Chapter 26: Hypernova

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Midnights tears streaked down his face as he pulled Natas miles into the air. But dropping him wouldn't be enough, no he wanted to make sure there was nothing left of him. Permanently. Their speed was increasing as they shot from earths atmosphere and blew into space. Natas struggled under Midnight's grip but his pain was so much he was unable to break free.

"Release me you fool," he hissed. But Midnight ignored him completely. There was only one was that he would truly be satisfied, and even from light-years away, he could feel the heat. It was a star, much larger than the sun, and far more powerful. Millions of miles began to separate them from earth, and miles quickly turned into light-years.

Even in the vacuum of space Midnight could hear Natas spirit sizzling away as if he had been shoved into a river of acid and was slowly melting away. And soon enough he would be dead, but Midnight wanted him dead now. Minutes passed by and they were moving faster than comprehendible. Even light would have been envious of Midnight's speed.

What would have taken hundreds of thousands of years Midnight accomplished in just a matter of minutes. And finally, they reached their destination. A star hundreds of times larger than the sun. Midnight wasn't sure how he knew this star was here, but he didn't care, it was the only way he wanted to kill Natas.

"Any last words." he growled to Natas.

"Burn in hell Pyro,"

"Not before you," Midnight replied and launched Natas into the star. Natas shrieked in horror as the heat began to melt away his cold heart, but the worst had just begun. Midnight looked through the massive ball of burning gas, straight to its core, and he disrupted it. Almost immediately it began to grow in size, taking in millions of miles around it.

The heat was growing unbearable, even for Midnight who was nearly immune to heat. He had no choice but to turn and run. He streaked through the darkness like the bust of a gamma ray torching meteors that got in his way. Behind him he could feel the star picking up speed in its growth, the end was approaching. BOOM!

The power of one hundred supernovae unleashed directly behind Midnight, sending out pure heat in every direction imaginable. Thousands of miles taken in by the destructive power of the dying star. Somewhere inside the burning ball of gas, were the final particles of Natas, disintegrated by the heat of millions of suns combined. Midnight laughed as the flames collapsed into themselves and condensed to form a black hole. Natas would never live again.

Midnight could feel something was wrong, he had to get back to Earth and fast. He aimed and shot through space like a bullet from a rifle, and faster than anything even imaginable. The heat around him was unimaginable, it even seemed to add to his speed. He couldn't feel exactly what it was, but something was happening he had to be back for. Ten minutes passed by before Earth finally came back into view. He came crashing down like a meteor, and rushed as fast as he could back to Russki land.

Crashing through trees and rocks was nothing, nothing could stand in the path of him. He found the Russki territory quickly and looked around frantically for the dens. His heart and mind were racing at a million miles an hour and his anxiety was thick enough to be cut by a set of claws. To his relief they were easily found, but when he saw wolves crowded around a single den, he grew worried.

As he approached the crowd they parted aside for him to walk through, not saying a single word. He walked through the crowd and into the den, where he saw Lilly laying in pain with Eve, Winston, Kate, and Humphrey by her side. He ran to her side and licked her lovingly. She tried to smile at him but her labor pains were unbearable. Midnight felt guilty, he didn't want to her to have to put up with this much pain, and knowing there was nothing he could do made him feel worse.

All he could do was nuzzle up to here and be by her side. Lilly screamed in pain as she gave birth to a full black female pup with emerald green eyes, just like Midnight. Eve sat her down next to Lilly and Midnight and Midnight began to cry in joy. She was beautiful, and she was his child. Soon Lilly screamed in pain once more and tears rolled down her cheeks as an all white male came into the world. Soon four more pups were born, two males and two females.

All pf the males were pale white, with the exception of one who was exactly like Midnight. The two females were born looking exactly like Lilly, and the two couldn't have been prouder. The pups were absolutely beautiful, Winston, Eve, Kate, and Even Humphrey were crying at the beautiful sight. The six pups cuddled up between Midnight and Lilly and fell fast to sleep. Midnight and Lilly looked into each others eyes and in front of all of the packs, kissed each other.

The next day The packs left the Russki territory and headed back to their respective lands, except for Midnight who stayed in the west to have his wedding. His entire pack stayed with him and watched the ceremony, all proud of their new leader. Kate and Humphrey would soon be allowed to have children of their own, but until then they took in Jackson as a son. At the wedding, they were asked to name their pups and one name was special to Midnight.

"Draco," he said proudly to the crowd revealing his pale white son. Lilly then held up the all black female and named her as well.

"Trinity," she said. No one would understand except those who had encountered the death of their friend.

"Pykros," announced Midnight holding up his second son. The resemblance Midnight shared to this pup was uncanny.

"Violet," Lilly said picking up one of the white females. As Midnight held up the last pup a name appeared in his mind, and he wasn't sure where it came from, but he knew he had to name his pup this.

"Cale," he said aloud for everyone to hear. Then an image of Pyro appeared in his head giving him a wink. It was his fathers name. As Lilly picked up the last pup a name appeared to her, it appeared to come from nowhere, but she liked it anyway.

"Reya," she announced. Midnight knew instantly its meaning, his mother. The crowd cheered for the two as the wedding was finished.

Sadly, the funeral of Draco was held later that day. It was a tear jerking memorial for all of them. They had all lost a very important person to them and he would be missed dearly.

Lilly went on to live with Midnight, which wasn't too far from home since their marriage combine the two packs. The triplets took in Jackson once Kate became pregnant. Her pups were born a few weeks later, two boys and two girls.

Alcanus apologized to everyone he hurt when he was under the control of Natas, but Midnight didn't mind all that he was just happy to have his brother back. Alcanus was shocked to hear about Ricoh being Midnight's true brother, but accepted it nonetheless. Alcanus went on to marry Tasha and they had pups of their own.

The tale of the phoenix's was a journey that brought the destruction of much evil, and the loss of good friends. But to Midnight as long as he had Lilly and his family, he would be alright.

A few days after he returned from witnessing Kate give birth to her pups he visited the grave of Pykros, his father that he had always accepted. He smiled slightly with a chuckle as he thought back to his days as a pup.

"You would be so proud dad," he whispered. And with that he walked back to his den, to rejoin his family, and live his life happily.

But deep within the Earth dark forces were still stirring. They all thought it was over, but it had only just begun.

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