Hello guys, I'm new to Angel Beats! Archive. Hehe, I'm from the Infinite Stratos archive, and happened to watch this series, and yes, it really made me cry. I was inspired by the ending to write this one.

The title is also inspired by the song "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder. ^_^

Enjoy! Credits to NKC, for some ideas here :D

"Kanade," Yuzuru pulled Kanade into his arms, hugging her as close as he could. She embraced him back, wrapping her own arms around him. "I love you, let's stay together forever"

"Yes…" she whispered, barely hearing her voice through his chest. "Thank you, Yuzuru."

"Stay with me forever!"

He embraced her tighter into his arms. "I love you, Kanade" his voice had a hint of sorrow as he spoke those words, along with tears from his eyes.

Kanade closed her eyes, resting her head on his chest. "Thank you." A contented smile and a sorrowful voice was all she could muster. "Thank you so much for loving me…"

"Kanade… please don't disappear, Kanade!" Yuzuru begged her, holding her tighter. He doesn't have the power to let her go anymore. "Kanade!"

"The gift of life you gave me." She closed her eyes as her last moments arrived, nothing more but her wishes were fulfilled. "Thank you so much."

And the most beautiful dream had ended. She was gone.



Yuzuru jumped up from his bed as he heard his alarm clock buzzed out. He's panicking, sweating, panting and feels a shiver from his spine remembering the end of his dream as his senses dropped him back to earth where he was there sitting on his bed.

He had minutes of delay before standing up from his bed, regaining his cool and posture with a sigh of relief, clearing his mind and returning his heart to its normal beat. The exact dream, in the exact time and in the exact place kept on digging him in his sleep, where he can't even recall a time in the dream; a white-haired and golden eyed girl in his dreams, totally lost her. She can't even remember her name, where she lives, or if she exists, as if there's a little that he could keep it.

There's nothing he could do to stop it, it kept on crawling in him every night, like an inescapable judgment of terror following him.

He sighed on his bed, thinking if he should go out or not. But that dream is kinda weird, the event is almost real, the emotions were real and more importantly, that girl was real. But what's concerning him most is today, today is Monday.

Right, Monday. Worst day of the week.

He stood up and stretched his body, raising his arms up as high as he could, cracking every crackable joint in his body (Fingers, wrists, ankles, etc.). He looked to the clock near his closet. The clock says it's 6:00.

He sighed in the bottom of his chest. He's having this exam at 9:00, yet the morning waked him up at 6, well, it's better than waking 10 minutes before 9. He stood up and went inside the bathroom and took his morning shower.

10 minutes has passed he got out of the shower. He changed his clothes, combed his messy hair from shower and got down for breakfast. As he got down, he saw his sister, Hatsune Otonashi, cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

"Oh, ohayo, onii-chan!" she greeted as she saw him went down the stairs. "You're so early today."

Yuzuru didn't utter a word after that, like he felt that something was not right. He hit his head thinking that it would wake him up to reality.

"What's the matter, onii-chan?" she asked him as she held the scoop up in front of her chest with a worried look on her face. "Are you in pain?"

He realized that he was awake, really awake, because nothing happened. Here he is, with his sister, who used to be sick for a very long time, already recovered from it. It's like a dream. No, it's not a dream anymore, this is real.

"I'm alright, don't worry about me." He replied to her with a smile. "You better worry with what you're cooking."

She quickly looked back to the stove, and saw smokes coming out of the frying pan. She panicked and quickly reached for the stove-opener (Sorry I don't know what the name is) and quickly turned it off.

"Whew, that was close. Arigatou, onii-chan." She turned herself back to him and smiled.

Yuzuru blushed a little, not because of his sister's cuteness, but the growling of his stomach wanting to be fed already.

"Just in time!" Hatsune jumped out in cheer. "Breakfast's ready."

Yuzuru sat down the chair and pulled it closer to the table, he could smell the sweet smell of his breakfast in front of him. Grilled bacon with fried eggs and toasted bread, plus the sweet aroma of hot chocolate at the right side of his plate. Seeing this menu, his stomach growled again.

"Okay, let's eat!" she said and bowed.

"Itadakimasu!" He bowed and started to eat his breakfast. He quickly reached the grilled bacon first and took a bite of it.

"How is it?" Hatsune asked him.

"Mmm, delicious! Your cooking skills are improving, Hatsune." Yuzuru complimented.

"Really?" she blushed a little, rolling her two forefingers up and down. "But, I don't see any improvements; it's the same as ever."

Yuzuru chuckled a bit as he eats his breakfast and what he heard from his sister. Well, of course, you won't be able to see your improvements unless someone will look into it.

"Nah, you did improve. Believe me." He said and smiled at her.

Her blushes grew, as she receives many compliments from her brother.

