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Fandom Bones
Pairing Cam/Wendell
Author Devylish
Rating R
Words 456
Warnings Suggestive (sex)
Disclaimer On Profile
A/N Why is there no Bray Saroyan love out there?

"Why do you have to push every button you see?"

He shrugged and smiled sheepishly. "It's one way to learn how things work?"

"Do you think Dr. Brennan would approve of that kind of science?

He looked down at the half dressed Dr. Camille Saroyan who was lying on her back, propped up on her elbows, on his bed. He tilted his head to the side, "I don't think anything that we're about to do is Dr. B's kind of science." He reached for Cam's leg and tugged at the bottom of her skirt, happy when she lifted her bottom off of the mattress to accommodate his attempts to relieve her of the beautiful, fitted, but way-to-in-the-way article of clothing.

Cam muttered, "I think she got pregnant using some of this same science ."

He paused in undressing her at the word 'pregnant'. He and Cam had been doing... whatever it was they were doing... for the last six months, and they'd basically been safe – using condoms... most of the time.

… but there had been a few instances.

Like last night...

And while he definitely wouldn't mind creating a mini-Cam, he didn't think Cam really wanted a mini-him.

He responded lightly to her statement, "I've always kind of given Booth credit for that pregnancy."

"Brute force over scientific method?" Cam ran her hand up his forearm as he gripped the top edge of her panties.

"You're kinda throwing me off my game here, talking about the Doc and Booth's sex life right now."

Cam grinned and obligingly lifted her hips and allowing him to slip the black lace down her legs. "Anything I can do to... help you focus?"

Wendell stripped off his shirt and pulled off his boxer briefs in six seconds flat.

As Cam let her eyes take in his naked form, she added, "Hmmm, seems like you're already ready to play again."

He smiled before diving onto the bed and shifting his frame to on top of hers. Brushing his lips softly along Cam's right nipple he agreed with her observation: "When I see equipment like yours..."

Cam released a soft gasp as his lips touched her nipple again. Then she hit him lightly on the shoulder, "Thank you for the 'equipment' compliment, but, uhm, no more sports or science metaphors, okay?"

Wendell lifted his head and gave a mischievous grin. "Yes ma'am."

His submissive response was fake and Cam knew it; Wendell Bray often questioned her orders. And as he lowered his lips to hers, she fleetingly realized that she was perfectly fine with his taking charge and doing what he wanted to. Especially in the bedroom.