Harry styles love story-mystery girl.


about me

hey my names Sophie im 14 I have long blonde hair bluish greenish eyes im 5ft 5 im slim but I still have quiet big boobs and a bum im nick names Barbie because of my blonde hair and my body lol im still in school but was very mature for my age and looked much older, im a bubbly girl always up for a laugh and i never stop smiling im a bit of a flirt but im NOT a slut far from it, im just young and having fun anyway im just an ordinary girl i live in Essex just outside London I've always been one of the popular kids in school, i know im not ugly but i know im not beautiful im just pretty without sounding big headed at all haha.

my best mate

My best friends called Scarlett shes so lovely shes got long brown hair shes 5ft 6 shes 14 as well we've been best mates for years we are proper girly girls we loving getting our hair and nails done, we don't look our age at all. Scarlett's VERY slim and has lovely brown eyes and long eye lashes shes got tanned skin(very lucky) we did everything together shes more like a sister than a best friend I told her everything there's nothing she didn't know about you

i love one direction not weirdo obsessive but i loved there music i think all of them are hot but i extremely like Harry Styles it's just them curls they get me every time and that cheeky smile with them adorable dimples and them gorgeous green eyes...