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Chapter Six: Headlights on Dark Roads

Myla's POV

Evan and Finn are annoying the whole way to the hotel. They are beyond excited about coming to my home town during their school time. They tell me earlier that they felt more 'gangster' than Doug because of the fact that they are going to spend a couple of days in a dangerous place. Bless them; they really didn't understand how un-cool they are sounding about going to a place that they have the possibility of getting killed. Sean realised pretty quickly about how bad the situation was going to be but he is still hell bent on protecting me. I am just happy that some of the messages and warnings that I have been sending them have managed to get through to at least one of them.

When we get to the hotel I order a room for my own with a double bed and the boys decide to get a room to share together. They want to save more money because they feel bad spending their parent's money to get here and I have to stop myself from commenting on the fact that they didn't have to spend any if they didn't come with me. Their room is right next to mine but as soon as I step into my room I am happy. It is clean, spacious and has its own lock; a lock that will stop the boys from coming into my room whenever they like. Privacy was what the lock meant and I am going to use it to my full advantage while being here.

I open my room door and put my duffle bag in front of it so it wouldn't close. I then go over to the boys room and knock on their door. When being on the place, I decide to take them to the party that Drake is hosting. At the time I thought it was a brilliant way to introduce myself back to LA by showing that I really don't care and already have my own got boys to hang around with. Plus, I also want to see the look on Suzie's and Drake's faces when I walk in with three gorgeous boys on my arm!

"Ah Myla, to what do we owe the pleasure?" Finn jokes and I grin at him.

"We are going to a party, so dress up nice but casual; you have 45 minutes to get yourself all dolled up." I inform him before running back to my room and closing the door before he can ask any questions.

I quickly take a shower, washing my hair and then drying it into soft ringlets. I then pull out my black push up bra and matching panties before putting over a sexy blood-red dress which had the stomach area missing. My make up is simple but still shows off my favourite features and I wear my black and red high heels which now don't feel uncomfortable to walk in after having to deal with them for so long. I look in the mirror are if I don't say so myself I look hot! I want to look good for my return and I want to look good for Sean, but the main reason that I was wearing this beast of an outfit was because I was telling Drake that he would forever regret cheating on me and Suzie to eat her heart out! I am the prettiest bitch in LA, whether I lived there or not! Heaven is of course a close second. I look across at the clock in the room and see that it has just gone 8o'clock; time to get the boys. I knock on their door and all of the boys pile out of the room and wait in a line in front of it.

"McGowan boys, you sure do know how to clean up good." I whistle at them while they all pretend to do girly poses.

"Why thank you, my lady. You look awfully fine yourself." Evan jokes and I give my own little twirl and a grin appears on my lips. "So where are we going, secret one!" He asks and I finally allow myself to tell them.

"A party," I tell them again, leaving them to have a bit of suspense. We all get into the lift.

"We know that, but who's party?" Finn asks getting impatient.

"Drake's," I announce and wait for them all to remember who that is.

"Are you talking about the one that is your ex-cheating-boyfriend Drake?" Sean asks with a hint of annoyance.

"That's the one, and you guessed it in one! No prize I'm afraid." I joke trying to get the mood a bit more fun again.

"Why, in God's name, are we going there?" Sean cries out and Finn shoots him a look as if to say 'we aren't going to get answers with you using that kind of tone'. Well at least one of them is learning.

"Pretty simple really, I want to catch up with people and we can have some fun while we are here." I tell them simply before exiting the lift and walking out of the hotel. We all walk down three streets until we get to Drake's house.

"This is it." I tell them before walking up the tiny drive and into my ex-love's house. Oh sweet memories; not! The party has been going on for roughly about 30 minutes so no one was drunk but people were in the relaxed stage of drinking. The four of us walking in, me going first, followed by Sean, then Finn and Evan leading the rear. Everyone's eyes instantly go towards us and I can't help but smirk inside at the fact that I have still got a hold on some of the people in LA. I guess though it must be quite a surprise for people to see a girl who was meant to have moved in her ex's house with three hot new friends. Hell, I would be pissed if Drake had done that to me! Heaven runs up to me and seconds later I feel her latch onto me just as fiercely as I hug her.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" My best friend asks into my shoulder and we finally break apart. I look down to see that she is wearing some black short shorts with a purple sparkly tube top. Her coal black hair was straight as a nail and her dark olive skin tone really made her emerald green eyes pierce you. She looked stunning and it was no wonder why Will was finally going out with her.

