Pure silence. The one that actually hurts your ears. I wriggled around, trying to get an answer out of Zayn. All that he did was tighten his grip on me, as if he was scared I would fall apart. I did just that. I broke down and cried, soaking his chest with my salty tears. I cried and cried, silently, sometimes choking and hiccoughing. He just swayed me back and forward, his lips pressed to my head, hushing me in an endearing way.
"I.. don't know… why it had to… be both… my parents. Why… me…?" I choked out.
"Shh… it'll be okay."
"It… was only last year. I had… no one…because I am… an only child. I was… alone."
"I'll always be here. Court, sh… it'll be okay."

In the morning, Zayn was asleep when I woke up. We were both wrapped in each other's arms, keeping each other together. His eyes looked as though they had been crying, just like mine felt; heavy. I wish last night didn't have to end so seriously, but I know that its best that Zayn knows the truth and that I feel comfortable in trusting him. I haven't had that for a year; I have been so alone, not trusting anyone. I knew it was going to be hard although it is easy for me to let Zayn protect me.
"Court?" he whispers.
"Do you want some breakfast, its Saturday. Mum and dad are out all weekend."
"Yeah sure." Only now did I realise that I have morning breath, so I quickly jump up and head to the bathroom to 'go to the toilet' but I am really washing my mouth out with Listerine. When I open the door to go back to the bedroom, Zayn is gone and the smell of sizzling pancakes replaces him. I bounce down the stairs, excited to eat what smells like delicious pancakes.
"Mmm… smells good!" I come up behind Zayn and wrap my arms up under his armpits and hold on to his shoulders. Kissing his neck, he turns around and lifts me up onto the bench, giggling, he kisses down up my neck before finally kissing me, open-mouthed and passionately. He then stops, leaving me sitting on the bench while he flips the pancakes on to two plates. He hands me a knife and a fork and watches me eat.
"What?" I ask with my mouth full.
"Do you like them?"
Laughing I reply, "Of course I do, they are delicious! And," I pick up the Pancake Shake Mix, "I think they made it really well!"
"Damn it!" he says, grabbing the carton, "You weren't supposed to see that!"
Laughing, we both finish our pancakes and wash up.