So it's been a while since I posted something for SRMTHFG! and I thought that a change would be nice so I am challenging myself with an AU fic based with Antauri and Chiro.

Just to say for this chapter that you need to imagine Antauri speaking it to you, ok?

Between the bushes, thickets, flowers and trees the space between each was filled with the violent howls and echoing whispers carried through the wind, if you listen enough they could tell you lies, fill you with worry or a sense of calm or maybe even a snippet of what is yet to come in life but only for a second before the moment passes you completly and you ae left with your own thoughts again. The wind blows like whisps' of smoke being dispersed as it comes into contact with the air, making soft waves that rival that of free-flowing brushstrokes.

If only someone had gone out in the awful weather nature had graced upon the land that night they might have heard something, anything that would have alerted people to the trouble yet to come.

The small man-made town was dimly lit in the early hours of the morning as the crisp, vibrant colours of orange and red threatened the wash of navy ink to retreat from the night sky and force the starlight back into hibernation as the people remained in the shelter of their homes, the warmth of the log fires protecting them from the ongoing winter chill as they awaited the sun to supress the harsh wind.

A single road leads from the town to a vast open field, a fresh green when bathed in the sun's rays but a soft white as what is left of the moon's glow bathes the grass in it's light, reflecting off the small start of dew that appears on the tips. The cobbles lead up to a large foundation of a brick fortress which on one side a thick strand of dark green ivy crawls it's way up the sides of the cold, grey bricks of the castle walls, the stalk coiling itself inwards to find shelter in the muliple cracks in the mortar.

Follwing the series of free-flowing flicks and spirals up the wall it is seen to infiltrate the castle through the small window which remains a secret for those that dwell on the earthy ground.

Through the window can be seen a quaint little room adorned with various ornaments and decorated with free-flowing masses of materials' in a brown, gold and red colour scheme, creating a homely atmosphere with the assistance of the small flickers of light anmd heat emitting from the candles on the vanity in the corner, illuminating the perfume bottles. The fabrics' stream across the walls before eventually finding themselves binded to the sturdy poles of the King-sized bed with matching beige and cream bed sheets which at that particular moment are strewn and clenched in a tight embrace as long slender fingers hold onto them in hope that they would take the pain away.

The slender fingers' belong to that of a young woman in her early twenties in a simple lavender nightgown which from the bottom becomes spoilt with dark patches of blood from her lower region. She does not care of her nightgown being ruined, nor that of her sheets. She can't think, she just howls repeatedly in pain as the contractions become more frequent, the strands of black hair using the sweat on her brow as a bonding agent to her body as she arches up in one last push before her voice is replaced by a smaller yet louder one.

In that moment the night goes back to being quiet for it's last few moments in the world before the sun would dominate the earth once again.


King Clayton bounded down the halls in glee, stepping clumsily into every servant that crossed his path to tell them personally of the news, knocking over various carts of food and baskets' of laundry in the process.

Needless to say he was hard to keep up with, I puttered behind him as fast as my legs carry me across the floor, ollowing the mess of items and confused looks on the faces of the people that dwell in the castle before finally sitting at his feet looking up to him when I finally caught up. I was picked up and swung around from the pits of my arms before being pulled up to eye level with my master.

"It's a boy Antauri!"

His cries of happiness could be heard from miles for certain and as I was placed to the floor once again I found myself chasing after the King once again as he made his way up the spiral staircase taking two steps at a time hoping it would make him reach his Queen faster.

I remember the look on his face. How confused he must have been and how fragile he was.

The boy looked up with pools of ice blue into my olive eyes in curiosty, making soft noises as he opened and closed his tiny mouth. His eyes darted around in distration before focusing on the tip of my tail which I swished lightly for the babe's amusement before he decided to grasp at it with his tiny hands, gurgling softly.

"Hello Prince Chiro."

This is just a taster chapter so it is a bit short but let me know what you think yeah?