Doctor proctors fart powder wish granting cheese pong

Chapter 1 The text message

Nilly looked around. What had he forgotten to pack? He had the cheese, the underwear and the wallet. What else was there to pack.

"Oh right. My clothes. Duh!" Nilly smacked his head to make sure there wasn't anything terribly wrong with it. Lisa was sitting on his bed, waiting for him to finish.

"Done yet? We have 5 minutes until the taxi comes. Doctor Proctor will be waiting for us in Cairo and we won't even turn up if you don't finish packing this instant." Lisa was irritated and Nilly wasn't really improving her mood.

"Alright, alright." Nilly said. "We will get there on time anyway." he assured her.

"How do you know?" Lisa asked.

"Elementary, my dear Lisa." Nilly answered. Nilly loved that phrase. All of a sudden, Nilly's phone beeped. He pulled it out of his pocket and someone had texted him.

"Who is it?" Lisa asked, concerned. Nilly never got text messages. He wasn't exactly the most popular kid in the world.

"It's from Doctor Proctor. He says the plane has a clue on it to help us find him when we get off the plane. He won't be at the airport to welcome us Lisa!" Nilly was freaking out.

"Calm down Nilly. She pulled out her emergency anxiety pills. "Come on Nilly, let's get going." Nilly took the pill and stumbled after Lisa. They got into the taxi after the driver finally got Nilly's bag in the boot ( it was extremely heavy and hard to lift) and they were off to the airport.

Once they arrived at the airport, they got all their luggage and gave it to the lady at the desk. Then they got their tickets and hobbled on towards their plane. Thye got onto the plane and sat in their seats. The plane flight was going to be quiet. Until a huge football team came racing down the aisle and got into the seats behind them. There was screaming, cheering and a lot of foreign language but Lisa shoved some headphones onto her head and turned the music on high. It definitely blocked out the sound but it might have done some damage to her ear drums. Nilly just started to cheer with the football team and soon enough, they were trying to communicate because they were having so much fun. Nilly wiggled his toes and laughed as his little one twitched last. He was utterly stupid. Or that's what Lisa thought. She thought many things though. Soon, they would be with Doctor Proctor, Lisa was hoping.