Chapter fourteen: Amnesia

"Whoa! Whoa! Hold up a sec, time out! So… let me get this straight… I was turned into a baby… and you guys got to have all the fun and kick butt?! That is SO not fair!" Po whined, crossing his arms in a huff as the guys laughed, "Aw, don't worry, Po! You could kick butt next time!" Mantis chuckled. They were all sitting at the table, having lunch; only a few things were left to clean up.

It had been 3 days since Po was back to normal, after the jade palace was… presentable enough and the warriors had enough energy to stand up again, they had explained everything to Po.

The five warriors were chatting, while two of them were silent.

Shifu ate his meal quietly, letting his students chat and joke, however, he noticed the tense atmosphere in the air that the rest seemed to not notice.

Tigress stared at her meal, a blank expression on her face. In fact, her mind was blank, no thoughts passed her at all; she just blanked when it seemed that Po remembered nothing of his time as a cub.

But nobody had told him about his time spent with her. Not even Tigress herself. They didn't know… nobody knew. Just Tigress, only she knew everything that happened… nobody will ever know… it was just a memory now.

They just explained their hunt for Daiyu and the battle… a.k.a. whatever everyone else knew.

"Aw man! WHY do I always miss the good stuff? That Daiyu lady sure sounded pretty strong! I can't believe I was a baby…" he grumbled, crossing his arms.

"I'm sure you were more of a challenge than Daiyu, Po" Monkey cackled and punched his arm in a friendly gesture as the three males teased the panda. "You guys will never let me live this down, will you?" Po groaned and Mantis chuckled, "Sorry Po, but it's too priceless!"

The five looked at Tigress, Viper seemed slightly worried for the tiger; she hadn't spoken in a while.

"Hey Tigress, why don't you tell Po about what you had to go through with his baby self!" Crane laughed; however, there was a shocked silence when a slam echoed in the kitchen they were sitting in.

Tigress had slammed her paw down on the table and the chair scraped across the floor as she got up, dangerously quiet…

"There is nothing to tell" she calmly said, making the six warriors look at her, some in confusion and the rest in worry.

And with that said, the tiger turned around and walked out of the room.

"What's her problem? She's giving us the silent treatment or something?" Po asked, puzzled at her behavior lately. Tigress had refused to speak to Po since he turned back to normal; even when he spoke to her she just turned around or left and pretended she didn't hear him at all.

There was a moment of silence from the five warriors in the room with Po.

"Why is she acting like she hates me?" he muttered, his short black ears flattening slightly, but then the large panda gasped in worry, eyes wide in bafflement, "Was I THAT bad as a cub?"

"No Po, she's just-" Viper sighed, somewhat understanding the tiger, "Just leave her alone for now, I'll go talk to her." the snake said and slid off her chair, slithering over to where Tigress left to.

Shifu gave a small grunt, not making eye contact with anyone as he continued to calmly sip at his noodle soup.

Po eyed him suspiciously, "Hey, you know what's wrong with Tigress, don't you Master Shifu?" he said and the red panda finally looked up at him, "You DO know! Tell me, what did I do? Why is she so mad at me?" Po added, his green eyes looking at Shifu with worry and eagerness to know.

"She is not mad at you, however, it is not my place to say why she's acting like she does" The red panda stated and stood as well, "I shall go meditate now, if you need me I'll be inside the palace" and with that said, he left, leaving Po more confused than ever, "Okay guys, seriously… what?"

"I don't know" Monkey shrugged, none of the guys understood.

How could they understand?

Viper had followed Tigress and spotted her sitting under the peach tree, staring off into the mountains.

"Tigress" Viper started, placing herself next to her friend, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine" Tigress snapped, eyes narrowed, she had an irritated, almost bored look on her face, but Viper could see a lingering sadness swirling in her eyes.

"You didn't want Po to change back… did you?"

That question caught the tiger master off guard and her eyes widened for a sec, however, she quickly caught herself, turning to Viper with a glare, "I don't know what you're talking about; it's obvious he would have changed back, I expected it after all. Besides, why would I want him to stay as a baby? He was annoying as a cub" Tigress deadpanned, her stare would have made anyone cringe, but Viper knew better.

"You can't fool me Tigress; I know you loved taking care of him." The snake replied, noticing her friend tense up with each word, "He made you feel important."

