So yeah I'm just going to wrap this up here. I just wanted to finish this up before I leave for Uni. I make reference to a chapter in "Finding The Rogue" so you'll want to read that to understand this chapter. This is a pretty depressing chapter just so you know. Enjoy

Blane stood there in disbelief, frozen in shock. He soon shook it off and instantly hailed a taxi. He got in and headed back to the airport. Blane made his way onto the airfield and got the jet, which was still parked in the strip. Adrian was stood out side, his nose pink and swollen, with a sour expression on his face. As Blane got closer Adrian opened his mouth, about to rant about misconduct and how they were disrespectful and recklessness but Blane wasn't having any of it. He shoved the case into Adrian's chest, stopping him in his instantly.

"I'm done." Blane said aggressively with his teeth gritted. Blane then turned around began to walk away.

"Hey!" Baker exclaimed. "There's still more of them out there. They might try another attack. You can't just walk away from this."

"Will guess what. I just did." Blane answered as he kept walking. Baker didn't responded. He simply huffed and stormed back onto the jet.

Blane called in a favour and hopped on a cargo plane bound for London. After a long flight, in which Blane spent every minute going through every detail of the operation, he arrived home. Back to the dark and dingy city of London and back to a flat vacant of positive emotion and filled of shattered memories. Blane got to the front door and took a deep breath before entering. The flat was pitch black. Near impossible to see anything. He flicked on the lights and jumped slightest at the sight before him. It was Stewart; he was standing the middle of his living room.

"Hello Blane." Stewart said, breaking the nervous silence.

"What you doing here?" Blane demanded to know.

"Opening your eyes." Stewart revealed a file marked classified. He also pulled out a pistol and placed both down on the coffee table in front of him.

"Why? Why do all this? You wouldn't have hurt a fly back in school."

"That's right. But that was a long time ago. I use to try and save the world peacefully but that never got me anywhere and it got me killed, in a sense." He paused for a moment. "Two words. Operation, Wipeout." Blane froze instantly. "I was one of those men you were ordered to kill. I escaped from that burning car, with only moments to spare. My friends, men who believed in peace, were killed just because they were a thorn in the government's side."

"What's in the file?"

"This?" he pointed down at it. "This is a file that doesn't exist. It's a file on Daisy. A file on her death." Blane's stopped and legs weakened, almost collapsing right there on the spot. "You see, Daisy found out about Wipeout. She found out about my group. She found out about the villagers. The only thing she didn't know was the fact is was you. So I guess luckily for you she didn't know you had become a monster before she died. You didn't really think it was an accident did you?"

Blane couldn't say anything; he didn't know what he could say. There was a complete silence between the two. Stewart then began to leave, leaving both the file and the pistol behind. Blane didn't stop him. Just before leaving Stewart stopped next to Blane, keeping his eyes forward, he couldn't look Blane in the eyes, not now.

"I'm sorry you had to find out like this. But you had to learn the truth at some point. No matter how painful it might be." And with that he was gone.

Blane stood and stared at the file sitting. He slowly made his way to it. He sat down in the chair and hesitatingly picked it up. As he opened he saw most of it had been blacked out. In the file there was a picture of her. She looked so beautiful. He missed her so much. Blane read through all the information that wasn't blacked out

'Intel has indicated that Agent Miller has been going through level 8 classified information. Intel suggests she has learnt of Operation: Wipeout.'

'Further Surveillance confirms Miller has taken the file on Wipeout. Surveillance will continue.'

'After taping of emails and phone intel has confirmed Agent Miller has contacted journalist Niall Matthews at the Guardian. She is planning on meeting him to pass over information. Instant action is recommended.'

'Action has been authorised. Operation: Lawnmower will be executed in 24 hours'

'Operation was successful. Total cover-up achieved.'

Then Blane found the most hallowing piece. It was Daisy's post-mortem, her original. The report Blane had been given was altered. Now Blane wished he had never seen the original.

The report stated "Daisy Miller, 34, was 3 weeks pregnant at the time of death."

Instantly tears began to stream down Blane's face. He glanced over at the gun. He then stared at it. It seemed like his best option. It seemed like his only option. Blane slowly reached over and picked it up, his hand shaking from nerves. He took the safety off and gripped it tightly.

This was it. No more loneliness. No more pain. He was going to be with Daisy again, he could almost her voice, whispering to him.

"Goodbye." His final words.

Right that's it. He'd dead. This will hopefully put an end to my M. series, unless I develop a new team. I think people have stopped reading my stuff but if you are reading this then I'm sorry about the abrupt ending...And sorry for killing two of the fans most loved characters.