Part 31-don't mess with me

The next day me and harry met everyone at breakfast

"Oh see the love birds are okay now"niall said I poked my tongue out him he giggled

"Huh what ! What happened"liam said not knowing about last night

"Oh we just had a argument"I said looking at the floor

"Well at least your okay now cause you to not together would be strange"danielle said and smiled at me I smiled back then I saw zayn and scar giggling at eachother

"What's so funny?"Louis asked confused

"Well...sophie and harry was having a 'talk' in my hotel room and 10 minutes after me and scar walked out of the room we heard no talking so we went to go check on them and well..."Zayn said laughing I was hiding my face into harrys chest embarrassed knowing what he was going to say,scar finished off the sentence by saying

"Well they was having a full make out session harrys hands all over her and harry ontop of sophie with her legs round him kissing and groaning then when they was about to leave sophie tried getting harry off the sofa but he wouldn't stand up cause well he had a boner"everyone laughed even me and harry giggled with embarrassment

"Scar your meant to be my bffl you can't be telling the world these things"I said giggling

"It was zayns thought he made me say it"scar said innocently zayn looked at herr shocked

"Noo so not true"zayn said tickling scar she was laughing then liam said

"Come on future love birds let's go" zayn and scar got embarrassed and just stood up and smiled

"And you too boner boy"louis said to harry I laughed his face went red with embarrassment

"Awww baby boy"I said in a baby voice giving him a kiss on the cheek he smiled and held my hand as we walked out

"Hmmm so what's on the agenda today"eleanor said

"Well I think we should go shopping you girls need to get an outfit for kids choice awards"liam said all us girls looked at each other confused

"I didn't know we was invited"danielle said

"Of course you are, now let's shop!"Liam said hugging danielle I smiled and we walked to the millions of fashionable la shops every designer and high st shop you could think of we slit up into groups to look for outfits liam and danielle went together louis and eleanor and me harry scar zayn and niall all went together we was looking in loads of shops everything was so lovely I tried on loads of stuff I tried this really pretty pink dress on I came out of the changing room where niall harry zayn and scar was all waiting to see what it looked like

"So what do you think"I said spinning around "so pretty"zayn said

"Looks great"niall said

"Your figure looks soo hot"scar said

"Wooow,your beautiful"harry said

"You've said that about everyone I've tried on"I said giggling

"Cause you look amazing in everything"zayn said harry gave him a 'hey that's my girl' look and I smile

"Well if you want babe we can keep looking and if you want it we'll come back"harry said kissing my head I nodded and smiled and ran into the changing room

"I can help you get undress"harry said I laughed

"I think I can do it by myself thank you very much haha"I said I got changed and we carried on looking I got a few stuff from the shops like shoes bag and tops and stuff but not a dress yet we was walking along when we walked past a shop with the most beautiful but simple skirt and top in it me and scar froze and looked at it luckily scar already got her outfit so this could be mine

"Its amazing"I said mesmerised

"Its beautiful"scar said also mesmerised

"Haha, harry I think she's found her outfit"niall said laughing at me and scar I gave him a cheesy smile

"Wait I have to try it on first to see if it will look nice on me"I said walking into the shop

"Of course it will look nice on you"scar said I blushed and tried on the outfit it was a cute short skater styled skirt with diamonds in every pleat with a cute fun top with fun chunky heels it looked amazing on

"I think this is the outfit"I said walking out

"Omg YES!"Everyone said at the same time I smiled

"Yayyy found my outfit"I said jumping up and down almost falling in my heels everyone laughed I got changed into my clothes and went to pay as I did harry stopped me

"I'll buy it for you"he said

"No harry I'll pay,I've got the money"I said

"Yeah so have I"harry said handing the women money

"No harry you didn't have to"I said hugging his middle

"No but I wanted to"he said kissing the top of head we carried on looking in the shops and we was walking into hollister it was huge and there was so many hot guys working in there and men outside with there tops off taking photos there bodies was amazing

"Omg this is heaven"me and scar said smiling at the men harry looked at me held me tighter

"We are going to look at the womens you can come or you can go to mens if you want"I said