"…" Tigress remained silent, the blank façade returning to her face as she stared ahead.

The snake mistress sighed, her body uncoiling from her 'sitting' position, "You know Tigress, there could always be a possibility for him to gain his memory again."

"Oh yeah? And how do you know?" The tiger asked flatly, her tail flicking in annoyance.

"I don't know…" the snake replied unsurely, she didn't want to get Tigress's hopes up too high, "but it could be possible, I mean, that spell could have changed his body, but I don't think it changed his mind or way of thinking."

Tigress gave a grunt, "Don't be stupid, it's impossible, Po said he doesn't remember anything… so no memory will come back. Besides, even if it did, what difference would it make?"

Viper frowned, "That depends on you Tigress, but you can't keep ignoring Po like this, he's getting upset; you are his best friend after all."

"…just go away" Tigress growled and grabbed a rock from the ground, crushing it in her palm to try and calm her nerves.

The snake nodded, "Alright Tigress, I'll leave you to think" was all she said before slithering away.

The warriors were fixing up the last damages. Po was handing the nails to Monkey, whom was fixing up the roof of the jade palace.

Po glanced at Tigress, whom was silently picking up some heavy equipment lodged into the roof from the battle, dropping them down to the ground below to get rid of them later.

It's been almost a week and he was getting frustrated with Tigress ignoring him.

"Hey Tigress" he cleared his throat and shifted nervously, placing the bucket of nails down, he went over to her, while she was walking back and forth, picking up and throwing down the last of the dislodged planks.

She ignored him, acting as if he was not there at all.

The panda frowned; "Um, I know you seem awfully grumpy lately, and I don't really want to bother you much and all" he started, scratching the back of his head "but why aren't you talking to me? I mean, even as I cub, I don't think I did anything wrong… right?" he said, his eyes shifting.

Tigress said nothing, ripping off a loose wooden board rather aggressively, making Po flinch… wow, her aura was scary… her body language pretty much hinted that she wanted to beat the crap out of him, but that was far from it, however, Po didn't know that, he had no idea what was wrong with her.

"Hey Po, I need some more nails!" Monkey shouted from the edge of the roof and Po turned to him for a moment, "Yeah, wait for a sec, I'm talking to-" he turned to look at the tiger in front of him… but she was gone.

He spotted her jumping off the roof down to the ground, walking away quickly.

"…Tigress." he finished his sentence in a mutter, his ears drooping and his expression saddening… he really didn't like the silent treatment she was giving him. He felt like she didn't like him anymore and that she wanted to cut off their friendship.

The chubby panda gave a defeated sigh and went over to Monkey, handing him the bucket of nails, "here…" he muttered.

Monkey frowned at the scene that had taken place, he looked down at Po whom had chosen to speak just then, "Monkey, do you know what's wrong with Tigress?"

The monkey sighed, shaking his head, "I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with your amnesia" he said, talking more to himself than Po.

The panda looked at him in confusion, "Amnesia?"

"Yeah, you don't remember the time you spent with her, and I guess it upsets her…" he said, shrugging.

Po frowned, thinking for a moment… so she's upset because he can't remember?

Well then, he had to remember. He wanted to remember. If it were to make Tigress talk to him again, he'd achieve it no matter what!

Po shut his eyes tight, trying to recall anything as a cub…

After a few moments, the panda opened his eyes and his frown deepened… Nothing.

If he can't remember… then that means that Tigress won't talk to him anymore?

Monkey noticed his friend's sad expression, "Why don't you go talk to her about it? Maybe you could then sort things out."

The panda's head perked up, "Yeah! You know what, I will! Upset or not, I'll get her to talk to me! She could tell me what happened and then I might remember!" Po puffed out his chest and went to the edge of the roof, climbing down, determined to go and speak to Tigress.

"Hey wait! I didn't say NOW! We're not finished with the roof! I need the nails! PO!" Monkey yelled as the panda ran towards the direction where the tiger had gone.

It was sunset; Shifu had left the palace, deciding to go take a stroll.

The old red panda's walking stick clicked on the rock as he walked through the empty area, he closed his eyes, sighing in content as the breeze tickled his face.

However, his eyes opened when a quiet thud was heard behind him.

Yellow eyes glowed in the darkening forest.

Without turning around, Shifu knew who it was.

"Hello, Tai Lung."

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