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Normal P.O.V: 2 Years Later…

Blaze and Silver had been trying for years to have a child of their own, but were unsuccessful. Until two weeks ago, when Blaze started to feel sick and craved unusual thing, so she and Silver decided to go to the store and get a pregnancy test. When she got home, she took it and found, to her surprise, it was positive. Silver was happy about this, but still had refused to them getting married, by saying "it isn't the right time."

Knuckles and Rouge got married two years ago and could never be happier. Rouge gave birth to her two year old son, Sam, a month after Amy, but her labor experience was different because Knuckles was there. Sam is all red with white streaks through his quills, he has his mother's sapphire eyes and wings and one white bat ear and one red bat ear.

Shadow and Maria got married a year after Rouge and Knuckle. Shadow even smiles more after he got married, and the gang are just happy he isn't scary all the time anymore.

Tails and Cream are still on the no sex until their married deal. Cream may not be hurting anymore, but still she think their young. Tails told her he also wouldn't pressure her into it either. Sweet boy….and no they aren't married, just picture a sixteen and seventeen year old getting married, funny. Not that I'm saying they can't….

Amy and Sonic are staying strong. Parenthood for them is tough, but when the going gets tough, you get going. Sunny and Zack are two years old now. They have already discovered their powers. Sunny can run super-fast and Zack can also run super-fast, but he also has a hammer. If you're wondering the day the family found out about the hammer was a surprising moment in time and let leave it at that until another time.

Knuckles, Sonic, Rouge, and Amy sat in Knuckles and Rouge house watching the three toddlers racing cars. Sunny was coming out champion every time which was making the boy very angry at her, she would just giggle and race them again.

Knuckles sat on the couch with his arm wrapped around Rouge as Sonic and Amy stood there watching their twins. Knuckles kissed Rouge's cheek before looking over at the other parents, who were obviously interested in their children. This made Knuckles chuckle.

Rouge was glad she and Knuckles remodeled the cottage, it made it safer for her son and she didn't want him to be her. She was what most people call over protective, but some people understood why she was this way. She wanted her son not to have the life she or Knuckles had as children. Danger at every corner, they were expected to grow up faster for the responsibilities they had, and no parents…

The reason the Hedgehog family was here at this time in Rouge and Knuckles house was because they needed a babysitter and who could do it better was Knuckles and Rouge. They of course was not the first choice nor the last, but Amy didn't want to disrupt Blaze and her moods…and Tails and Cream had a date tonight, and Shadow and Maria were their last choices for Babysitters. Amy claimed that he swore too much and the smile scared her, don't get her wrong she was glad he was happy, but that smile.

Sonic kneelt down to his twins and smiled at them. Sonic was still getting used to getting called daddy, but he enjoyed it at the same time, "Can you guys give Daddy a hug?" He asked.

Zack looked at him and tilted his little blue head, "Why?"

Sonic chuckled as a smile spread across his face, "Because Mommy and Daddy are leaving."

Zack crossed his arms and moved slowly away, "Then no! If me no hug you, you no leave!" He complained.

Sonic chuckled and grabbed his children up in his arms. They tried to struggle away from being hugged, so that their parents won't leave.

Sunny screamed, "Let me and him gooooo!"

" No hug! Take me and her with Daddy and Mommy," complained Zack.

Sonic in the end, over powered them and got the hug he wanted. He let them go of them and ruffled their quills before getting up. Amy then kneelt down and smoothed back out their quills and kissed their foreheads. She stood up and took Sonic's hand; she looked over at the couple on the couch, "Thank you for watching our children," she said happily.

Rouge waved her hand in the air, "No problem hun, have fun."

"No Mommy, Daddy leave! " Cried Sunny and Zack.

They were about to run towards their parents, but Knuckles scooped them up in his arms and watched Sonic and Amy leave. Outside Amy and Sonic hear two loud cries from in the house. Amy wanted to go back a take care of her children, but Sonic told her no. He then scooped her up and ran to a Fancy Italian Restaurant.

