Why does it always happen to me?

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Chapter One: Teenage kicks

I bang my head on the school councillor's door as a sign that I have arrived.

"Come in." He calls through the oak wooden door that is almost as thick as half of the teachers that teach at this bloody mental institute that I am forced to go to every day. I open the door and proceed to sit on the worn blue plastic chair that has been aquatinted to me too much in the last two years that I have been in this death sentenced school.

"So why are you here today Myla?" Mr Brown, the school councillor, asks. He was an ordinary man. Grey hair that has been slathered with gel to slide over like they did in the 1940s; where he probably was in his prime. His larger than Harry Potter glasses had seen better days and the tissue that was always stuffed up his hideous shirts made my skin crawl. He was a boring man which meant that he suit the name 'Mr Brown' quite well. Obviously because Brown was a boring colour and so was he.

"Like you don't already know," I scoff at him. He along with all my other school councillors ask the question even though they have already heard the story from some idiot teacher that has nothing better to do than to go squealing to my school nut job and then place me in these torture sessions until they deem it as 'appropriate' for me to have learned my lesson and for it to not carry on again. Not only have they already heard the story but because the teacher is deemed as more trusting than myself their story is instantly believed before mine and I am sure that my side of the story isn't even considered. I would just leave him and the rest of the school to make their own thoughts of what happened but it is against my nature and I naturally tell him anyway; it makes it a lot less painful in future.

"The bitch had it coming to her. She has to understand that when you kiss someone else's boyfriend, especially mine, then shit is going to go down. Suzie kissed my boyfriend in front of the school knowing full well what was going to happen. The smirk on her face was sickly and I sure as hell was not going to put up with it. I have a reputation and a piece of damn respect for myself and if people think that they can walk over me then I will be ruined." I shout at him like he would even understand the rules of high school. I wasn't as tough as I made out to be. I hated hitting people, apart from Suzie and Drake (my ex boyfriend). I was one of the girls that just put on an act because from where I live you don't get anywhere with being nice to people. Those people get trampled on and I have been though too much in my life to just roll over and play nice guy to the smoking weed freaks that I am neighbours to. I would easily give up all the rough edges if the place allowed but it was impossible when you considered where I live and who I go to school with.

"Language Miss Simmons. I will not tolerate that kind of vulgar language in a place of learning." One of his blood vessels pulses on his forehead and I realise how much of an idiot everyone around here really are.

"This isn't place of learning. I have been told that I had to come here if I didn't want another week worth of detentions. A school councillor is meant to listen to my problems and yet all you do is complain about everything that I bloody do!" I complain to him and I know that neither of us are going to have a very progressive session with the things that are about to be said.

"Try taking deep breaths Miss Simmons." He advises and I roll my eyes. I do have to admit though that he is being tolerable today, well more than usual.

"I don't need to try breathing because I know how to already do it considering I have been breathing my whole life. I don't need to try to do anything, what I need to do is to is smack Suzie a couple more times until a hear a few cracks and they slam my foot right into Drakes little junk." I fume at Mt Brown which is really not one of my best ideas considering I am trying to stay away from him instead of showing that I need more sessions. I guess it wouldn't be too surprising to hear that I need to start up again, I usually ten to see Mr Brown at least once a month and have regular sessions with him at least once a term. I would honestly say that he would probably be fired if it wasn't for the fact that I am the only regular person to see him. People like to torment me because I get easily riled up as I know that as soon as I let one thing go people will start to try more shit with me. I guess if he wasn't such an arsehole I would say he was the best teacher at this school but he is level as an obnoxious idiot like the rest of them here.

"Miss Simmons it is a shame to say this but the head teacher and I were discussing you and we have no other choice but to expel you as we just don't know what else to do." He sighs it out like he actually regrets saying the words. I am sure in his head that he is dancing to some crappy 70s music with his fat dollop of a wife, who just so happens to be the headmistress. Yeah, this school seriously sucks. I hate this school but do I really want to leave this school? No. Heaven, my best friend, goes here and she is probably one of the very few friends that I actually have. I don't even know what school I will attend considering that every other school is either too expensive for my mum to afford or I have already been chucked to the curb there as well.

"Okay; I guess I will see myself out." I answer numbly and make my way to the door fairly quickly. I am not a girl that cries and so leaving a shit hole like this is not the type of news that I will take with tears. I walk down the preppy hallways and everyone is staring at me. I guess news must have travelled of what I did to Suzie. They all look surprised and I don't understand why considering I have been known to do it a few times. Dad taught me when I was younger on how to deal with other people and it is a lesson that I have never and will never forget. I unlock my locker and stuff all the junk into my bag before slamming it shut and making my way over to the only person I really care about leaving.

"So what is it this time? Detentions? Exclusion? What?" Heaven asks and I just slump down onto the locker beside hers.

"Expulsion," I tell her glumly and she looks at me surprised.

"They can't do that." She states like either of us believe her.

"Well they can and they did. Last school around this area so I can't wait to see how mum takes it and where I am going to be taken this time." I reply bitterly and she just looks at me sadly.

"Come on, let's go get ice cream and we can talk before you go and see your mum." She slings her arm around my shoulder in comfort and we make our way to her car.

