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Three Weeks Later:

Things were finally peaceful for all the couples, after Nott had been brought to Azkaban both he and Creevey were given life in Azkaban with no possible chance of parole or release. During the small trial for the two Nott had made loud threats against Harry and Cissa, but the Aurors just bound and hauled him to Azkaban which everyone was sure that his parents would give him a lovely welcome home.

Creevey had changed after he'd been brought down, he didn't regret becoming a powerful death eater but he was upset after his parents publically disowned him in front of the entire Wizarding community. Dennis had not forgiven him for what he'd done to Ginny and himself, but Harry knew all he needed was time before he finally forgave his brother.

Hermione and George had decided to marry in the summer after Hermione completed her NEWTS, because she wanted to finish what she started at Hogwarts.

Harry and Draco on the other hand, were getting married today. The wedding plans had been intense with Molly and Andy getting the work done was not easy especially for the couple.

"I cannot believe you let Molly do all this herself." Draco groaned fixing up his dress robes.

"Hey she offered and I let her. All we had to do was tell her what you wanted and she got it done; besides you know she loves weddings." Lucius and Draco were in Draco's rooms getting together for the big day.

"Yeah but it came out of your pocket. Speaking of which aren't you and Sev married already?"

"Sev and I bonded after you were born I've told you this numerous times. We didn't want a big ceremony anyway, that was the point of my and your mother's wedding."

"You didn't want to involve Molly Weasley, world's craziest wedding planner is that it?" Draco's hair was ruffled. "Hey!"

"Watch your mouth." Draco quickly smoothed out his hair and straightened his silk green and black robes. "You ready?"


"You shouldn't be, but it's natural." Lucius pulled Draco into a hug. "I'm very proud of you Draco, and I know your mother would be too."

"I know." Draco thought about how his mother would talk about her wedding day with him as a kid, and how he would envision his own wedding someday. He was marrying for love, and not by arrangement; this was the perfect day.

"Guys?" Severus came in with Aster and Cissa in their little chairs. Both babies were dressed up like little dolls, Asterion wore a matching robe like Lucius and Cissa had on a satin pink and white dress made by Andromeda with a little pink bow in her small amount of hair.

"Awww…" Draco cooed kissing both babies. "You look so cute."

"Dah!" Aster waved both hands at him. Cissa just smiled and all three men laughed.

"You look great Draco." Severus hugged him, he was dressed in black and white robes like Lucius and Aster.

"Thanks, is it almost time?"

"Just about, Molly's getting everyone ready." This was a small ceremony, mainly friends from the Ministry and the school came but all around it was only a bit less than sixty people. Molly had outdone herself this time, but she'd never admit it. "Harry's just as nervous as you are."

"And Hermione?" both men rose eyebrows at him.

"She's fine, why?"

"Just curious because she thinks she'll regret it if she lets Molly take power over her wedding." All three laughed.

"Well, let's get going." Severus rolled the kids out of the room and let Draco and Lucius walk ahead of him. Draco noticed the room Harry had been changing in was open and empty, so Harry was already taking his spot at the altar. They decided to have the wedding in the manor's garden, the one Narcissa herself had grown and trimmed for years since she was first married.

"Oh there you are!" Molly came down in her flowing green dress and hugged all three men and kissed the babies. "You all look wonderful, everyone's waiting and ready so let's move shall we?" she practically rushed them out to the walkway behind the ring bearer and flower girl aka Stella and Soran. Aster and Cissa would go after them as a mini bridesmaid and groomsmen.

'Alright Draco, show that Malfoy stance, breath in and out…keep calm.'

"Draco relax, you're crushing my hand." His father winced and Draco noticed his hand was turning red from the squeeze.

"Sorry father." The music started playing and first went Pansy and Blaise, then Hermione and George, and then the babies.

"Ready?" the guests stood up in their seats and the music slowed.

"Ready." He took his father's arm the right way, and they walked down the aisle to the altar. Draco was teased by the twins about being a blushing bride, but he didn't care because even if he had given birth he was still a man and he would show Harry how much of a man tonight. As they approached the altar Harry took Draco's hand and they turned to face Kingsley.

"You look beautiful Draco." Harry whispered to him.

"Welcome everyone, to this day that we are here to witness the bonding/marriage ceremony of Harry James Potter and Draco Lucius Malfoy. All who support the magic of this bonding please stand now." The entire audience stood up. "All who are against this bonding please stand." Everyone sat back down.

'Yeah you'd better support this.' Draco gave himself a funny thought and held himself high.

"Do you Harry Potter take Draco Malfoy as your bondmate?"

"I do."