"I could ask you the same question after I specifically told you to be staying with Will the whole time. Honestly though I realised you were going to come to the party, I would too if your ex was holding a party, and so I thought I might come and join you. Besides there is always drama at a party and I would most defiantly like to be involved with that." I smirk at her and we both laugh. I cast my eyes behind her and see my good friend, and Heaven's boyfriend, Will. He notices that I am looking at me and comes over with his arms outstretched.

"Hello stranger, couldn't stand being away for too long could you?" He jokes and I nod my head because my mouth is pressed up against his shoulder and my words would've come out muffled. "Look thank you for giving me a little nudge about Heaven. I know she isn't going to be the easiest girlfriend in the world but she is by far worth it." He thanks and finally pulls away from me.

"It's okay, she has liked you for so long that you finally had your opportunity and I wasn't going to let it go to waste. You are one of the people I would trust with her life and so what better way than for you two to finally be together again." I shout into his ear before looking over at the McGowan brothers. They are looking at the three of us with curiosity, clearly wanting to know some more about my life before they were included in it.

"Okay, Heaven and Will meet my new little family Sean, Evan and Finny." I introduce them and Heaven hugs them all, while William 'guy pats' them. With the introductions over Heaven and I run over to the area where people are dancing and we start dancing as well. Neither Heaven nor I can dance so it just looks like a spilled mess of limbs flying all over the place; fortunately what we lose from quality we make up from with just having a fun time because the whole time we laugh and joke around. I know it has only been 4 days but it was too long to be away from the girl who is practically my sister.

"Are you going to finally tell me properly why you are here?" Heaven asks while the music is being changed over. I shake my head as a 'no' and explain.

"I will tell you later, I want us to have a fun night and it will somehow ruin it. I am kidnapping you for the night so we will have plenty of time to talk over that." We both laugh and then carry on dancing as soon as the music starts playing again. We are halfway through the song when it suddenly stops and the longue lights get turned on.

"Wow, look who finally came crawling back to LA." So my not-so-peaceful party was stopping now. I face the direction that her voice came from and place my best bitching smile on my face.

"Oh shit, I forgot to tell you that I was coming back! I am so sorry I couldn't call to tell you but I guess I just had so much more important things to do that it slipped my mind." I shrug my shoulders in a 'what are you going to do' gesture and search around the room to find the whereabouts of the boys. They are in the corner of the room with Will who, along wither every other human being in the room, are watching what is about to happen with Suzie and I.

"Like I would even want to see your ugly face let alone want a phone call from you." She laughs loudly and all of her plastic followers laugh with her. Her sister is standing by the right of Suzie and I realise that isn't just about Suzie but her family in general.

"Oh sorry I totally forgot you much prefer to have phone calls from other people's men!" I tell her before taking a step forward. Heaven puts her hand on my shoulder and makes me take a step back.

"Babe, it isn't my fault that you couldn't satisfy his big boy needs." She smirks at me and I grind my teeth. Arg, I didn't want to have sex with him and so now I am going to be the one that is in the wrong. Why even is that?

"Wow, what an insult. I am clearly the winner because I made a guy have sex with me because his girlfriend had morals and respect for herself." I imitate her and she is silent for a minute so I rush into my next part. "I don't even know why I am talking to you because I don't want him at all. You can have him for all I care because the two whores always do make a great couple." I remark and turn around to walk away from the situation. I haven't even walked two steps before someone grabs my hair making me stop immediately. I honestly hate it when they go for the hair, they all realise how long it takes you to make your heir perfect so they decide to go for it straight away. It is such a girly move to make and it angers me even more that it is probably Suzie who did it. A skanky move from a skanky girl! I get myself into the right position before twisting out of her grasp and quickly moving behind her so I can kick the back of her legs a little harder than necessary. Suzie falls down in a heap with a cry of pain and before she can even get herself sorted out I saddle her hips so I can punch her easy while still having control of her.

