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Kitsune of the Dreaming

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Alice looked across the table at her soulmate. Jasper quickly glanced at her, feeling her mood. Alice sighed, glad it was only the two of them at the moment. She said, aloud, "There's been a terrible mistake."

Jasper raised his eyebrows, but said nothing. Alice continued, "Bella isn't really dead, and Edward is going to the Volturi to try to get them to kill him! I have to go get Bella and stop him."

Jasper opened his mouth, to either stop her or insist on coming. Alice interrupted him, afraid he might make sense.

"Jasper, I can't let Edward die. It's all my fault, telling Rose that Bella killed herself. I saw the different outcomes and the safest way to do this is just Bella and I. It'll be alright, I promise."

Alice tried to get everything out before he could protest. Jasper shook his head, however, and waited the few milliseconds it took her to speak. Quietly, he said, "No, it's not your fault. It's what you saw. But, if you feel responsible, I'll come with you. No matter what happens, I want to be there."

Alice stood, while saying "If you come, we both die. Alone, I... I'll be fine." Alice walked towards the door, slightly slower than usual. "I have to go now. Everything will be okay. I promise."

She paused to kiss Jasper, perhaps for the last time. He was caught off guard, as he rose to stop her. Alice looked into his eyes for a few seconds, and saw more confusion and hurt then she'd ever seen there. He didn't know what would happen, and honestly, neither did she. She just saw herself being led down a dark hallway, probably to her death. She couldn't let Edward die because of her and she couldn't lead the most important person in the world to his death. Not Jasper.

"I don't have that much time. I love you." Alice whispered as she left, leaving her soulmate/lover/best friend in the dead of night. Alone. She expected him to follow her or to call after her, but he didn't. She looked back, and saw understanding in his eyes.

He knew she had to go, and he trusted her promises.

Alice left, her eyes stinging from the ghost tears she could no longer cry, her throat burning more than usual.

He trusted her. And she lied to him.