Safe to say that mum was not happy when I got in. She bitched at me for two hours before I managed to get my bedroom door shut and block out the world. The next morning she told me that I should pack my bags because I was heading to Boston where I could finally learn a lesson; whatever that meant.

So here I was wheeling my heavy suitcase that had all of my important possessions in it. I was apparently staying with mums friend and her 100 son family. Many people would think that I would be happy about this considering I like boys a lot more than girls but being an only child means that I am used to my own space and having seven 'brothers' is going to be hell for me. I am a very irritable person and many things can set me off even if I don't openly express it I will blow up inwards.

It sucked to know that I was really that bad that I had been expelled from every school in my area and mum couldn't be bothered to cope with me anymore. The only good thing would be that I could build up my wall further around myself than before. My wall was up high already considering that when my mother told me she couldn't cope it only hurt a little bit. It might help though that our relationship was bad and had nothing in common. I was waiting for the time that I could leave them and go to college wherever as long as it was far away from her. I was hard to handle and I admit it but it really didn't help to know that even your mother can't cope with you. A woman carrying a sign with 'Myla Simmons' written on it brings me out of my thoughts and my eyes roll at how cliché this family is going to be. They will probably be all wearing polo shirts, khaki shorts and Nike shoes. They will all be A grade students and every boy will want to be them and every girl will want to be with them; unless of course you have a life and actually don't care about being one of the coolest people around.

"Hello Myla, my name is Regina. It is so great to finally meet you." She smiles and I admit that it almost sounds like she actually means to be happy to see a reckless 17 year old girl. She is flawless and looks amazing considering she has had 7 children. She has mousy blonde hair that is tied back in a pony tail, fair skin and a slim body.

"Thank you for having me. I know it must be pretty hard to let a random teenage girl into your house with my track record." I reply waiting for her to walk us out to her car. She obviously sees what I am waiting for and tries to take my suitcase away from me. "I would prefer to take my suitcase. When you are from around where I am you realise to not let anyone take your stuff." I explain with a rather sorry smile on my face and she looks down at me with what looks like pity. Great, haven't even been here a minute and she is already giving me a pitiful look. We slowly walk to her car in silence because I really don't want to be sent anymore looks of pity because it is something that you don't get when you are around my area. Regina takes out a set of keys and unlocks the car. Holy shit, it is a BMW! I guess I shouldn't expect anything less considering how many kids she has, how she looks and how much mum has gone on about her since telling me three days ago I was moving here. In the car we make simple conversation that I am able to cope with as it is not too personal about my family and life. The drive only takes about thirty minutes and then we have arrived at one of the largest houses I have ever seen. I guess that doesn't really mean much considering the part I come from but I guess it has to be if they are to fit 7boys, two parents and no me in there. The house could fit at least four of my tiny house in it without any problems of any space. We both got out of the car and I grabbed my suitcase before going into a house I would never imagine living in. Half the people that I know would throw a party in this house every week if they could and would be known as a legend forever. I don't know if that is the case here but I sure hope so because I really need to loosen up without having to think about everything that has gone on back home. Regina opened the front door and calls for all of the boys to come down. Thundering noises could be heard coming from the two different sets of stairs, one from up stairs and one coming from the basement. If it wasn't for the fact I had my blank mask on I probably would have my mouth open and saliva forming. This family was a pool of good looks. They make my good looks look average. My golden hair was in a ponytail wrapped around a lone piece of hair, my black vest tops showing my 32C boobs that still had my golden tan. My jeans were still cute and I was wearing flip flops. I knew I wasn't the best looking in the gene pool but you could sink a lot lower than me, especially if their name is Suzie and is a complete slut.

"Myla meet Sean, he is the oldest." Regina introduces us and I shake his hand. I don't hug or do the Italian thing where you kiss their cheeks twice. I am very much straight to the point and I normally would do nothing but I think Regina actually expects something of me so I should do it. I get introduced to the rest of them, doing exactly the same thing and just simply shaking their hands before moving onto the next brother. Seeing them all together made me realise that my judgements were completely incorrect. Sean clearly didn't want to be here greeting me and I wouldn't blame him because if I was 21 I would not want a teenage girl messing with my life. I didn't care though that he wasn't interested because as soon as I could I would be hiking it away from here as well, this would just be a passing point until the schools around here decide they can't be bothered with me either.

My eyes land on Evan and I can tell by the numerous attempts that I have seen that he is trying to give me a flirtatious smile. Of course it is a sexy as hell smile but I knew jackasses and I was not going to fall for another one no matter what. It was clear from the fact that after me being here for a few minutes and him already giving me the smile meant that he was a guy that only thought about one thing; sex. I have been in the thought of many boys but it does get truly annoying after a little while. Like, seriously, do I have a sign on my forehead that says 'bang me'? I mean he would be good enough and I am sure he would be satisfying but I am not an easy girl to get and no matter what rumours go on about me I am happy to say that I am a virgin even if I don't look like the type. Evan was a year older than me and was a senior that would apparently be going to the same school as me.

