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Luxord sat with Marluxia in the kitchen. They sat in silence after the argument from earlier. They thought about that night. There was something not said to Roxas when he'd called. It was Axel's birthday in an hour. They couldn't deal with the blow he'd be dealt when he turned eighteen. Marluxia didn't know why he stayed, maybe because he couldn't do anything, probably because he thought of Luxord as his best friend. Zexion and Demyx were in bed with Axel; he'd asked if they'd count that as an early gift. Marluxia huffed and sighed. He stretched his arms over his head and Luxord yawned after shuffling a deck of cards. They both jolted when a smoke alarm started.

"What the hell?" Luxord yelled.

"Where would it be coming from if not here?"

They both rushed out and found fire climbing the curtains in the foyer. It dripped down onto the floor and Marluxia ran for water, or even a fire extinguisher.

"Zexion! Demyx! We could use your help!" Luxord called out with cupped hands.

"Luxord's calling for us," Zexion mumbled to Demyx. They were on each side of Axel in his bed.

"I don't want to get up."

Luxord called again. He was closer this time. He actually threw the door open. "There are fires breaking out everywhere around the house! I don't know how it's happening!"

The two rolled off the bed and Axel woke. "What's going on?"

"Fire, Axel. Stay. Here." Demyx was firm in his tone and he followed the two out.

"What is going on over there, Roxas?" Aerith had come up to his room when she saw the first fire.

"I don't know, but I have to go over there."

Aerith grabbed his hand. She looked at him with worried eyes. "Roxas -"

"Aerith, please. I need to go."

She let go of him. "Be careful. Try not to get hurt."

He slid his shoes on and pulled a jacket over his head. "Call for help."

Hayner was drunk. He felt that he needed to get back at the stupid blond and the huge lug. They humiliated him. He couldn't take that. He spent the time since planning. He'd sneak in, keep the held quiet with a distraction; he didn't know until tonight that he'd become an arsonist.

"It's everywhere!" A man's voice. He had an accent.

Did they not have a fire extinguisher?

"Get some more water, Marluxia!" Someone else. His voice was higher.

Hayner was prepared, in his thoughts, for a maiming. He thought it'd work out like a movie featuring gangs from the 1950s. You disgrace me, you're losing something. He had his lighter and a six-inch kitchen knife from his house. He just needed to find them.

The door was open when Roxas arrived. There were charred and flaming curtains in the foyer. Not only the curtains, but the flames spread to the walls and floor. Some windows had even cracked and blown out. Demyx ran in dressed in pajamas and carrying a bucket.

"Roxas!" He almost dropped the bucket in surprise.

"I came when I first saw-" he stopped himself. "What's going on?"

"We don't know. Axel's upstairs. Go make sure he stays there. I'll hug you later." He threw his bucket on a fire.

Roxas ran to the staircase. Zexion ran out of the kitchen with Marluxia and Luxord. They stopped when the saw him. Like Demyx, they almost dropped their buckets. Zexion looked up at him with his one uncovered eye.

"Roxas!" Both Zexion and Luxord yelled. Marluxia stayed quiet.

"Demyx told me to go to Axel. Make sure he's okay. " Roxas looked down on them. The flames cast an orange glow on their faces.

"Go. We'll take care of everything down here," Zexion instructed. "We found a fire extinguisher in the pantry. We'll use the rest of this water, then go to that."

Before Roxas left, he said, "My mom called for help. They'll be here." It was weird for him to call her his mom, but it felt right then.

The upstairs of the manor was dark and quiet. It felt completely different, like he wasn't even in the same house. Was Roxas afraid? Terrified. He trembled as he turned the corner. The door to his room was left open. He'd stop, but...

"Axel?" He whispered.

There was no answer.

"Hello?" Axel wasn't in his bed., but at the door of his balcony. The door was closed, but he heard footsteps and turned. "Who's there?"

"I couldn't find the blond. I'll have to settle with you first."

Axel looked at the boy who'd entered the room. His eyes were wild, he didn't know what he was doing. His hair was matted with sweat. He stumbled a little. The boy was familiar, but Axel didn't remember where from.

