Jack stood in the doorway of the living room tapping her foot, her gaze was fixed on the four men who stood awkwardly in the corner. Only one of them was familiar to her - Ben, Alex had called him. She had no quarrels with him as Alex had informed her that he took a bullet for him. The thick bandages on the man's shoulder told her this was true.

"Thank you." She said reluctantly.

"For what?" He seemed bewildered that she'd even spoken, never mind thanked him.

"Saving Alex. He told me what you did for him." She said.

"I'd do it again if I had to."

"Who is Alex?" A scottish man asked.

"You don't know Alex?" Jack asked in shock.

"Oh they do." Laughed Ben, "However they know him under a different name."

Snake, Eagle and Wolf were confused they did not know anyone called Alex. Well Snake's brother had a son called Alexander but they never shortened his name.

Before Wolf could demand answers the sound of a door slamming reached his ears. With a final glare towards the SAS men, she turned to the hall.

"How was school?"

"Good, Tom says he'll be over soon, his parents are arguing again and he's gonna help me catch up with some school work." The boy in the hall said.

The K-Unit -excluding Ben who was grinning - exchanged mystified glances.

"You have some guests."

"I do? Is it-?"

"No. Its not them Alex, don't worry."

Alex was curious as to who these mysterious guests were.

"Ben?" He asked in shock.

"Hey Alex, how you doing?" Ben said with an easy grin.

"Just glad to be home, you know?"

"I do, hospital food sucks," they both laughed.

"What are they doing here?" Alex asked harshly.

Wolf jerked in shock, Alex had his back to him, he didn't know that he had been noticed.

"We were told to come here, Cub." Snake said, quickly.

"Why?" Alex demanded.

"Mr. Smithers came up with an interesting new thing," Ben began explaining, "using blood he took from you after your operation, he constructed a set of books."


"About you. Or your missions should I say."

"And you're here because..." Alex trailed off in horror.

"Because we are to read the books with you."

"No. No way!" Alex yelled.

"We have tapes too, we can watch them instead."

Alex pondered for a moment, videos could be hastily judged, at least the thoughts in the books could help justify his actions.

He growled at them in anger.


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