The next boy in line is the one who was going to be in my year; Finn. I like Finn already. His clothes are covered in paint and chalk which makes me realise that he is into art. Even though I can't draw to save my life I absolutely love seeing artwork because it is really personal and always a meaning behind it. The paint on his clothes gave him a really quirky, cute look to him but then cute was never my type of guy and so was glad that I would never get the urge to fancy him.

Doug is one of the twins and just by looking at him you could tell he was similar to me apart from I had to be tough to stay alive while he just wants to be different. His fake gold medallion, baggy shorts and loose top makes the place that I grew up in look like a posh place. I came from the area that you kept yourself to yourself and no question were asked. Even if we were from the place that you usually saw that kind of outfit no one wore them because that would be too obvious and people around my area were always trying to keep two steps in front of the cops. I guess I understood why he dressed like this because when you have a twin who gains so much attention you have to do something that creates an identity that doesn't revolve around your brother but around you. School was always about you being yourself but with 3 older brothers that looked like they could be popular and with a brother that has Aspergers syndrome you have got to find some way that will make you unique and not just one of the McGowan brothers.

Doug's twin Miller is the one with Aspergers syndrome and I had been worn about what I needed to do in order for him to feel more relaxed around me. I knew all of the ways to keep him happy and how to make him talk to me without him feeling restless or uncomfortable. He was cute and it made my heart melt with the way he had made the boys stand in height order. Clearly the boys weren't arses when it came to Miller. It did make me chuckle inwards that the twins could not be any different from each other; while Miller was looking nervously down at the floor occasionally taking a look around before they darted back to the ground Doug was openly glaring daggers at me in the attempt that I might blow up at any moment if he just keeps staring hard enough, grow up little boy.

Ian is 13 years old and is clearing just starting the 'big boy stage' where boys behave like major dicks because they have one and think that they are meant to rule the world. Of course they really don't because they still rely on their mummy's to help with homework or to do other things that they don't yet understand how to work. Although he was a thin boy you could see where his body was trying to fill out fast to mix in with his older brothers. His racing blue braces and hedgehog spiked hair really made the awkward aroma more pronounced and I am so glad I don't have to deal with a whole heard more than just him. Middle school sucked and there was no way that I was going to give him advice on middle school problems that held no interest to the outside world.

Caleb was the cutest boy I have ever seen and I didn't even think about it before wrapping his tiny frame into my arms. He was the only one to get a hug and that was a nice thing because he was the only one that clearly wanted one. The fact that the cutest nine year old didn't care about his brothers opinions and just wanted to give me a nice welcome almost made my cold outer shell be broken into a smile. The thin as a stick blonde, tanned boy is now being pushed around by his older brother because he hugged me which was not something I liked to see and so a frown now broke onto my face. I didn't bother saying anything because from my area if you see something you don't like then you keep quiet about it unless you want a fight. I don't know how they deal with problems round here and so until I do I will be keeping my mouth firmly close.

"I will show you to your room," Regina makes her way throw the middle of the boys and heads on up to the staircase that goes upwards. I pick up my suitcase with relative ease and start following her up.

"I will take that." Evan informs me and I hold my hands up in a stop movement. Why do boys always think that I can't carry these things? I might be a girl but I can carry a suitcase up a flight of stairs.

"No I'm okay to do it on my own. I might be a girl but I am not an inadequate one who requires all the boys in her life to carry everything for her. So I can carry my suitcase on my own because I managed to do it at any other time of this journey without complaining once." I bite back bitterly before pushing my way through the boys, making sure to bang into several shoulders to show that I should not be messed with. My new bedroom in the McGowan household was on the second landing at the furthest point from the staircase, which meant that I would have less footsteps pass my door. The room is a lot bigger that my old one but my own room could be considered a small children's' room because we just couldn't afford having a nice fancy room. In the far corner to the door was a queen bed that had plain white sheets on them, the lamp next to it was a pale coral colour and spoke out elegance and class. The wardrobe and desk were both made out of a chestnut colour and in the same basic design. Maybe if I was a little richer then I would have been shocked at by the fact that everything in the room was simplistic but when I couldn't even fit this in my room and we couldn't afford anything like this I really had no room to complain. I will admit though that it needed to be touched up and given a little bit of excitement. There was a lot of space for me to add my own quirks and personality to the room and that was exactly what I was going to do. A new fresh start came with a new room, which was exactly what it felt like.

"I guess I will leave you to unpack everything you want. If you need anything at all don't be afraid to ask John or me; we don't bite. The wireless code has been left on your desk so if you need that then just type it in." She point to the little laminated piece of card and then makes her way outside and shuts the door quietly. I grab my laptop out of the top of my suitcase and plug it into the wall before loading it up. I stare at the bag that carries everything that I think is important to me. Many people would need multiple bags but mine fit in one large suitcase. It was heavy, yes, but it contained my most prized possessions that I wouldn't leave in the care of my useless mother and her worthless boyfriend. Once the laptop is loaded I type in the wireless code and log myself onto Facebook. I wasn't one of those girls who was addicted to Facebook and uploaded multiple statuses and pictures every hour. I looked at people I cared about profiles and laughed at all the stupid things that happen around me. Multiple sleepovers between Heaven and I have revolved around the goings on of Facebook and how it really is like your own Jerry Springer show of the internet. The notice at the top shows me that I have a new inbox and I am overjoyed to see that it is Heaven. I quickly open it up and read through it, imagining her comforting voice.

