Peter came into her room through the window as usual. He sprinkled her with fairy dust and took her away into the night. They arrived at the fairy forest and began to dance. Wendy was so happy to feel Peter so close to her. He didn't usually allow her to caress him in such a manner, it made him feel vulnerable. The moonlight made his skin glow. His blond hair and green eyes looked dazzling and it made her heart skip a beat. Everything was so perfect, too perfect. That is why the words Peter spoke came as no surprise.

"Wendy, it's only make believe."

The sting caused by unshed tears forced her eyes opened and she was back in her room. Back in her sad and cruel reality, where she knew that her dreams could never become real. It was not because Peter didn't love her; on the contrary, he loved her as much as she loved him. He always kept his feelings to himself, but from time to time he would show her a glimpse of his love for her. She knew he would sacrifice himself for her in blink of an eye, but she would never allow it.

As the tears threatened to spill over, Peter appeared in her window, and this time it was no dream. She went over to him and he began saying the words that she never thought he would have the courage to say.

"Forget them Wendy, forget them all. Come with me…"

His words where drowned out by Hook's, she remembered the agreement they had made. The only way he would allow Peter to live was in complete misery.

"Make him believe you don't love him. Hurt him, hurt him to save him."

She knew it was a cruel punishment, but anything was better than knowing he was dead. He would eventually forget her and continue to live as happy as before they met. Or so she thought.

"Come with me, and away we go."

Wendy's emotions were about to betray her. What she wanted most was to say yes to Peter and go with him to the ends of the earth. Alas, she knew it was not meant to be. It was time to save his life even if it would break his soul.

"No, you're just a boy…"

The pain in his eyes was unbearable for her. She had no choice but to turn away from him before he saw through her deceit.

"You must leave at once."

"If you wish it."

As soon as he left, her legs gave out. She fell to the floor and began to weep incessantly. Night came and she saw how streaks of moonlight were reflected on a silver object. When she finally had enough strength to stand she went outside and was surprised by Hook and his men. Suddenly Peter appeared with the Lost Boys and chaos took over.