So, I decided to update this one.

Yamato gasped for breath, feeling pain shoot through his body. Sweat poured down his face and the thin sheets that covered his body clung to him. Attempting to sit up and see where Ultimo was, Yamato was alarmed when he felt large hands push him down, back onto the make-shift bed he was currently resting in.

"Whoa there, Yamato. You don't want to go hurting yourself even more," The voice of Ekoda Shin floated into his clouded head.

"Eko…bou…?" Yamato whispered, cracking open his eyes.

"Don't worry, you're going to be okay," Eko said.



"Uh…" Regula cut in, "…we don't really know."

Yamato's eyes shot open at that comment. They didn't know where Ultimo was? Yamato swallowed hard, worry etching onto his face. Ultimo…the last time Yamato saw him was during that last fight…Ulti had gone against that thing with intense fury when he saw his master get struck down.

"Yamato-san, do you remember what was happening last time you saw Ultimo?" Regula asked. He was beginning to think that Ultimo did this, like he had killed Lady Gekko.

"Yeah…we were…fighting…some thing…and it hit me a…few times…Ulti was really mad…and charged…but…it was…strong…" Yamato panted out. Eko and Regula looked at each other then nodded.

"Well, you get some rest, Yamato. We don't want you to wear out," Eko said, exiting the room, with Regula following him.

And the mystery deepens…