Hey Myla,

You have left me for a total of 8 hours and I already dislike you for leaving me in this hell hole all by myself! Drake and skanky Suzie have officially announced their relationship like the world is meant to care about it. I don't even understand how they can just be dating now if they were going behind you back like rabbits for the last month. They truly are stupid, along with the rest of the god forsaken people you have left me with. You will be happy to know that after you left mine this morning I saw her walking to Drakes house and before she even realised what was happening I had already landed a blow on her. Safe to say that she has a more messed up nose than before and her top lip is cut open. Any thanks that you wish to give me will be appreciated as I will be getting hell for this in school; even if it is worth it.

On to more important news though! How are the McGowan boys? On a scale of 1-10 how hot are they? Details, give me details! The one thing that you should know is that living with 7 boys will help you get over Drake easier than anything else. Be happy around there and show that you are happy and don't need Drake anywhere near you. Message me back because I really do miss you lots a lots like jelly tots.

Your bestest friend in the whole wide world,


I smile at her message before typing my reply.

My little Heaven,

I am beyond happy that you finally gave Suzie her comeuppance, the only shame being I wasn't there to see or help you. I seriously owe you forever for doing that and I now understand why I have kept you around for this long! Who cares about Drake anyway when you like in the McGowan household? This family is drool worthy and I don't understand why mum never took me here before. This is like living in my own personal Heaven (pun sadly intended). The older ones are so hot and the young ones are really cute. Of course I won't touch any of them because I don't just shag after two seconds of knowing them; guess I am completely different to Suzie. I haven't had the chance to speak to any of them yet because I wanted to facebook you as quick as possible but I will try to dig up information and then I can tell you about them. I miss you to bunches and bunches so do not ever worry that I will replace you because you are one of the only girls that I like. Miss you more than you can imagine and hope you can survive without me and message me soon.

From your bestest friend in the whole universe,


I hit the send button and close the tab until it is just a picture of my dad and me when I was 6. I grab my phone and send a quick text to my mum that I am safe at the McGowan household. I unpack my suitcase and place all of my clothes to where I want them to go. All of my pictures and other things that are usually led on my chest of draws back home are still at the bottom of my suitcase due to the fact I need to figure out where to place them in the room. Regina calls us all down for dinner and I make my way, along with the herd of boys, to the dining table. The last seat left is next to Caleb and Sean so I take that one without too much worry due to the fact that I like Caleb and as long as Sean ignores me then I will ignore him. Dinner tonight is spaghetti bolognaise and I can practically feel saliva forming in my mouth due to my favourite meal on the planet sitting in the middle of the table begging me to eat it. We all start grabbing spoons to serve up our own meals.

"So how do you like your room Myla?" John asks and I finally get to meet the father of the boys. It is clear to see that the boys get their looks from both parents considering they are both extremely good looking adults.

"Yeah it is really nice. A lot bigger than my old room." I reply before stuffing some of the dinner in my mouth.

"If you need anything for it just ask because we can then go shopping for it." Regina tells me and I just nod because of the dinner that I am currently chomping down on.

"Ow, Doug stop kicking me!" Caleb shouts from next to me, squirming his legs away from his older brother and accidently bashing them into me. He looks over at me apologetically and I just smile down at him.

"Oh, suck it up you wimp. God you are such a cry baby." Doug complains and I openly scowl at him. What an arsehole for treating his younger brother like that.

"Doug apologise to your brother immediately. That is no way to behave at the dinner table especially when we have a Myla here. Caleb is younger than you and I do not allow you to be hitting or kicking anyone of your brothers, specially the younger ones." Regina demands and I am glad to see some female dominance in this house.

"Sorry," Doug mutters under his breath.

"Again," John demands and Doug casts the whole table a look before sighing loudly.

"Sorry Caleb for kicking you." He apologises before quickly casting his eyes downwards like Miller and eating his dinner.

"Doug isn't usually like this." Regina tells me like I will even believe that lie.

"Yes he is mum." Sean pipes up next to me and explains himself when he sees he has both me and his mother's attention. "Myla is going to be living with us for at least a few months, this means that she will end up finding out that Doug is usually like this so we might as well warn her before she sees Doug at his worst."

"Not cool dude." Doug complains to him and Sean just looks at him simply, showing that he really doesn't care.

"So do you have any brothers or sisters?" Finn asks clearly trying to stop a family argument on my first night being here.

"Nope, it is just me although my best friend, Heaven, and I are usually always round each other's houses so I could almost count her as my sister." I explain with a small smile at my best friend who I already miss after being gone for not even 12 hours.

"When is your birthday?" Caleb asks like it is the most important question in the world and I smile down at him.

"12th January," I reply and he grins.

"Cool, that's a week before mine." He tells me excitedly and I laugh.

"We could have a joint birthday party then." I suggest and his grin is even bigger than mine.

