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I am walking down a long, endless hallway, lined with door after door, each one painted with a different number. I rest a protective hand over the small curve of my belly as I continue to move forward, my breath hitching in my throat as I feel a wave of anxiety crest over my mind. Down the hallway, I can hear a clanking of metal, like someone is banging a wrench on a pipe, and I find myself moving faster, starting to job forward, growing slightly panicky as the hall in front of me stretches out longer and longer, keeping me from reaching the end.

"Hero!" The Doctor's shout comes from somewhere ahead of me, and the clanking continues.

A loud roar behind me makes me wheel around, gasping, and just before everything goes black, I scream, faced with a beast who is all teeth and glowing eyes and sharp claws...

I woke with a jerk, sitting up straight in the bed, my hearts thumping hard back and forth across my chest. I sat there for a moment, gasping for breath, feeling the Doctor stir next to me and sleepily slip and arm around my back.

"'s just a dream, love..." he mumbled, his eyes still closed as he pressed a soft kiss on the only part of me he could reach, my right arm. I allowed myself to smile as he immediately drifted back into sleep – it was his first real rest in three days – but for the remainder of the night I could only sleep fitfully, jerking awake over and over to dwell on the roar of the beast and the Doctor's pleading voice.


Amy sat across from me in her little blue kitchen, staring into the mug of peppermint tea I'd just given her. "Hero, I'm not sure about this..." she groaned, her face a bit paler than usual.

"It'll help," I encouraged her, "I promise, it's just the thing to sooth your stomach." Resting a hand on my still-flat stomach, I smiled quietly to myself as a soft flutter of recognition in my mind told me that my baby was awake.

"So, erm..." Amy set down the mug, keeping a hand on it just in case, "How far along are you, again? " She nodded at my belly, smiling shakily. I saw her swallow hard.

"Almost four months," I replied, sitting up straighter, "The Doctor says that I won't start showing for another couple of months since the development is so slow... Kind of weird, I guess, huh..." Amy smiled for real this time, then subsided with a soft moan, clutching suddenly at her own stomach.

"Bloody hell..." I frowned slightly in concern as she went even paler, looking a bit green. "Be right back," she gasped, leaping up from her chair and bolting out of the kitchen. I heard her pounding up the stairs to the bathroom, retching and growling with frustration. A door slammed somewhere above me, and I sighed heavily. Poor Amy...

A few minutes later, the red-head emerged once more, subdued and weary. She flung herself back into her chair, then grabbed the peppermint tea and took an experimental swig – and grimaced. "Well... It could be a lot worse, I suppose, and it smells nice..." I nodded, patting her shoulder kindly as she continued to sip at the tea. After a moment, she murmured, "God this is pretty terrible, this morning sickness stuff..." I felt a pang of guilt as she continued, "Have you been feeling anything, Hero?" I sheepishly shook my head, glancing down at my stomach with a small grin.

"Nope, guess it's a nice trade-off for a 15-month pregnancy," I sighed, "though honestly I kind of feel weird not feeling sick..." Amy chuckled, sipping her tea and leaning back in her chair.

"Yup, well, I think the weirdest part is that even though I got pregnant after you, I'm going to have my baby first..." She smirked at me, raising a ginger eyebrow.

"You win," I agreed, tipping an imaginary hat to my friend.

As we both started to laugh, a loud crash at the front door brought us both to our feet as loud male voices shouted from just outside.

"Put it down in the kitchen!" Rory's voice bellowed, followed by another loud crash and the Doctor's repentant "Sorry..." I raised my eyebrows at Amy, who pursed her lips and leaned around the kitchen door, trying to see what exactly was going on.

"How was I supposed to see it?" the Doctor was shouting, sounding rather muffled, and as Amy and I rounded the corner into the entrance hall we beheld a rather chaotic scene. Rory had just stumbled into the house, heavily laden with grocery bags and what looked like a big bag of yams dangling from the crook of his elbow. The unfortunate Doctor, on the other hand, lay sprawled out on the wooden floor, his own pile of groceries scattered around him along with what appeared to be the shattered remains of a large ceramic urn.

"That was a wedding gift from my mum!" Rory groaned, starting to set down his bags.

"I'm sorry," the Doctor groaned, painfully getting to his feet and frantically gathering the broken pieces and trying to press them back together. Amy and I couldn't hold back any more, but burst into laughter as our two boys whipped around with hugely guilty expressions on their faces.

"Oh I don't mind," Amy giggled, nodding towards the remains of the urn, "We can just get another one, it's not like your mum with mind, Rory."

"It's the principle of the thing," said a highly affronted Rory, glaring at the Doctor.

"Oi!" the Time Lord protested, finally dropping the pieces of ceramic to the ground and blushing furiously, "it was right in front of me, you would have done the same thing, Rory the Roman!"

Still chuckling, I walked over to my blushing husband, carefully straightening his jacket and bow tie as Amy rushed to Rory's aid. "What will we do with you..." I murmured, shaking my head at the Doctor as he glanced briefly into my eyes, a small smile playing around his mouth as his mind brushed against mine – his usual greeting. I smiled back, then turned towards Amy and Rory as the girl groaned suddenly and clapped a hand over her mouth.

"'Scuse me..." she mumbled, stumbling towards the staircase. Rory looked after her, then back at the Doctor and I. I raised my eyebrows at him, and he nodded.

"I'll, uh, be right back..." he said, turning to follow his ill wife up the stairs.

"Poor Amy..." I murmured, hugging the Doctor tightly.

"Mmmm..." he breathed into my hair, hugging me back with enthusiasm, "Rough day?" I nodded. "Ah, well, she'll be feeling more like herself in a few days," he continued, pulling back and scratching his cheek, "Humans tend to experience a balancing of he hormones progesterone and estrogen in mid-pregnancy which leads to a lessening in nausea..." I cut him off with a kiss, making him blink in surprise at me and smile shyly. I loved that I could still affect him that way.

"No dinner for me tonight, please," Amy called down the stairs, sounding exhausted, and then a moment later she added, "Wait! No, I take it back, I want ice cream! Rory?"

The long hallway stretches out in front of me again, hauntingly familiar, the clanking and the Doctor's cries for me making my hearts throb as I start to experience panic. Again, I hear the roar behind me, I know what I will see when I turn, so I keep running as fast as i can towards the Doctor. I feel an urge to turn and fight the creature which I can hear galloping after me, growling as it comes, but I focus instead at the stretching hallway, hearing the Doctor cry out again...

A sharp pain stabs through my back, and I cry out, stumbling forward and

Wake up.

I hugged my knees to my chest, feeling the Doctor snuggle closer to me, more wakeful tonight, and he looked at me solemnly, his youthful face frowning slightly in concern.

"You've been dreaming a lot more than usual, hm?" he murmured, reaching out to gently stroke my shoulder.

I nodded. "Yes, since I became pregnant..."

He looked away for a moment, lost in thought, then sat up beside me, drawing me into his arms. "If you would like to talk about it, Hero, don't hesitate." I nodded, unable to speak, but I softly kissed his forehead and rested the side of my face against his hair.

Within me, the tiny life stirred against my mind. I smiled.