"If you say so…" She all could reply and started to eat her food.

Few minutes of conversation, Yuzuru finished his breakfast, stood up and placed his plate in the sink.

"By the way Hatsune, I have an exam at 9:00, so I gotta go now." He said and headed to the door. "I'll see you later." He waved his arms.

"See you too, onii-chan!" she replied waving her arms saying goodbye.

Yuzuru started his walk to the train station. He should be there at 8:00am for him to catch the first train going to his school. He looked to his wristwatch, saying it's half an hour before eight.

"Great, I didn't expect I was too early." He thought to himself and sighed from the bottom of his heart.

It's still 7:30am, and yet the sun is already up. The hot weather~, no, warm weather, is getting along with his plans. He was walking down a street, seeing different faces of people he doesn't even know the names, and stores he'd never seen before. He sighed, continued walking as he ignores the world, and passed to a white-haired girl with a hat that covers almost her entire face that leans on the wall humming a song as she took her phone to check something, and started to walk to the opposite direction where he's walking. Yuzuru just ignored her when suddenly he realized that the song she was humming was very familiar, like he heard it somewhere else. But he can't recall where it is.

Realizing that, he quickly turned around and chased the white-haired girl. When he got close, he quickly tapped her shoulders. The girl turned around and his eyes met her golden orbs.

"Umm, do I know you… from somewhere?" the white-haired girl asked him.

She looked very familiar to him, and he recalled that the girl from his dreams and this girl are the same. Is this her? The girl from his dreams? No, she's not, her hair is too short. It should be down to her back. But a thought kept on saying inside him that this is her, it's her, it's her, it's her.

"That song… that you hum… Errr, this may sound strange, but what is it?" he asked the girl.

The girl didn't answer quickly. Her body twitched and her eyes narrowed down.

"I... don't know exactly, it's just…" She stopped.

She didn't utter a word after that. Instead, she just looked down on her feet, feeling uncomfortable and nervous. He could tell it because her body was shaking a bit.

Yuzuru found out that he was a total idiot. There he is, on a street with so much people, approached a girl he don't know. Just to ask the song she hums? Just because that song is familiar to him, and because she's similar with the girl in his dreams? That was ridiculous. And a word attack came inside his brain.

'Yuzuru, you're really a big moron'

He sighed; just relieve the feeling of embarrassment. "I'm sorry…" he apologized. "We're you waiting for the 8:00am train?"

"Yes, and I'm also waiting for someone… but-" she said was interrupted by him.

"I'm sorry!" he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. He's thinking that she's waiting her boyfriend to come. "I've got to go!" he said and hurried downstairs to wait the train, in case her boyfriend will arrive so he won't be caught. He thought.

There, he was gone. But the girl felt uncomfortable. For everyday she's standing in this place humming that song, where also everyday nobody speaks to her in public, this is the only day that someone stopped and talked to her. More importantly, recognized the song she was humming, which was far away of existing in this world, which only comes to her from her deepest dreams.

She thought.

'My song'

That boy, he surely knows about it. Maybe he could tell her more about it. If she will follow him, maybe he can answer her questions. She also thinks if he's attending the same school as her, as he's also waiting for the same train.

Great luck if it is.

She also thought that he resembles to… wait, there's no way that will happen. Her thoughts kept on saying that "That's him" but she herself tells her that it's impossible. It's still the best way to follow him, for her to know the truth behind all of her feelings.

She quickly took the stairs down and searched for that orange-haired boy. He kept on walking, checking every bench in the station where he's possibly sitting, but she saw none.

"The train is not here yet, where could he be?" he asked herself through her thoughts. She sat down the on the bench tried to calm herself down. Her heart is beating so fast, she can't control it anymore. She wanted to find the answers for her unanswered questions.

She pulled out her phone from her shoulder bag and looked at the time.


Great, she has 15 minutes left before the train arrives. If she can't find him here before 8, she won't be able to talk to him until she reaches the school. Even though if she arrives at school, the day will kill her just to find that orange-haired boy, if they're attending the same school.


She's still looking from left to right in case she will caught a glimpse of him. She saw a guy with orange hair. She tried to stand and go to him, but she stopped when he turned around.

It's not him.


"I guess, I don't have any choice." She thought to herself. She's losing hope of finding him at the station, because the population in here is growing.

The train arrived at exactly 8:00am, yet she hasn't found that orange-haired boy. She's now losing hope of finding him; until he caught a glimpse of him enter the train from the other door. She quickly ran to it before it closes.

She got inside. She put her palm on her chest, tried to catch her breath. As she recovered, she quickly stood up at looked for him. Having a great luck, she saw him seating on the last seat of this portion of the train, reading something. She checked if he had a seatmate, another great luck, there's no one in there. She walked to it.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" She asked him in a polite tone. The orange-haired guy looked up on her and smiled.