It was one of my favourite things about being here; the fights are 1 on 1. It means that people are either quiet or are good fighters. Of course you still get the idiots that think they are amazing and no one will touch them but they are soon quiet. With only having Heaven as a girl friend it meant that I didn't have anyone else to fight with me and so with that it wasn't the two of us on 5, but merely just 1 on 1; much better odds for us. No one helps in the fight unless they are dragging the winner away from the other person. As much as I was annoyed through my years of high school people knew to never get into a physical altercation with me because my daddy made sure to teach me everything properly and have gradually learnt more and more as the years have gone on. With no one other than Will who could get me off Suzie it made me that much more confident with the fight. Will knew the border at which I was teaching her a lesson and becoming animalistic, he made sure I was on the border before stepping in. With that tiny piece of knowledge I land a punch on the right side of her nose and I could feel the force crack her nose before the blood came pouring out of it. The atmosphere around the room suddenly became a bit more deadly as they knew I was fighting for blood. Suzie wasn't fighting back and after a couple more hits around her body I finally gave up on her and stood up, making sure to not get blood on me at all. I make sure to get right into her face before whispering in her ear, making sure no one else can hear me.

"You might have Drake but I have the class so I am winning. This is my warning to not touch my stuff again or I will cause serious damage. Just remember who my mum's boyfriend is." I use Rick as another incentive because as much as I have nothing to do with him everyone knows who he is and our family life is kept away from everyone. I get up again and crack my knuckles looking for the person that I was wanting. I find them and stalk over to them before standing right in front of them and giving them a full on hate glare.

"People like you despise me! You cheat on me because I wasn't going to give you my virginity! You are so stupid if you think that I was ever going to give up that for a little nobody like you. Unlike you I am actually going to make something for myself so don't try getting in contact with me when you have 8 different kids all from different mothers and don't know how to cope because I won't be there for you. I really hope Suzie is what you are looking for because you are both as sickly as each other." I let out one single breath before curling my hand back into a fist and throwing it one last time into his nose and the safe satisfying crunch comes from his, just like Suzie's. "Yay, now you will have matching broken noses!" I squeal sarcastically before walking back out of the door. I have had enough of the party now. As I was walking out I noticed some were still staring at me while others were helping Suzie and Drake out. I stop and turn around to walk back to the longue and everyone looks at me.

"Sorry one last thing and then I'm done." I announce before looking over at April. "Now April, I would love to have a round with you but my knuckles are hurting and frankly your family are the worst fighters around. I want you to know that I know you kicked me out of my second school and I'm glad that you did." I tell her and then address the whole room. "In fact I am happy about everything that you all did because it has made my life so much better just in these four days. I can pretty much say that after this trip I will probably never come back, or at least not for a long time because I don't care what happens here anymore." I finish and although no one cares I know that everyone has listened to what I have said. "Goodbye everyone," I say before waving at a couple of people who I used to talk to and grab Heaven's hand. We both go outside and as we are leaving people are still only just arriving. Most just give me smiles and waves as they weren't expecting me here and the rest just ignore me. I don't care anymore what happens. I just want to get the money situation sorted and then I am done with this place.

"As proud as I am for you doing that I am guessing that the anger you showed in there wasn't actually directed at them but really just finding a way to get your frustration out with an actually valid reason." Heaven predicts and she is right on sync with me. I don't care what happens with them anymore I just want to be able to move on my life and I really just needed to punch someone who wasn't going to effectively take my life away from me. We both stop and wait for the boys to come out of the crazy house.

"Yeah, I am pretty much over it all," I tell her with a smile and she grins back. Will comes out first and runs up to me before lifting me up and giving me a 'swinging hug'.

"Girl, have I missed you or what!" He squeezes me and I laugh.

"Thanks but I think you have enough femininity around you without me tagging alone." I tell him with a wink and love over to Heaven. They both blush and I love that I can finally tease them about being together. The boys trot out half a minute later and they all still have shocked looks on their faces. Their faces are pretty funny and I smirk at them.

"Can't handle LA, I see." Heaven comments thinking the same as I am.

"Oh no, we can handle La. I just don't think we realised how tough Myla is." Sean says in a playful tone but I know that he is being serious.

"Well at least when I hit the backs of your legs I went easy." I joke to try and uplift the mood. They all share the look; the look that I have gotten my whole life when people finally see what I can do. It is a fun look to receive but sometimes it isn't always the best thing in the world.

"Yeah, I guess that is a good thing." Evan mumbles. I frown at the way he says it. He actually doesn't sound pleased at all and there is no joking in his voice. I thought one of them would have been a tiny bit happy that I managed to beat up Suzie pretty easy. I guess they were more concerned at the moment.

