (like in the movie) as they continued to kiss. Their lips finally separated as a roll of thunder was heard from above them. They looked up to see millions of ripples above them from tiny raindrops, growing and growing, making Juliet smile while Gnomeo's eyes widened.

"The picnic" he said as bubbles escaped his mouth, but Juliet was able to hear him.

They began to swim to the surface as they got out the pond. Juliet collected the blanket and leftover blueberries while Gnomeo grabbed as many candles as he could and they began to run to the greenhouse.

As Juliet dried herself, Gnomeo set out the candles in the greenhouse and began to light them to give a little light. As Juliet sneezed from the cold, Gnomeo got a near by blanket and wrapped it round her for warmth.

"Thanks" she mumbled as he sat down beside her. She then wrapped the blanket round Gnomeo as they shared the blueberries and the blanket in the candlelight.

"Here last blueberry" Gnomeo offered, as Juliet took a bite out of it, and then gave the rest to Gnomeo. He bit a bit off then gave the rest to Juliet to finish off, making her giggle as they snuggled up closer, while Juliet leaned on his shoulder, closing her eyes

"Um…Juliet" He mumbled, breaking the silence.

"Yeah" She mumbled as she began to fall asleep whilst leaning on his shoulder.

"As we have only an hour left of today, I…"

"What" she finally got off his shoulder.

"I just want you to know, how much I love you" he said, looking into her eyes as she began to smile.

"I love you too" she said, kissing him on the cheek as he got out a small tin box.

"I was gonna give you this after the picnic but we got distracted so…" he said, as he opened the box to relieve a human bracelet, but being gnomes, it made a perfect necklace. I was a light silver chain with a small blue diamond heart charm on it, outlined with silver to hold in the blue jewel. (Think of the necklace from titanic, only smaller)

"Oh my God" Juliet tried to catch her breathe at the sight of it. As she removed the necklace from the box, holding it up as they both admired it.

"It's beautiful' she gasped 'what is it a sapphire?"

"A diamond, a very rare diamond" he said, making her smile grow bigger.

"That really is something Gnomeo" she said, as the diamond twinkled with the candlelight.

"Here' He whispered, taking the necklace from her and placed it delicately round her neck 'Beautiful" he stated, as he admired the necklace on his lover. She then changed the smile to a glum look as she felt the diamond resting on her chest.

"What's wrong' Gnomeo asked, bringing her out of a daydream 'Don't you like it?"

"No! No I love it' she admitted 'But..."

"But what?"

"It's just that…you've down so much for me today and… I haven't done anything for you" she said, making her husband chuckle as he brought his lips to hers. She then pulled away from the kiss as a smirk grew on her face.

"What?" He whispered

"I gotta surprise for you" she whispered back

"A surprise?"

"Yep, but you got to close your eyes"

"Close my eyes?"

"Yep, and no peeking" she giggled as he began to roll his eyes before he closed them. She then got to her feet and took a deep breath as she began to undo her corset.

"Can I open them?" Gnomeo asked as he had them shut for a long time.

"Ok' she said with a shaky exhale 'Open them"

He opened his eyes to see his beloved wife, still wearing the necklace, but with nothing else but her bra and knickers. They used to be black but were painted over with rich dark rouge as it was outlined with a dark purple and also had a purple bow painted on front of the bra and knickers. The diamond necklace beamed on her chest as Gnomeo's eyes nearly exploded with amazement. He tried to look away to be a gentlemen, he did, but continued to gaze at the curves and features of her body, the rich red bra really framed her breasts more then covered them. Her breathing got even shakier as he got to his feet and took a step closer towards his wife, continuing to admirer her.

"Do you like it?" she mumbled, a little nervous as he continued to gaze. It was the first time she ever done it, she always was laying down when she and Gnomeo stripped to admire each other or make love, but this was new to her. But she began to get use to it, feeling more confident.

"I love it" he whispered as he began to kiss her as his arms wrapped round her back, making her shudder.

"Really?' she mumbled between the kiss 'really, really? Cause you don't think I look terrible or nothing?"

"Your beautiful" he whispered as he kissed Juliet again, but this time, Juliet kissed him back as she felt more comfortable. He then pulled away from the kiss and began to look at her body again, making him smirk as he looked into her eyes.


"It's a shame really" Gnomeo said

"What is?" she asked, as he brought his face to hers and whispered 'Cause it's not staying on for long' with a dirty smirk as he lifted Juliet by the thighs as Juliet let a squeal of laughter escape her.

They shared another kiss as he carried her over to the bed. They fell on the bed together as he lay on top of Juliet and they continued to kiss. Their hands traveled over their bodies as they felt each other before ripping Gnomeo's clothes off together. When he was done, he began to undo her bra and slip off her knickers pushing her down onto the bed as he fell on top of her, pressing his lips hard against hers as she wrapped her legs around his waist as they wrapped their arms around each other, wanting, and needing each other. As her porcelain began to melt, he went in with a sharp intake of breath, making Juliet gasp, as she felt fireworks explode inside her.

"Juliet?" Gnomeo whispered, beginning to pull away as he felt like he was hurting her. But Juliet tightened her grip round him and pulled him closer.

"Don't stop' she whispered, gritting her teeth and taking deep breaths 'Come back to me" she begged as he began to go in again, harder each time as Juliet moaned for more.

"I love you" she whispered in his ear.

"I love you too" he replied as the rain came down, the candles when out and the smell of sweat and melted porcelain got stronger as the couple continued to make love, while Valentines Day came to an end.

Author's Note: Wow, that took forever, and the ending, I got a little carried away ;) but I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope you've had a good time reading it.

I have come up with the idea on how gnomes have sexual intercourse and have babies

If I you want to know, continue reading, if not, you must stop here

And remember, this is not for young ones

P.S. this was really awkward to write :/

Like with men, male Gnomes have a penis. And for it to 'go in' the female gnomes private area melts for the penis to go in, it is painful as the porcelain melts for the woman at the first time, as you can tell in my story 'magic mushroom mayhem', but then becomes pleasurable. Then like men, the male gnome's cum (semen) is its porcelain and goes into the woman, creating an orgasm, and sometimes, a baby.

If the female Gnome becomes pregnant, the baby takes 9 months to develop in the mother's tummy and when the baby is born, the mother's porcelain melts to realize the baby, which of coarse is painful.