"Do you Draco Malfoy take Harry Potter as your bondmate?"

"I do."

"And do you both vow to protect each other from the possible dangers to come, to remain faithful and overthrow everything that may come at you as long as you both shall live?" what the hell did that mean?

"We do." They both answered.

"Let us now begin the bonding." Kingsley raised his wand high above his head as did Lucius and Severus, along with Remus and Sirius. "With the power of the two families, the bonding shall grow and both mates will feel the power of their eternal love. Begin." White strands of magic sprung from Kingsley's wand, red from Remus and Sirius, and green from Lucius and Severus; the strands enveloped around Harry and Draco and both boys felt their hearts pounding in their heads.

'Whoa, it's powerful.'

"Enough." The strands tightened around them and then disappeared. "The bond is successful, and it is with great respect and admiration by all in this ceremony that I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may kiss and seal the bond." Harry took Draco's face in his hands and kissed him gently. Draco's hands went to Harry's neck and the kiss deepened so they didn't hear everyone applauding their bond. When they finally pulled apart Draco felt a huge blush come on.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too Dragon." Harry grabbed his hand and led him back down the aisle. They didn't plan on staying for the reception, because unbeknownst to Draco's knowledge Harry had a surprise in store for him.

"Harry…shouldn't we be getting back to the others?" Harry smirked at him and pulled him close as they disapparated. "What the…?"

"Don't worry Dragon, I already arranged this."

"You what?"

"Molly's babysitting Cissa for the next two days, the reception will just be for the guests." Draco looked around and realized they were in a living room, much like the one at Malfoy Manor but with lighter colors of teal.


"Welcome home Draco."


"This is the house my parents lived in before they went into hiding. It was left to me, needed a good bit of work but it's done." Draco looked around what he could, everything looked great. He turned around and put his arms around his new husband.

"It's wonderful Harry." Harry kissed him but then lifted him up into his arms. "GAH!" Draco yelped.

"Hang on love, I have a surprise." Another one? Harry quickly carried him upstairs and Draco held tight until they reached the master bedroom. Draco's eyes widened, the large master bed was covered with a red and green canopy, spread out with candles floating all over the room and rose petals laid out on the quilt.

"Harry my God…" Draco got down and walked over to the bed, took a quick moment to think and then smirked turning back to his husband.

"Draco?" Harry looked a little curious but then shocked as Draco kissed him roughly and deposited him on the bed. "Wow…Draco…"

"Shut up." Draco pulled out his wand and magically removed their clothes, then took Harry into his arms and kissed him again. "Tonight's my night to take you, and I doubt you'll end up pregnant." Harry laughed.

"That's your job from now on." Draco smirked and stared down all over Harry's body before stopping at his partially erected cock. He began kissing down Harry's neck and to his chest giving little nips just over his pink nipples.

"Mmm, you taste good Harry." He took one into his mouth and his fingers played with the other.

"Dear Godric…Draco…" Harry groaned and Draco's free hand touched his cock. "Ugh…Draco touch me."

"I am." His hand grabbed the pulsing member and moved up and down slowly while Draco kissed downwards and took him into his mouth.

"Ah! D-Don't tease Draco…" Harry's hands went into his hair as he pleasured him. Draco only sucked a few times before inserting a wet finger into Harry. "Guh!"

"Easy Harry…relax…" Harry's hole was so tight and hot it almost made Draco come. He inserted two more fingers and slowly stretched him.

"Draco…I can't wait, take me." Draco looked up at him.

"Are…are you sure?" Harry pulled him up for a kiss.

"Yes, fuck me baby." Draco smirked and spread Harry's legs positioning himself at his entrance. He inched in and stopped as only the head went in and Harry gave a sharp breath. "I'm ok…keep going."

"As you wish." Draco pushed in full force and Harry moaned loudly.

"Oh…oh god Draco…" Harry moaned as Draco pushed in and out nice and slowly so as not to hurt him. Draco's own erection was increasing with each thrust, and then it got better as he struck Harry's sweet spot getting an even louder moan. "AH!"

"Shh Harry…I'm here, I'm here…" they continued chanting each other's names and then Draco kissed Harry's lips. "Come with me Harry…come with me…"

"Draco….Draco…" with one last hard thrust Draco came inside and Harry came over their stomachs. Draco's sweaty forehead went against his husband's and they rolled to the side entangled in each other's arms. "Oh Draco…"

"Oh Harry." They kissed gently full of passion and Harry held Draco to him.

"My beautiful Dragon, I love you."

"And I love you my brave lion."

After all the Hell they'd been through, they were finally able to live in peace with their friends, family, and now in their new home.

Their life was perfect, together forever.

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