"Whatever." I mutter before looking at Heaven. "Come on Hev, let's go back to mine; we can talk there. Will, I shall see you tomorrow." I give Will a quick goodbye hug and wait for Heaven to finish the cuddling, kissing and the general love-y dove-y comments that they passed between each other. When they finally finish Heaven and I walk the streets pretty quickly, not even bothering to talk to the boys as their actions to the fight have unintentionally upset me. I know they don't realise that I am upset but I don't understand why they had to act like they did. All I did was taught Suzie a lesson and now they are thinking that I am some kind of monster? Stupid! My phone starts ringing for what feels like the 100th time today and I look down to see who is calling. I frown as the name comes up, Rick!

"What do you want?"

"Myla, Myla, Myla; is that anyway to talk to your step father?" I honestly don't understand him. He is deluded half the time and I swear he only says things because he knows it gets under my skin. Why on earth would I see as a parental figure when he has been as good as a shark walking in Wal-Mart!

"Unfortunately for you I will speak however I see fit. So I suggest that you tell me why you called before I hang up."

"I shall do what you want just for now. Well a little birdie told me that you are back in our lovely neighbourhood."

"Your little birdie would be a very accurate stalking birdie; maybe you should give it an extra worm as a treat."

"Now we both know that isn't going to happen. We shall meet tomorrow, bring whoever you want, I shall pay for dinner. Well I guess I don't be paying really for much longer seeing as I will soon have hands on your fathers money but for now we shall just use mine."

"Where are we meeting?" I ask stiffly, he really is making it hard to have a civil conversation with him,

"I was thinking 'Grill n' eat'. I always remember it was your father favourite place. Disgusting place to eat but then why else would your father enjoy spending the time eating there? Anyways, I thought it would be a cycle if we go to the favourite place of the dead man's money" I hear his cackle down the phone and he destroys all the patience that I have for him.

"I will be there at 7. Oh and Rick? Talk about my father like that and what you heard about the party will happen to you. I don't care who your connections are or what kind of relation you are to me, you say one more word and I will be cooking your head." I warn him coldly before hanging up the phone, slowly breathing to stop myself from smashing my phone into a million pieces. Heaven looks over at me with question in her eyes. She has had to endure a lot more of me complaining about Rick than anyone else and I just shake my head to tell her that I will explain it all later. She wouldn't understand what happened unless she heard the start and I want to tell her back at the hotel.

"Who was that on the phone?" Sean asks and I finally look back at the boys since getting away from the party.

"The president, he wanted to know what I had for dinner." I answer in a serious tone and try not to crack up laughing. Heaven rolls her eyes at my immaturity and I crack a smile for her.

"No, seriously; what happened?" Sean walks beside me as if he expects that to make me confess it all to him; which of course doesn't happen.

"Sean, please just drop it. It doesn't concern you." I shrug like it was no big deal and make my footsteps that tiny bit faster. I don't really want to deal with him or his brothers' questions because at the moment I really just wanted to talk to Heaven and see what she makes out of all of it.

"Mylena Erica Simmons! Talk to me right now." Sean shouts and I stop dead in my tracks and turn around wide eyed.

"How do you know my name?" I ask confused because not even people here really knew my name and I certainly don't tell people my real name!

"I have my resources." He smirks before getting serious again "Now can you please tell me what is happening with the whole situation and the phone call." He folds up his arms and waits for my response. Evan and Finn are standing on either side of him both mimicking his pose and pouts on their faces. You know when people try to look tough and then end up looking like they are doing a bad impression? Well that is what the boys looked like! Heaven and I both look at each other before one of us bursts into hysterics, causing the other one to do the same.

"What are you laughing at?" He asks confused and he looks a little insecure.

