Macross 7 fanfic - "Protoculture Kiss"

This is set in one of the encore OAVs where Max and Miria kiss. I wanted more so I just embellished the scene a little.

Disclaimer - I do not own Macross 7 and make no money from this.

Chlore states imperiously, "That woman down there is no longer the ace Miria, just plain old Miria Farina."

Miria counters, "No, I am Miria Farina Jenius. The wife of this man, Maximilian Jenius." She motions toward her husband with her arm.

Tranquil is confused by the term Miria uses in regards to herself. "Wife? What is wife?" she asks, having no such concept in their culture or language.

"We have a mutual understanding, and are married," Max answersm trying to give a short but accurate answer.

"That's right," Miria confirms, "And we also have children."

Chlore is becoming more perturbed as the discussion continues, "Married? Children?"

"Created not by genetic engineering, but in the way nature intended." Miria wants to educate her former companions, not just to hopefully avoid a war but for them to learn how wonderful it can be, being with a man in this way

Chlore is not convinced, "Nonsense."

Miria sighs, "I guess it can't be helped. There's something I'd like to show you."

Miria and Max jump out of their Valkyries and walk toward each other. They stop just short of the other, making sure they have the others' rapt attention.

"Max, let's get one thing straight. This is just to prevent another pointless battle, not because I want to. Just so you don't misunderstand." She could practically feel herself blushing. She was blustering and he probably knew it, but she felt like she had to keep some semblance of pride.

Max shrugs. His wife always had to get in the last word, but he could tell they were empty. They had been living apart for about 6 months now because they felt they had needed some time apart, but he was getting the feeling that that separation was about to come to an end. Max decided the best was to convey his feelings was through this kiss since he wouldn't easily get another chance to do so.

"I know," he merely agreed, pacifying her.

Miria closes her eyes and tilts her head up toward Max, outwardly calm. Even though she told him that she didn't want to do this, secretly she was giddy as a school girl. It'd been a while since they'd been intimate or even kissed. They barely had the time to be civil, much less spend any time together. Seeing him in his pilot's outfit had taken her back to when they first fell in love and she found herself getting warm. Max leans close to her as well, a serious expression in his eyes.

Chlore seems confused as to what they will do, "What the...? What're you going to do?"

Their lips brush gently at first, then they part their lips for an open-mouthed kiss. They stand there like that with their hands at their sides while the Zentraedi look on confused and agitated. Both of them are relishing the contact, breathing in each other's scent, and feeling the warmth from the other's skin. Max wraps his left arm around Miria's shoulder, then pulls her closer, wanting her to feel it more; tilting his head and deepening the kiss. Miria opens her eyes in surprise, but gives in to the sensation and places her arms around her husband's waist. Max slips his tongue into her mouth and while she is surprised, she quickly forgets where they are and reciprocates in kind. The Zentraedi continue to become agitated as the kiss goes on. It is broken when Chlore can't take it anymore and fires her weapon.

Miria covers her shock quickly. "You saw it right? That's one of the aspects of love in Protoculture, a kiss."