A waitress, once they got there, took their orders and left giving them sometime to talk, "Ames, do you enjoy yourself so far? "

"Oh yes, it's a nice place here."

Sonic nodded, happy that she enjoyed herself so far, "That's good to hear."

Sonic reached across the table and held her hand, while giving her a reassuring smile. He was excited about tonight date and he didn't want to forget it. The waitress came to their table soon, while holding a tray, "Amy here is your spaghetti meatballs and Sonic, and surprisingly we have chilly dogs. Isn't weird that an Italian Restaurant has chilly dogs? "

They thanked her for it and started to eat, but the waitress still stood there staring at them, "I'm sorry to bug you, but can I have your autograph?" she asked hopeful.

"No, can you go away? You're ruining an important part for my future," Sonic said getting irritated by the fan-girl.

"Oh, well I'm sorry," She said and paused for a moment, "so how is the twins?"

"None-"Amy interrupted him.

"Their doing fine, can you please go away?"

The waitress nodded and walked away with her head down. Amy and Sonic then started to eat their food in silence. After they finished, the waitress came back and smiled at them before sitting in the booth with Amy.

"Can I have your guy's autographs now?" asked the impatient waitress.

"Didn't I-"Amy again interrupted him.

"Fine if you get our bill in the end."

The waitress smiled and took out a pen and notebook, then handed it to Amy. Amy signed it before giving it to Sonic, who grumpily signed it as well. The waitress squeaked and hurried back off again to get the bill. Amy excused herself to the bathroom, which left Sonic to wait alone for the fan-girl waitress. Soon enough the waitress came back with the bill and sat in the booth Sonic was sitting in. She handed it to him and as she waited felt Sonic's arm. It made him feel uncomfortable, but he did his best to ignore it.

"Sonic your arms are so strong…." said, the flirty waitress.

"Excuse me?" asked, Amy.

The waitress, stop feeling Sonic's arm and climbed out of the booth. Amy grabbed Sonic's arm and pulled him out of the place.

"We're never going there again," Amy grumble.

Sonic laughed before scooping her up in his arms and running her to the park. He sat her down on the bench and sat beside her.

"The stars…..their beautiful."

"I bet you, I can find the big and little dipper!" shouted a playful Sonic.

"Everyone can find those, their easy to find, big shot."

He grinned at her, "Yeah, you're right."

Amy giggled at him before going back to silence and staring back at the sky. Sonic watched her as her eyes twinkled like little stars. 'Better do it now,' Sonic thought.


"Mm?" She looked over at him before looking back at the stars.

"Well ever since day one. When we met on Little Planet…." Sonic started.

Amy turned her full attention to him now.

"You stuck by me even when I pushed you away and hurt you….."

"Sonic, don't start that," She blushed in embarrassment and looked away from him.

Sonic gently grabbed her chin and turned her head to face him, "What I'm trying to say is I want to be with you and the kids forever and always even after death…"

Sonic got off the bench and kneeled to the ground. He pulled out a black velvet box and opened it revealing a diamond ring. Amy gasped lightly, for she had never thought this day would come, "Amy Rose, will you do me the honors of marring me? "

Amy put her hand to her chest, she was speechless. Sonic held a hopeful look in his eyes. He knew that this had not been the best date ever, but he knew they would never forget it.


Amy: Yippy, Sonic and I are getting married!

Blaze: Stop that racket! I have a headache...

Rouge: Oh please.

Blaze: What was that?

Rouge: Nothing dear, nothing...

Amy: Guys we shouldn't be fighting. It's the last chapter.

Blaze: I know...Is so sad...

Blaze startes to cry.

Rouge: Amy how much do you want to be its the pregnancy talking?

Me: Guys no betting in here!

Rouge: Awe...

Amy: Come on Blaze don't cry our I'll start to cry.

Blaze continues crying and Amy starts up too.

Rouge: Crybabies...Anyway please review!