"You all look like some pricy boy version of Charlie's angels!" Heaven explains between her laughter. I see this as the perfect opportunity to step away from the firing line of their questions and so I take off down the road with Heaven. Both of us have already taken our shoes off and are able to run as fast as we can, cackling like witches over nothing. Heaven thinks exactly the same way as I do. Neither of us really question what the other is doing in a bad way and always help each other when something is going wrong. We get into the hotel and are about 10 metres in front of the boys. We both run into the hotel and press our floor number before frantically pressing the close door button and laughing hysterically when the boys only just miss it. It wasn't even funny but just Heaven and I find the littlest things funny when we are together. I laugh even more at the faces and grumbles the boys must be making at the fact that they have to climb three flights of stairs. Once we get to our floor we open the room door and then proceed to jump on the bed, which has been our tradition since becoming friends. We don't bother saying goodnight to the boys and just start our gossip session right there. I don't feel comfortable talking about Rick straight away and so we start off with easy topics like Will, the McGowan's, school, TV shows, family etc. Heaven is amazing to talk to when I have a problem because she understands what I am going through. She obviously hasn't been through it personally but when you know all of the facts of the past it is easier to go and talk to that person again because you don't have to spend more time explaining.

"Okay so can you finally tell me what is happening? The suspense has been killing me!" Heaven sighs out and I giggle at her dramatising ways. She pulls one of the pillows on her lap and gets comfortable while staring holes into me. I knew I had put it off for as long as possible and she wasn't going to allow me to take even longer to finally answer her question. The time on the bed side table clock read 3.12am and I was going to be feeling that it was that time after the conversation.

"Fine, fine, I guess I have been putting it off for a little too long." I sigh out and she makes a noise in agreement. "So this morning I was lazing around when I got a call from my mum's phone. Obviously I pick it up because I wanted to see how she was doing and it turns out to be the amazing Rick. Apparently my dad has left me money. I'm not talking a large amount of money; I am talking gigantic amounts of money!"

"How much have you got?" She asks, not in an 'I want that money' kind of way but curious as to the amount I have.

"$250, 000," I answer and she lets out a whistle at the amount.

"Jeez girl, that is a ton of cash!" She exclaims and I not in agreement.

"Yeah I know! Rick wants the money though." I tell her kind of sadly.

"What? Why would you, of all people, want to give that man the money that your father is giving to you?" She asks like it is the stupidest thing in the world. Of course it is the stupidest thing in the world but when it comes to Rick he thinks that he will be able to get the money. Somehow he won't get it and I won't rest until I know that this is true.

"Well he threatened to do something if I didn't give it to him." I inform her quietly, knowing what will be her next question.

"What has he threatened you with?" She asks, just like predicted.

"Hev, do I have to say?" I whine and she nods her head.

"Afraid you do, how else am I meant to help?" She asks not wanting an answer.

"He threatened to kill you and mum." I answer quickly, not even looking at her face because I'm scared I will see something that I won't like. Heaven lets out a gasp and I flinch. I feel ashamed that she has me to call as her best friend. A best friend is meant to be someone who it there for you when you need them there. They are meant to be honest and keep you informed of everything. They are meant to be there when someone is going against you and are one of the most important people when you are in school. I'm there for her that is for sure, and if someone bullies her then I would jump them the second I see them. Heaven knows everything about my life, and vice versa. If there was an answer that Heaven wanted to know, and I knew the answer, then I would be there to tell it to her straight away. I was a good best friend in that kind of sense. What I wasn't a good friend was protecting her from my life. Instead of dealing with it myself I was seeking help and I don't want her involved anymore than she already is. I am meant to be helping her; not putting her into more danger!

"My, it is okay, I know it isn't your fault. Rick is a psycho and you can't help that I was chosen to be the one he threatened you with. You didn't ask for him to pick you and now we will both work even harder to make sure that doesn't happen." She soothes me.

"How did you know how I was feeling?" I ask, and I'm not really sure why I bothered ask considering she has been my best friend for such a long time.

"I know everything about you anyways, but I could see the look on your face and that was telling me your thought patterns pretty easily.

"Hev I don't know what I want to do about the situation. I don't want to give him the money because then he will hurt both of you and I couldn't cope with that. But then I also don't think I can hand the money over to him either. It was my dad's money and my dad must have put in a lot of effort to get that kind of cash. Rick doesn't deserve any of it; especially since he was the one that killed my dad. Who asks for the guy's money that they have killed? It is just crazy." I grumble out in a little panic and lay my head on her shoulder.

"I don't know what kind of person asks for that kind of money but it doesn't matter. We will figure out a way to stop him and this will just be a tiny bump in a road to your future." She sounds so definite that I didn't even bother trying to deny what she is saying. After a couple more minutes of silence we both go under that covers and after such a busy day I am asleep in minutes. It is a dream of nothingness and for once that brought me peace. A final escape of the craziness that I lead.

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