This is just a teaser for what's to come. It's not much, but it's gonna have a great plot.



How did it end up like this?

A boy was locked in a dark room with a solitary window. He was crouched in the farthest corner and had buried his head in his palms, trying to deny his ever being there.

They had left him there to rot in his sudden newfound weakness. Not even bothering to mention the reason why he had just been tossed into a prison.

He felt like some mistreated animal, what with the heavy stone collar adding to that feeling. But not matter how hard he twisted, clawed, or pulled, it remained fastened tightly around his scrawny neck. And it was this collar that was somehow draining him of all his energy.

Never before had he felt so utterly powerless. And never before had he felt so utterly alone.