"Oh you're the one earlier." He replied to him. "I thought you're waiting for someone?"

She smiled weakly and said to him, "You didn't let me finish."

"Oh I see…" He could all reply. Maybe she's not sure if the person she's waiting is coming, he thought.

"She's single." He thought to himself and smiled. "Wait, what the hell am I thinking?" he thought again.

"Back to my question." She said to him.

He remembered what she had asked him earlier. He said, "Nope, it's not. You can take it."

Her weak smile turned into a healthy smile. "Thank you." She said and sat down beside him.

There's an awkward silence between them both as the train moves. Until the white-haired girl had an idea to start a conversation.

"What school are you attending?" she asked him. She thought that she'll look like a stalker, but she cared less about it. All she wanted is answers for her questions.

"Tokyo University." He replied to her. "I have pre-final exam today, that's why I'm studying even in a place like this." He said in an annoyed tone.

She chuckled a bit as she heard his replies. "I guess we're in the same school then. And taking pre-final exam too." She smiled.

"Ah, I see." He said and smiled. "Well, good luck to us."

She didn't spoke a word after that. She just looked outside, still thinking if this boy resembles the boy in her dreams. Yet it will look awkward if she will ask him directly. She might be thinking if his name is 'Otonashi', as what she had in her dreams.

"You seem familiar to me…" she continued.

He was taken aback when he heard those words that came out of her lips. "You… know me?"

She nodded and said, "Yes… you resemble someone in my dream"

"In a dream…" he said. He maybe thought that they're on the same boat, unless delusions strike in. "Can you tell me about it?"

She started talking about what that dream. Many visions came rushing inside his memories, taking her dreams as his. Almost her dream was the same as his. He's sure about it, no mistakes.

"I was standing in a school's staircase, in front of a fountain, before the sunset, while I'm embraced by the boy I only love, and I'm embracing him back."

"I was happy that time." She said. A hint of sadness can be heard through it. "But he was sad, because he knew that' I'm going to leave…"

"I don't want to leave, but I can't stay there..." She said as she looks outside the window. Regrets came rushing in her mind. "I have to thank him, for what he did for me…"

"He saved me by giving his own heart..." She said as bead of tear appeared on the edge of her eyes, putting her palm on her heart. "He had shown me that life is worth living for by giving me his love."

"I gave him my goodbye, but he didn't accept it. It hurts me, but it hurts him more." She paused, wiping the tears on her eyes. "But I was happy in the end; I attained peace at that time."

"And then, we separated."

Silence struck them both. Yuzuru took a couple of minutes to absorb what she said to him. It took almost ¾ of his energy just trying to calm his emotions. His dream is 100% similar to hers; he thought it after hearing everything.

She feels it, as much as he does.

He then now realized how his emotions are getting intense inside him, all of it. And he suddenly realized that he doesn't even know her name. He'd been talking to her for hours, yet he hasn't asked her name. Time to ask her for it.

"By the way… I haven't known… your name yet." He said as he rubbed the back of his head. "What's your name?"

"Tachibana Kanade…" She answered. "Are you…~" she stopped for a while and looked for the right words to say.

Tachibana Kanade, that was the name of the girl in his dreams, as far as he remembers; could it be that it's true? No way! But can it possibly be? He didn't mutter a single word, and waited her to finish her sentence.

"Yuzuru?" she continued.

Suddenly he felt that the world stopped, and felt that this event was an unreal reality. "How'd you know?" he asked. 'How did we both know each other' to be specific.

She embraced herself, trying to hide her feelings. "I just got a feeling of it and…"

She was cut off by the brakes of the train and the opening of its doors. They arrived at the Tokyo train station 2. They stood up and prepared to leave the train.

He turned to her and and grabbed her hands as they got out of the train and started to walk to their school. They didn't talk much while walking, not because of embarrassment, but the awkwardness the people will see between them both.

As they arrived in school, Yuzuru released her hands and asked, "Will we meet again, Kanade?"

"Yes, we will." She replied to him. "I still have a lot of questions to ask you, and I know you have too. Plus, we're in the same school."

Yuzuru forgot that part, well, he was also was surprised that she knows what he's thinking, well, obviously, they're in the same boat, so it's natural.

"Oh... yeah." He said and waved goodbye and walked away. "I'll see you later."

"I'll see you too later..." She said and walked the opposite direction.

"That girl…" Yuzuru thought to himself. "That's her, really. There can be no mistakes."

There it is! My first Angel Beats! Fanfic chapter 1. I know it's not good, so sorry! I really suck at prequels/prologues or something similar. But yet nothing's wrong in trying, right? Hehehe

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