Shadow-unknown age








"Sonic!" I screamed.

Sonic stopped and turned to me, "Not now Amy, I got to deal with Eggman!" he said to me, "See you later."

"Oh, but I have to tell you something very important."

"Later Amy," and with that he turned and left me.

I walked home with my head down. 'I just wanted to tell him I'm...pregnant.'

When I got home I sat down at my desk and looked at myself through the mirror. I had changed through the years. I had grown my quills longer and I don't wear my old dress and more. Instead I wore light pink skinny jean, a green tank top, and black boots. Also, Sonic and I have been dating for the last five years. As I was brushing my hair, Blaze called.


"Amy, its Blaze."


"I got to talk to you."

"Ok, why don't you come over?"

"K, see you in a few."


"Bye," and with that she hanged up.

After five minutes, I sat on my couch waiting for Blaze. There was a knock on my door. I got up and walked slowly over to it. There stood Blaze with a grin on her face.


I was smiling as I knocked on Amy's door, but when Amy opens her door, she had a frown and my smile turned upside down.

"Amy what's wrong?" I asked.

"Come in, I'll tell you."

I nodded and walked in as she closed the door. We both sat down on the couch. I stayed quiet until Amy spoke up.

"I'm...I'm pregnant."

I was shocked. My jaw dropped to the floor. "W-w-w-w-what?"

Amy then burst into tears. I tried to claim her down, before Sonic came back, but was unsuccessful. A sonic boom was heard outside.


Now of course I wasn't trying to be mean earlier, but when I opened the door I heard crying. 'Amy!' I hurried to the living room where I heard crying. As I entered the living room, I saw Blaze.

"Blaze what did, you do to Amy?" I asked.

"Me, I didn't do anything!" She shouted as she rubbed Amy's back.

Then Amy spoke, "She didn't, I wanted some girl time and we were watching a very sad movie."

Blaze looked at me and smiled. I grumble something and went to mine and Amy's bedroom. I lay on the bed, wondering about what's wrong with Amy. Soon I fell asleep.


Man, I thought that Sonic would never leave. After a while I did stop crying and we decided to go shopping. Blaze wanted to know more about how I got pregnant. Anyway I left a note for Sonic and went with Blaze. On our way we went to Cream's and called Rouge to meet us there.


Ok, I was excited when Amy and Blaze invited me to go to the mall with them. We left my house in Amy's car and left to the mall.

"Amy, tell me why are you that stupid?" Blaze asked.

"...I tell at the cafe when Rouge is there." Amy replied as she parked in the parking lot next to Rouge's car.

Rouge stood there and was waiting impatiently. I stepped out of the car and ran over to Rouge. "Hey Rouge how are, you, and Shadow so far?"

"Oh him...his cool...but I'm cheating on him with Knuckles. I love them both."

"Then we have two problems and one happy thought today and maybe more to come." Blaze said.

"Let go get something to eat I'm hungry," Amy said walking to the cafe.

I ran after them.


Once we got to the cafe, I order pizza, a hamburger and fries, ice cream, and water. Rouge ordered a salad and water, Cream ordered a mint ice cream, and Blaze ordered a chocolate milk shake and salad. We sat down and began to eat.

"Amy," Rouge said, "Why are you eating that much?"

"I'm pregnant."

"You are?" cream said.


"Have you told Sonic?" Rouge asked.

"No...I tried, but I'm too nervous."

"You have to tell him." Blaze said, slurping her shake.

"No it's going to be our secret, no one tells."

"But" Cream said, but I interrupted her.

"No Buts about it."

We all agreed and went shopping.