"Ugh, get me a bucket." Doug complains and I glare at him. Once he sees he has my attention he smirks. "So I guess I will ask the most important question then... Do you have a boyfriend?" The older boys look up from their dinner and see what the answer is. I don't want to talk about Drake just yet. Drake is a hard topic of conversation to me at the moment because I am still not over him as it is still too soon and the image of him and Suzie together is still imbedded in my memory. I can feel the bitchy side of me show herself and before I can think about what I am going to say my mouth opens.

"Why should you even care Doug? You are a 15 year old boy and I can eat little boys like you up for breakfast." I whip back at him and suddenly everyone is looking between the two of us.

"Oh please Myla, I am a big boy." He responds and starts flexing his muscles like I am even going to be interested in him.

"I highly doubt it. Once you have been to my area you will soon see that your 'muscles' are almost like jelly compared to the boys back home." Which is true; back at home you need them to show people not to mess with you and when they do to pack a good and heavy punch. Around here it is seen as cool to have muscles but from my home it is a necessary as it shows dominance and power.

"Okay listen here power puff girl. You might be staying here until you finish school and we might be expected to be civil to you but I will not be giving you any special treatment from me or from my brothers because you are a girl. I am someone you do not want to mess with." He warns and I am all set on making him lose his two front teeth.

"I don't expect any special treatment from you Dougy. I am here because of my own personal reasons and I do not give a flying monkey whether or not you are being civil to me. Don't even bother telling me I shouldn't mess with you because honestly I have had a lot scarier dogs barking at me then you and your whiney yapping. So why don't you do yourself a favour and go and play with your action figures so we don't have to ruin anything." I respond icily before leaving the table with a quick apology to Regina. I leave with a stunned silence which I can expect considering I bet no one else has ever responded to Doug quite like that before. I run up the stairs and close my bedroom door quietly before flinging myself onto my bed and looking through the photos that I am going to put on the walls. The situation with Drake is a lot harder than I let people see on the outside. The fact that he cheated on me for a month and didn't even care made me feel worthless which is a trait that I don't often feel. I may not have believed that Drake and Is relationship was going to last forever but I thought we had more respect for each other than to go around cheating on each other behind the others back without feeling any remorse. I guess I shouldn't expect any different; I was a girl who wouldn't give him sex. He was a boy who only cared about having sex. It was never going to work and I only hope out of our 7 month relationship that he only cheated in the last month because I honestly don't think that I could come to terms with anymore. Drake was the only boy that I actually let in close enough to hurt me and I feel betrayed by most boys now. Love seriously sucks.

A knock on the door brings me out of my boy hating thoughts and I shout for whomever it is to come in. Sean walks in and I can finally take a notice of what he is wearing; his basic white tee has got blank fingerprints on it which can easily show that he works with cars. His hair was a few shades darker and mine and the way that it is positioned looks like he has run through it a lot. His dark blue jeans rode low on his waist and he had a guitar pick on a leather piece of string tied around his neck. He was the hottest brother by far but that was only because he didn't try to enhance his good looks and they also looked more mature than the other brothers. If all the boys around this town look as good as the McGowan boys then I am in for a treat because I will forget about Drake pretty quickly.

"Mind if I come in?" He asks.

"No, come in. What did you want to talk about?" I ask dropping the photos next to me and giving Sean my full attention.

"How do you like the place?" He asks after a couple of awkward seconds.

"I really do like it. I am still trying to get used to the size of the house and this many people but so far so good." I smile at him and he does the same back. "But I do know that how I like the house is not what you want to talk about so just say whatever you want to say." I say it in a normal voice because I really am not trying to be mean. A lazy smile graces his face and my heart beats a little more inside my chest.

"You should smile more." I blurt out and we both whip our eyes to meet each others in shock. Why the fuck did I just say that? Myla you are the biggest idiot in the world. You can't tell a boy that you are going to be living with that he should smile more, unless he is under the age of 10, it just means that you like them.

"Well maybe you can help me with that." He jokes and I let out a bubble of laugh, easily taking the non awkward route out of the situation. "Anyway, what I was going to say was I am sorry about Doug. He can be a complete arsehole sometimes but you just got to learn how to deal with him." He apologises looking towards the door as if he will be able to see Doug.

"Don't worry about it. I have met a lot more annoying and a lot more arseholes than Doug so I can easily cope with him." I tell him to try and make him confident that I don't care about his brother but without telling him about my past too much. I was not ashamed of where I come from but I don't want to let all of my secrets out of the cupboard on the first night.

"Well then that will be one less thing to worry about." We both turn silence and I can tell that what he wanted to say he still hasn't.

"So why did you really come up here?" I ask playfully and he takes an uncomfortable breath.

"I was just wondering why you moved to our house. We got told that you were going to be living with us for a little while and we didn't actually get told why you were moving here. It doesn't matter if you don't want to tell me; it's not that important I was just curious." He explains himself and I just give him a small smile.