"The blond?" Did he mean Roxas?

"You guys..." The boy caught himself on the wall. "I just want to hurt you."

Axel was confused, but he saw the boy draw a kitchen knife. Axel couldn't defend himself with a weapon, but he'd hold out; the boy was clearly drunk, he couldn't do much at all. It was mostly dodging for Axel, but he was still unsure.

"God dammit, hold still!" The boy screeched.

Axel kept moving. He even threw a blanket on him to stay away. He was slow to escape, but he cut through it.

"Stay still!" Hayner yelled as Axel struck him down. The claws tore his shirt. Like Roxas, he'd cut his chest and torso. He was still as Axel held him to the floor with his foot.

"You'll leave or I'll kill you," Axel growled through his fangs, down in Hayner's face.


The small voice in the hall made him stop. But he thought, it's too late for anything to happen, midnight would be here in just minutes. And then he fell with a sharp pain in his foot. He felt like howling in agony, but only his breath caught and he gasped.

"Axel?" Roxas's voice was closer.

"I'll kill you first." Hayner stood and pointed his knife at Axel. Axel saw his blood in the moonlight.

"What are you doing here?" The question was directed to Hayner.

Roxas saw the scene in front of him and his mind went blank. He felt like he'd come too late. Hayner grinned at him and knelt by Axel. He grabbed a fist of Axel's hair and plased the knife at the base of his neck.

"Roxas, just go," Axel grunted. He tried to calm his own nerves so Roxas would stay calm.

"Where do you want it?" Hayner was talking about his knife. He pushed further into Axel's neck. Then he moved the knife to his side.

"Stop it!" Roxas screamed.

"Okay!" Hayner smiled and drove the knife into Axel's side. There was a chime from the clock tower in town. One minute to midnight. Roxas threw himself at Hayner and they rolled through the balcony door.

"You're next!" Hayner straddled Roxas and punched his face.

"I don't understand what you're doing this for!" Roxas screamed in his face and pushed his body off of his. A second chime.

Hayner had trouble standing. He vomited a little over the balcony edge and drew his hand across his mouth. He coughed. The third chime. Hayner tripped and started over the side. Roxas caught him. He looked at Hayner with an almost swollen eye.

"You can't do this!" Hayner yelled, hitting Roxas's hand.

"I'm not going to let you fall!" He didn't care what Hayner'd done. And there went the fourth chime.

"Let. Me. Go."

He'd smacked at Roxas's hand more and he finally let him go as the fifth chime rang out. Hayner tumbled over the side, his face held an expression thinking Roxas would never do it. The fall wasn't long, but he landed with pain. He let go of a deep sigh and gave up. By the sixth chime, Roxas had also vomited.

"Axel?" He asked after regaining a silver of composure.

"Yeah." His breathing was shallow, ragged.

On the seventh chime, Roxas had Axel up and standing. Rain had started outside.

"Come on. We need to get you help."

"No, Roxas. Outside."

Eighth chime.

"Axel, we need to go." Roxas was on the verge of crying. Axel detached from him and limped to the balcony.

"Roxas, I don't care if I changed back or not. I'm just... you came back. Roxas, I want you to know."


"Know what, Axel?"

"Roxas... I'm in love with you." He collapsed and laid in the rain. His breathing was soon drowned out by the rain.

Roxas knew how he felt, but he didn't know how Axel did. Would he say it? He'd have to tell him. Aside from the temper, Axel was perfect. Tears came down like the rain outside. He crawled to Axel and stretched his arms over his side. Axel was quiet as the tenth chime sounded.

"Axel, please stay."

"Roxas, you came back. I heard you didn't think you could. That hurt to hear." His breath caught and he looked down at his stomach. His blood had spread out. He closed his eyes. Eleven chimes now.

"No, no, no, no, no. You can't do this. You have to stay here. With me. I need you. Please." He pounded Axel's chest. "You love me, Axel. And I love you, too." He brushed wet hair from Axel's eyes.

Twelve chimes.

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