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Why Did You Try

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Ice, you pig. Open the door. Hurry up!" I yelled at the bathroom room. He has been in there for about thirty minutes, the shower is not running, and obviously it doesn't take that long to use the damn toilet.

There is no only silence. I lifted up my leg and kicked the door down. I glanced around the bathroom, looked down, and there was Ice. His wrists were bleeding and I rushed towards him. I felt his chest for a heart-beat, there is one, and I used my cell phone to call for help.

"Don't die on me, Ice." I said in a low voice. I grabbed some towels, got them wet, wrapped them around Ice's wrists, and applied pressure. "Open your eyes. Ice, Ice, Ice."

His eyes slowly fluttered open, he looked at me, and he looked dazed. Ice looking dazed rarely ever happens at all.

"Volcano?" He asked me and his eyes looked confused. "Why?"

"Why did you try to end your life, Ice?" I asked him, he looked at me for moment, and his eyes started to close. "Don't close your eyes!"

"I don't know." He told me.

"Don't give me that crap, Ice. There must be a reason why you cut your wrists." I stated firmly and my tempter is starting to get the better of me. It has always been difficult for me to control my temper. Ice closed his eyes, help arrived, and he stayed at the hospital for a few days. While he was at the hospital I started to install two doors in every room of the house.

I will keep a closer eye on him. I do not want to go through again for what if next time he successfully kills himself...

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