"I recently just got expelled from my last school. Because all the other school around me are either too expensive, don't want me or I have already been expelled from there I needed to find a new school and your mum was the person who accepted. I could have stayed at home but mum didn't want to look after me anymore because I was just too much hard work so she called your mum randomly and asked for a favour." I explain like my mother's abandonment of me doesn't break my heart. I am not close to my mum by a long way because of certain events that have happened but I never would have expected her to just give up on me like that. Around where I call home you often have kids that drop out of school early to peruse some life that we promised ourselves we would get away from. I wasn't one of them; I worked hard in school and I knew how I could get out of there. The only problem was events that have happened to me, the rough side of me that was forced to be created and a tiny anger management problem. My mum believed that I would stay around the town and be helpful to her; in fact she made little comments too me to make sure that I didn't have enough confidence to peruse my dreams. Unfortunately before dad passed away he gave me advice that I would hold on for forever.

"Who did you even get expelled?" He asks finally showing a little bit of interest.

"Different things; there are 7 schools in my area, 3 that I have been expelled from, 1 that is private and costs a hell of a lot of money and then 2 that refuse to have me. The first school that I got expelled from was the closest one to me and I was there for my freshman year. One of my teachers, who I had a lot of my classes with was very inappropriate to me by either commenting on what he would like to do to me, touching me and just general gross things. He once made a pass at me and I told the school what happened but they didn't believe me." No one ever believes anyone from my area. "I just stopped attending school because I was not going to go there when a creepy old man is being a pervert towards me. I guess it wasn't really expulsion but a mutual agreement that I should never return to that school again; which I was more than happy with.

"Then in my sophomore year I went to a different school that just caused me loads of problems. There were a lot of family issues and then with a new school and no one who I wanted to be with it just caused lots of trouble. A lot of the girls would try to be bitchy with me and the boys at that age were still idiots and so when I wasn't a happy person anyway and they people are just being arseholes it caused a lot of problems. My mother was a horrid cook and so one of the classes I chose was home economics so I could cook us healthy meals. When I wasn't looking someone did something to my cooker and it managed to burn a lot of the kitchen and equipment. With my track record and no one else telling the truth I was then expelled and had to go to my last school.

"My last school I was there for the longest of a year and a quarter, starting half way through sophomore year. I didn't mind the school because I met my best friend there and even though I had a lot of arguments with different people but I was mainly happy. I had a boyfriend for 7 months and at a party last Saturday night I find out that he has been hooking up with another girl. Luckily for them I didn't see them until Monday morning and as soon as I saw them I went straight for her and beat the shit out of her, before then punching and kicking him in the balls. It was the same as the second school really, too many things happened and I didn't even try to deny that it was me who left them both with busies. I couldn't go to the other schools because honestly if someone with my track record wanted to go to my school then I would say no to them as well."

"How long was he cheating on you for?" Sean asks and I look over at him in surprise because I was lost in the memories.

"A month," I answer simply and he just looks at me for a few seconds.

"I hope you hit him hard." He finally says and I grin at him.

"Oh, I did." I reply and we both chuckle. Surprisingly I get another knock on my door and I call for them to come in. Little Caleb walks in a little hesitantly.

"What do you want monkey?" I ask and he beams up at me.

"I was wondering if you would like to play a game with me; you to Sean." He asks and then adds Sean on when he sees him.

"What kind of game do you want to play?" I ask, moving to stand up from the bed.

"Maybe the racing game we have on the play station; it is really fun." He looks so hopeful that even if I wanted to say no I wouldn't be able to because seeing that face be sad would break my heart.

"Sure why not." I make my way to the door and then turn around to talk to Sean. "Do you want to play as well?" I ask

"No, it is a two player game anyway so just play with Caleb." He answers and all three of us make our way down stairs and to the basement.

"We are playing the racing game." Caleb announces loudly as if that will stop anyone from complaining. He quickly runs over to get the controllers and places the game in the machine.

"Come on dude, we are not playing that game with you. We all know that you suck at the game and whenever you lose, which is all the time, you end up getting like a sulky baby about it." Doug tells him from his place on one of the bean bags.

"I do not sulk when I lose the game and I am playing with Myla so I don't care what you say." Caleb passes one of the controllers to me and he gets the game all set up choosing the course and the cars. Caleb explains the different buttons to me and I can't help but love the kid because anyone else would have probably let me suffer without help. We start the game and I realise that this is the game that Heavens brother own, which is the only game Heaven and I will play on play station. By half a lap it is easy to realise that Caleb isn't as good as me and I could hear the other boys chuckling about Caleb getting beaten by a girl. I hate how they treat Caleb and I want him to feel a little better and so I fake a crash and pretend to get a little flustered about crashing and then not being able to reverse. Caleb's car comes zooming round the corner and passes mine with great speed. I spare a quick glance at his face and feel a warm feeling in my stomach at the happy smile that is breaking through onto his face. I make sure to keep my car slow and so Caleb wins by a long distance. When he crosses over the line in first place a look of triumph crosses his face and looks over to Doug.

"See I don't always lose." He remarks to him and I laugh at him.

"Well done Caleb; you smashed me." I put one arm over him and give him a half hug.

"Well no kidding. You were shit!" Doug exclaims and my face that was in a happy smile now looks like a tornado is about to strike.

"I bet I could beat you at the game easily." I say coldly chucking him the controller I had and using Caleb's to decide what course we are going on. The boys all share curious glances and I just smirk at them all. The game starts and I play to my full potential imagining I am racing Rocky, Heavens brother, and not Doug. I am leading by a little bit and both of us are on the edge of our seats trying to go faster. I win the race closely but Doug was pretty close when we were crossing the line.

