There was a girl out on the lawn.

Albus Dumbledoor, headmaster of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry, paused on his walk around the school grounds to consider the most singular event before him. There was a girl on the lawn, and judging by the clothes…well, she was no student. She was dressed in a long, loose, white shift, like what one would wear before sleep. So, no student.

Not that there were any students on the grounds; it was Midsummers Night Eve. Even the most stringent of muggles could feel the taste of magic in the air, where the magical world came alive in a different way then other days- a deeper magic then one channeled by wands.

Still, that was neither here nor now- what mattered most was that girl (he couldn't quite tell the age) was approaching the Whomping Willow.

Branches hung unnaturally still- the Willow had just been planted, in preparation for the newest student. It… was not taking its transplant well, despite Miss Sprouts best charms. Leaves had wilted, and Dumbledoor despaired the tree taking root in time for his special student.

Still- the tree was dangerous enough. His hand slipped into the sleeve of his robe, fingers wrapping around the wand, as he took a step forward- and stopped.

The girl was curtsying to the tree.

Branches snapped in response, the tree gearing up to defend itself.

"I mean you no harm. My name is Lucy," Her voice, sweet and clear, rang through empty grounds. "I merely wish for a dance."

Branches rustled in response- an angry rustle? No, that didn't sound quite right. The girl laughed, her hair pale in the moonlight, drifting freely across her shoulders and down her back.

"Come, dance with me tree! I know not your name, but I must soon leave, and I would like a dance before I do."

She stepped closer, and Dumbledoor could see her bare feet that lightly skimmed the ground. Words of warning died on his lips, as he stared at her- she didn't notice him at all, feet tapping lightly against the ground, as she whirled and swirled, dancing to music only she could hear.

The branches rustled, one particularly long branch uncurling slowly, almost shyly reaching out to her.

Small fingers caught the branch, and she whirled away her laughs of delight echoing among empty grounds.

Dumbledoor watched, spellbound as the child and the tree danced, a dance that only they seemed to know the steps too. Whirls and twirls, branches swaying- even faintly Dumbledoor could hear music from the forbidden forest.

He wasn't supposed to be here.

Nor could he tear himself away.

The girl paused suddenly in a step, her head turning to the east. "Oh, it is time for me to go." She curtsied again to the tree.

The trees branches attempted to stop her, make her linger for but a moment longer, as she easily darted through them, headed east- to where the sun lay. "Goodbye tree, it was good to dance with you! Maybe perhaps one day we can dance again."

It moaned softly, branches returning to stillness, a tree once again.

Dumbledoor quietly left the tree to its waiting.

A lion roared.

The tree flourished.

a/n: Yes, yes, I know, time lines are a little wonky in this one, I know. But still, I think Lucy would dance with the trees, no matter what. Like it? Hate it? Tell me please!