Garret:"Hey, D.C., I was just thinking..." D.C.:"What?" Garret:"Matt fights pretty well for someone who was legally declared dead last month!" D.C.:"Yeah, you got that right. What caused all this 'Omega' nonsense anyway?" Matt explained to his friends that after his family's home was destroyed, he came to this dimension to sort things out. Eventually, several of their old enemies came back for revenge, all of which were soundly defeated. But, Matt wanted to give Giga Bowser a chance to live, which came back to bite him in the ass; Giga Bowser had used the Sacred Jewel to transform into Omega Bowser and continued in his quest for retribution. He'd captured several of his new friends, causing the ensuing battle to take place. Eventually, D.C. and Garret joined the fray, and the rest was self-explanatory.

D.C. started to laugh uncontrollably. Garret:"What the hell's so funny? He was trying to be honorable." D.C.:"What's funny is that he's become a living stereotype! He's big and that was just plain stupid! You of all people should've known that letting Giga Bowser live would come back to haunt you! What a freakin' idiot!" Matt:"Kiss my dragonic ass, you walking chandelier. In any case, what kept you guys? I sent my Super Truck to fetch you guys nearly two hours ago, the fight taking almost half of that!" Garret:"Well, we had to find the place. We used the auto-tracking to get to this dimension, but there wasn't exactly a trail to follow; that, and D.C. was navigating."

Matt:"Ok, that explains it. Heh. Well, the war's over. Things can go back to normal, or at least as normal as things get around here." With that, the three of them returned to their human states. Inuyasha:"Ok, who the hell are these two? How did you not get hurt by that ice attack? And how do you keep using my techniques; that one's been bugging me for a while now!" Matt:"Calm down, Inuyasha. One question at a time. These are the friends that I told you about a long time ago. D.C. and Garret. They are the only two remaining in the group besides me. As to how I dodged the attack, my Dragon's Armor blocks everything that my Dragon's Soul did, so still does rather. It still glows underneath of my armor, which is why it's golden. But, even if it didn't, our group made a wish on something known as the Triforce; the wish made it so that we can't hurt each other with our attacks. The attack simply passed through me without even touching my skin at all, slamming straight into Omega."

Sesshomaru:"What about the Windscar? How do you use that?" Matt:"Inuyasha, you remember how I told you that I was 2/7 demon, and that I told Sota I'd tell him some other time what they were?" Inuyasha:"Well, yeah." Matt:"Well, one of them is a creature called 'Spawn'. He's a creature from the very pits of Hell itself. The other demon whose DNA I share, Inuyasha, is you." Miroku:"Well, that certainly explains a lot." Matt:"But enough about that...did you guys find the Sacred Jewel lying around here?" Kagome:"No, but I can sense it! It's definitely nearby."

D.C.:"You mean this?" D.C. pulled the Tainted Sacred Jewel from his pocket using his telekinesis. D.C.:"I found it on the ground after we sent Omega into that portal. I thought it looked valuable, so I thought I'd take it back and try to sell it." If it would've hurt him, Matt would've dummy-smacked D.C. in the back of the head, but simply told D.C. to give the Jewel to Kagome. The instant that it touched her skin, the Jewel changed from a pitch black to a shining pink color. Inuyasha:"Well, the Jewel's been purified of the evil that was inside of it, but now we need to purify it completely." Sango:"Yes, and in order to do that, we need to make a wish that will be for the betterment of man, rather than its destruction."

Inuyasha:"Well, then I'll just use the Jewel's power to become human." Kagome:"No, Inuyasha. I want to stay with the half-demon I married." Inuyasha:"Alright, Kagome. If that's what you want, then I won't use the Jewel." Koga:"Then, what can you guys use the Jewel for that will be beneficial or unselfish?" Matt:"Maybe you can use the Jewel to give Miroku and Sango the power to travel through the well, like you and Inuyasha can, Kagome." Sango:"Hey, that's a good idea. It's not too selfish, it benefits us, and it's not destructive to others. It's worth a shot." Kagome:"Alright, here goes..."

After shutting her eyes and concentrating a little bit, Kagome made her wish. True to the group's hopes, a white light shined around Miroku and Sango, the wish being deemed unselfish and beneficial by the Sacred Jewel. Following that, the Sacred Jewel glowed an extremely bright pink and levitated into the air. Shortly thereafter, the Jewel released a bright pink flash and disappeared from existence!

Miroku:"I guess that means that our wish was granted, and that the Jewel was completely purified." Sango:"It also means that we can visit each other whenever we want." Kagome:"What do you mean?" Sango:"Well, I kind of figured that you and Inuyasha would go to live in your time. Miroku and I will stay here." Inuyasha:"Well, yeah, I guess that was the plan. So, what are you going to do, Matt? The Sacred Jewel's been purified, Miroku's disease was cured long ago, and that Omega creature was vanquished." Matt:"That's a very tough question to answer. I've grown to like it here a little, and I've been declared deceased in my own world. But, I think that there's a lot of good that I can do still elsewhere. I'm probably going to go back to 'Dimension Hopping' for a little while yet. As for those two, they are going back home."

D.C.:"WHAT? We came all the way here to save your ass, we didn't even get thanked for that yet, and now you're telling us that you're not coming back home? What the #%*, Matt?" Matt:"Ok, I'm sorry. Thanks for helping me out. It's nice to know that you worry about me a lot, D.C.; that means a lot to me as a friend, but it's not like I'm never going to come back. You two of all people should know how hard it is to kill me, right?" The two of them nodded. Matt:"Then, please, I know this sounds crazy coming from me, but leave me be for a while. When I'm ready to come back to Earth, I'll come back. If you need me in the meantime, you guys know where the Super Truck is hidden."

So, although reluctantly, Matt's friends respected his wishes and left Dimension 5 in the Super Truck. A few minutes later, the Truck returned to Matt in the Feudal Era. By then, Rin and Ayame had returned to the rest of the group, since the danger had passed. Ayame:"I see that you're leaving..." Rin:"Will we ever see you gain, Mister?" Matt:"I can't promise as to when, but'll see me again at some point in time. For now, just try to remember me as the person who saved you and reunited you with Sesshomaru, Rin. As for the rest of you, best of wishes. Take care of each other and the ones you love; that is how peace can return and remain in this world."

With that, Matt got into the Super Truck. After he pushed a few keys on the keypad, everyone heard the Truck announce, "Coordinates locked. Dimension 6. Auto-Location-Lock engaged." Matt:"Well, my friends, start your families together with happiness and without worries. If anything should happen that requires supernatural attention, just remember, the Eternal Guardian will return without a second's hesitation. Farewell." As the others gave Matt a final farewell, the Super Trucks engine roared to life, and after traveling for a short distance, disappeared in a flash of light. All that remained for Inuyasha, and the rest of Matt's new friends, was to start their lives over again, under the shroud of peace.

Mission Accomplished!