"Wow, shit, she beat you!" Finn says while jumping up and hi fiving Evan like he was the one who just beat Doug. Sean is leaning up against the doorframe and makes his way over to where I am sitting. He sits down next to me on the couch and whispers in my ear so no one can hear our conversation.

"I know that you lost to Caleb on purpose. It was obvious before you beat Doug but I just wanted to say thank you for doing that because not only was it awesome for someone to beat Doug it was nice for Caleb to finally beat someone at something. Him being the youngest isn't always the easiest."

"I don't know what you are talking about. Caleb just happened to beat me because he is good enough to beat me." I say with a warm smile and shrug my shoulders. I carry on playing a couple of games with Caleb and the rest of the boys start talking amongst themselves. No matter how much I deny it I was very much listening to their conversations because I was interested to know how they talk and react to each other. They were very revolved around local gossip so the majority of the names I didn't have a clue about. They used codenames for different girls, some that Caleb should not be hearing at his age. All I could say was that girls around here were just as trashy as girls back home were.

"Caleb, honey, it is time to go up to bed now." Regina calls from the top of the stairs and both of us say our goodnights to the rest of the boys before making our way up the stairs. Although I didn't mind the other boys I was only really comfortable with Caleb and I had nothing to do down there anyway. When I get upstairs I quickly go to the bathroom and brush my teeth before then going back to my room and close my door softly. I put on one of my calming playlists and open up Facebook to search the boy's profiles. All of the boys apart from Caleb have a profile and they look just as good on there as they do in real life. The older boys all have photos with their friends or with other girls, Miler has one with his mum and Ian is doing the Usain Bolt pose. Why does a 13 year old even need to have facebook? When I was his age I didn't even know about half the people who I now know because of Facebook. Searching through Facebook began to bore me and out of pure response from being bored I automatically search for Drake's profile. As soon as I see his profile I notice that his profile picture is still of us when we were dating. It was after a dance and he managed to make me go to it. We are both at the after party kissing sweetly. It was a happy moment for us and it was only 3 months before we split. He was such a sweet guy when I dated him but then became a complete and utter dick. An example would be that he is going out with another girl and still has a picture of his ex. I look at the comments and it still has the 'I love you' phrase that we gave each other and her bitching out about the fact that he needs to change the picture if he still wants her as his girlfriend. I laugh at her poor spelling and grammar before deleting both of them off my friends list as I am in a new place and need none of that old drama.

I stick up the rest of my photos, finding one of Drake and I as a couple and ripping it into tiny pieces before chucking it in the bin. I look around my new room and decide that this will very much give me a fresh start and I hope to make the most of it. With that final thought I pull back my bed covers and try to get some because I have a feeling that the McGowan household is hectic and I am now right in the midst of it.

I slowly wake up to find that I don't have as much bed as I had in the morning. I feel a warm body next to mine and my eyes open instantly. I look down at the person invading my bed and I realise it is Caleb and I remember everything that happened yesterday. New family. Once he sees that I am awake he looks rather sheepish.

"What are you doing in here monkey?" I ask, rubbing the sleepy dust out of my eyes. My hair is still in a pony tail so I don't have to worry about looking like a scarecrow in front of him.

"I had a really bad dream and it scared me a lot. Mum and dad told me that I am too old to sleep with them if I have a nightmare and my brothers would tease me if they found out I was scared about something so you were the only person left." He whispers to me as he thinks the others would hear if he didn't. It really must suck to be him sometimes. With so many of his brothers being old teenagers he must feel so self-conscious of some of his childish ways. There is so many things that he must not be able to do due to the fact that his brothers might take the piss out of him.

"Don't worry about it sweetie. Now what was your nightmare about?" I ask while popping my body up so I can see him better.

"Spiders." He says and a shiver runs down his spine.

"Spiders?" I question because there are numerous spider nightmares that can happen to someone.

"Yes, you know the spiders on Harry Potter; the massive ones? Well Doug was controlling then and kept on making them chase after me. I was begging for him to stop but he was saying how I was a waste of space and that his spiders were hungry. They weren't really hungry though, Doug was just making them chase me because it was entertainment for him. I was running as fast as I could but the spiders were faster and one was just about to eat me when I woke up. I was just so scared that I had to go into another room and that was yours." He explains and you could still see that he was scared of the dream even now.

"The Harry Potter spiders scare me a lot too. Once when we were watching it I had to hold my best friends hand the whole way through their scenes because they scared me so much." I admit to him, hoping it will make him feel a little bit better about his dream and more self confidence.

"They scare absolutely everyone in our house apart from Sean. You won't get my brothers to admit it though, apart from Miller, because they have too high of a reputation to uphold and all girls that they are after only care about how manly they are. Screaming like wimps when watching the spiders would never impress any of them and so they pretend it doesn't happen." He makes them sound like such wusses that I can't help but giggle at his words. He starts joining in and we both set each other off even more. A knock on my door sends Caleb under the bed and silent. He motions for me not to tell anyone that he is here and I give him a small nod.