"Naa we'll come,or we might not be able to find eachother its dark and huge in here"harry said I smiled and we walked over to womens I picked up a cute bikini but I couldn't see my size of the side I went over to a really hot worker

"Hey sorry but do you have these bottoms in a medium and the bra in a 34D"I said smiling

"I'll get someone to check for you, what was that 34D"he said I smiled and nodded he spoke to a girl to look and came back over to me

"So are you from england, your accent is adorable"he said I blushed

"Hehe yeah thanks I love yours"I said friendly

"Haha,thank you look first time I've spoken to you and I already know your bra size"he said flirting I looked surprised

"Haha, lucky you"I said joking

"Well maybe I could take you out on a date and get to see what's hiding in that bra up close and personal"he said and winked getting closer to me,I tried to step back but a table was behind me I was surprised at how full on he was just as I was about to tell him I had a boyfriend harry came over

"Sorry but what is this about you wanting to know my GIRLFRIENDS boobs up close and personal"harry said pulling me away from him

"Chill dude I didn't know she had a boyfriend!"The boy said giving harry a dirty look I just stood there

"Well she does so back off!"Harry said pissed off

"Hmm well hey big booed blonde if your ever about town and you've dumbed this mug then call me cause I'd really like to see what's in that bra"he said arrogant handing me a bit of paper

"WTF!"Harry said angry then niall and zayn came over holding harry back from punching him

"Haha, so call me yeah"he said walked off smug harry went to hit him again but got stop by the boys

"Hey wait"I said grabbing his arm turning him around to face me he looked down at me harry gave me a confused upset look from behind

"I new you'd want me"the guy said smug I smiled

"Yeah"I said then slapped him round the face

"That's for having no respect for me"I said then slapped him again

"That's for calling me a big booed blonde"I said and slapped him one last hard time and said

"And that's for calling my BOYFRIEND a mug when his a million times better than you,you stupid idiot don't you ever talk to me again or bad mouth my boyfriend and you can take your stupid number and stick it right where the sun don't shine you pig!"I yelled at him everyone in the shop was looking at us harry scar niall and zayn all stood there in shock I carried on shouting at him and punching his chest until niall came behind me and picked me and said

"Woo okay now soph everyones looking!"He said carrying me away and covering my mouth I was still shouting even though his hand was over my mouth so it came out like mumbles we all walked out of holister with niall holding me we ran down the little side street everyone was laughing apart from me niall put me down

"Omg soph I can't believe you did that"zayn said laughing

"Soph I'm so glad your my best friend I love you"scar said laughing harder

"What no one bad mouths me or my boyfriend"I said keeping a straight face

"Soph you nuts"niall said laughing his famous laugh harry picked me up

"Sophie, your amazing haha you got me worried at first then you slapped him that was hilarious his face was so shocked! I didn't know you had it in you haha, you look like an angle but have the slap of a devil!"Harry said kissing me

"What he called you a mug, do you really think I'd let him get away with it no no no!"I said looking into harrys eyes he smiled big so did I

"I love you soph you know that, your my little wild princess"harry said I smiled and he kissed me

"I know you love me, everyone does"I said winking kissing harrys lips in between each word

"Yeah apart from that guys face! Woo his gonna be saw in the morning"niall said we all laughed and went to meet everyone else we told them what happened and everyone laughed and was saying go sophie

"Wait harry what if someone got a photo and it will be in the magazines tomorrow"I said look at harry giggling

"Well I say YOLO, show them your a girl not to be messed with"harry said I laughed

"YOLO"I said and smiled he hugged me

"Can we get something to eat!"Niall said

"Leggo"zayn said walking over to the McDonald's we all sat down and had our food and went back to the hotel to have a relaxing night in after all the drama everyone come over to mine harry and scars room to watch a movie I feel asleep on harry after everyone left harry picked me up and put me in bed I woke up a little and harry got in bed next to me he was laying there looking at me I opened my eyes looked at him starring at me he smiled I smiled back

"Harry,I want cuddles"I said yawning he smiled bigger and hugged me I rested my head on his chest

"Your so adorable soph"harry said kissing the top of my head I smiled and kissed him

"Night babe"harry said looking me in the eyes

"Night styles"I said hugging him again