"Come in." I shout through my bedroom door and a paint splattered Finn walks though the door. "How can I help?" I ask trying to make him not notice the nine year old bump in my bed.

"I was just going to tell you that it is breakfast time downstairs and if you want anything to eat then you better go down quickly because with 7 growing boys we need our food. I also was wondering who was in the room with you." I give him a confused look and he elaborates. "I heard laughing and talking coming from your door and I was just wondering who was in here with you." I nod my head in understanding.

"Nope it is just me." I lie and am wondering what is so bad if Finn found out. He doesn't seem like an arsehole and I don't think he really gives Caleb a hard a time as some of the others.

"Okay well I'm getting breakfast." He turns around and walks through my door, before he closes it he turns back around and my bed is seen in his gaze. "Morning Caleb and just for your information I don't scream like a girl but I do admit that those are some damn scary spiders." He leaves with a cheeky grin and I laugh softly.

"We have been caught." I state to Caleb once he comes out of his hiding spot under the covers. He looks over to the closed bedroom door before looking back at me.

"Doesn't matter, it was only Finn. Finn doesn't tell anyone about things like that. Now come down stairs, I want breakfast." Caleb grabs my hand and drags me out of bed before proceeding to do the same down the stairs. He finally lets go of my hand when we are at the kitchen and he runs over to the table so he can grab some breakfast.

"Good morning Caleb, Myla. How did you sleep in your new bed?" Regina asks, kissing Caleb on the forehead and passing him some orange juice.

"I slept really well actually. It is amazing with all the new extra space." I comment. "And how did you sleep?" I ask trying to be polite.

"As well as you can when you have 7 boys and a snoring husband." She laughs and all of the boys and men complain. "Oh hush, here is your meat." She laughs when they all grab it quickly. She looks at me with a loving smile and I just grab a cup of coffee. I make both of us one because she looks like she needs it and pass one over to her when they are done. She gives me a grateful smile before I take a seat at the table as well. I grab a piece of toast and butter it up. I take small bites hoping to not spill to many crumbs over the table and floor.

"Don't you want any bacon or egg, Myla?" Finn asks as he points to the two different plates in question.

"No thanks. I hate eggs and I don't eat pig." I tell him and all movement at the table stops. They all look at me with horror and I realise that it probably wasn't a normal thing to say.

"Why, are you Muslim or something?" Doug asks and I just shake my head at the rubbish he comes up with.

"No, I just used to own a pet pig and I learnt that I don't want to be eating what could be my pet. I loved my pet pig and I just refuse to eat pig because whenever I take a bite all I can imagine is when it used to squeak at me." I explain shrugging my shoulders trying to ignore the tidal wave of images with Mr Piggy. I was 5 when I named him and so that is why it had a crappy name. Doug, being the complete arsehole he is, decides to do one of the grossest things ever and sticks the bacon in his mouth and openly chews it keeping his mouth wide open and eating it slowly. I scrap my chair across the floor and walk away from the table truly disgusted. As I walk past his place at the table I hit him on the back of the head the hardest I can without injuring any part of my body. He lets out a grunt but nothing more and I suspect that he has been in quite a lot of fights. I walk up the stairs and decide to have a quick shower before all the boys start coming up here and making noise. I grab my toiletries and towel before making my way to the bathroom.

I know it is expected that when you are told that you are sharing a bathroom with 6 boys, 5 of the being teenagers that there would be mess but this was beyond someone should have to deal with. Across the tiled surface were all sorts of things and some I couldn't label and wouldn't want to. Shaving cream was spilt around the sink, the toilet seat was up and showing some serious leak spillage, grubby finger marks on the mirror and bath, an unpleasant amount of boy hair, some that I really don't want to think about. I grabbed the, thankfully, clean-ish shower nose and washed all the hair down the plughole so it would be manageable to clean myself without getting any more dirty. I finish my wash and wrap the towel around myself before opening the bathroom door and stepping onto the landing. As soon as I stand outside I notice that Doug is leaning against the staircase railing glowering at me.

"It's my turn for the bathroom." He states like I am actually meant to know that after being here for less than 24 hours. I shrug my shoulders.

"Sorry, I didn't realise." I tell him as sincerely as possible, which is not very apologetic.

"Listen here bitch because I am only going to say this once. Just because everyone round here is acting nice to you doesn't mean that they actually like you. We got to told to be nice to you and none of them want to be hounded by mum. They are scared of what she will do to them but not me. I don't care what she does as long as you know that you aren't wanted here." He steps away from the railing and closer to me, in what I presume is meant to be a threatening manner. Unfortunately for him I have had much worse and so a little 15 year old trying to stand up to me is no work at all.

"That's because you're such a 'bad ass' right? Honestly Doug grow a pair and realise that I don't give two shits whether or not you like that I am here or not. This is where I am going to be staying for however long and you better believe that I will make my presence known to you at every point I can. I have dealt with a lot bigger and rougher people than you so you are really just child's play. Well done Doug because the games have now commenced." I push past his shoulder and walk into my room before shutting the door rather loudly. Fuck I have already made an enemy on my first full day of me being here... and that enemy so happens to be living under the same house as me. This is going to be a lot harder that I thought it would be.

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