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After a few minutes of walking down the streets from the train station, there were 3 people arrived in front of a certain household. It's the Otonashi household, where Otonashi siblings live and Kanade staying in for a week.

The three went inside the house and headed to the living room immediately. Yuzuru placed down their belongings on the sofa and headed to the kitchen. Kanade and Hatsune just sat down on the sofas.

"I'm beat." Hatsune said as she slumped down on one of the sofas, specifically, on where her onee-chan was sitting, on her lap.

Kanade just smiled at her and thought of how active she was. She gently caressed her hair silently while having a smile on her lips, and Hatsune had a grin on her face. She really thought of her as her little sister. She then felt her cheeks grew hot with just the thought of Hatsune being her little sister, and then immediately brushed it out of her mind to ease the incoming embarrassment.

"I should be the one saying that." Yuzuru said sarcastically with a chuckle as he was checking the fridge for dinner.

Hatsune just ignored his sarcasm while letting out a 'hmmp' voice in annoyance and just let Kanade caress her hair. She purrs a little and smiles while being caressed which made Kanade smile too.

Yuzuru continued to cook their dinner and let the 'sisters' had their own bonding time. Though he's really annoyed on how Hatsune can be pushy sometimes, he's a little happy for her because this is the first time he saw her full of energy.

Getting pushed to do things isn't a bad thing in one way or another, he thought.

After a few minutes, he served the dinner and called the two in the living room to eat.


"Ah, I'm stuffed." Hatsune said as she finished digging her food out. "I never knew that you're a good cook, onii-chan."

"It was delicious." Kanade said with a contented look on her face. Yuzuru smiled on the scenery displayed in front of him. He also didn't expect this kind of thing to turn out well, yeah, the cooking thing. He never had confidence on his culinary skills; he just cooks out of instinct. Wait, how's that possible?

"You girls should take a bath first; I'll take care of things here." Yuzuru said as he started working on washing the plates.

"Haaaaaiiiii~" Both of them replied and walked out of the dining room, heading towards the bath.

'Did Kanade just caught Hatsune's way of speaking?' he wondered to himself. Well, hope that it won't become a habit.

Yuzuru recalled what happened this day. First, he, Hatsune and Kanade went to Akihabara, in an anime shop to be specific. Then he separated himself from them for a short time to buy something. Next is he regrouped with them and the two girls demanded him to buy that limited sale figurine, which was placed on top of the mini table in the living room as they reached home, and got taken away as they disappeared to the bathroom. Then he went looking for a stall which sells drinks, and met this purple-haired girl from school.

And then he remembered something critical in that scene. How come he forgot such important detail? If he didn't recall what happened today, it might be erased from his mind forever. That something is:

How did she know his name, and how did she know about his situation?

Without a shadow of doubt, he really believed that she knew about his disoriented memory or dream. Because of what she said, "Don't worry, you'll find your answers soon, very soon."

He tried to think of something that can answer his thoughts, but nothing came to his mind. He almost dropped and nearly broke a plate in the process. Luckily his reflexes never failed him.

He sighed and went back to what he was doing. 'I guess I'm really just overthinking things. Maybe it's just a slip o' tongue.' he thought to himself.

But, was that line really just a slip of tongue?

Then, there's this blonde-haired girl at the train station, giving him a cold stare of death. He wondered if she was also one of those 'familiar people'. But no single drop of memory rushed inside his mind when he saw her. So he disregarded that thought.

"No point in thinking about it for now." He said out as he continued to wash the plates and dropped those thoughts from his mind.


After washing the plates, Yuzuru sat down on the couch in the living room and opened the TV. He flipped through the channels hoping to find something interesting. He just flipped, and flipped, and flipped, and flipped, until he flipped back a channel that caught his attention. It was a live broadcast of an international Judo tournament.

"Never thought that there's a live broadcast of this tournament today." He said as he threw the remote control to the other couch and pinned his attention to the TV.

Not like he has an interest in this kind of sport though, he just wanted to pass the time.

He just stared on to the TV while sitting lazily on the couch. His eyes were starting to gain weight until something, no, someone from what he was watching caught his attention.

"And now, here comes our three consecutive year champion, Matsushita the 5th!" The announcer of the tournament said from the broadcast.

"Haaaggghh!" The person introduced as Matsushita the 5th cried to show off his strength.

Yuzuru was thrown off into his memories as he saw that person in the TV. Different images of that person rushed in to his mind and remained inside, which some of it was disturbing, but some were funny. He just smiled unconsciously at the memories.

After that, a sudden brownout happened and the house was veiled by darkness.

"What the hell?" He said under his breath as his thoughts were dropped back to earth concerning this phenomenon. He was sure that he paid their bills before the due date every month, so he asks himself how this thing did happen.

A few seconds later, the power went back, and Yuzuru sighed in relief

"I'm really overthinking things." He thought to himself again.

When the power went back, he discovered 2 weird things. One, he didn't hear any scream from the bathroom. He was expecting one because of how scared Hatsune with sudden brownouts.

"Well, maybe she had overcome her weakness." He thought again and smiled.

The second weird thing he discovered was, the channel where he was watching few moments ago no longer broadcasts the tournament. He tried flipping through the other channels, and found out that they seem to be okay, except that one he was just watching earlier.

"What the hell is happening…?" he asked himself again.

He was drowned again in his thoughts. Things were getting weirder and weirder by the time. Well, some people say that, weird things are bound to happen when the truth is being revealed. Don't know where he got that phrase, maybe from class? Maybe, or not.

Few seconds later, two cute girls appeared in the living room with only a towel covering their body. Yuzuru was thinking again what's inside their mind that they're not bothered wearing only that thing.

"Onii-chan, it's your turn in the bath." Hatsune said and she walked upstairs with Kanade not uttering a single word.

He sighed.

"I'm thinking too much." He sighed and headed inside the bath without turning off the TV.


He got out of the bath after a few minutes (around half an hour, maybe) and headed straight to his room. He changed to his sleepwear and threw himself on the bed.

He was about to close his eyes when he heard few sounds downstairs.

"Crap, I forgot to turn the TV off." He said mentally and went downstairs.

He got down and looked for the remote control of the TV. As he got it, he flipped to the channel on where he was watching earlier to check if the broadcast was ok at that time, but still he got no luck of it. He tried changing the angle of the antenna, but still nothing happened.

"That's really weird." He said and turned the TV off.

He went upstairs and headed straight to his room. He could hear few voices around the hallway, must be from the two girls.

He arrived at his room and turned the doorknob open, surprising him as he saw what was, or who were in front of him.


That's the only thing Yuzuru heard inside his room, the chatters of the two girls he saw sitting on his bed. They didn't even bother checking who just entered the room, or maybe, they didn't know someone entered or again, maybe they didn't care at all.

Yuzuru sighed.

"Mind telling me what are you girls doing in my room?" He asked in a slightly bemused tone.

"Can't you tell?" Hatsune said as she looked straight towards him. Kanade did the same too.

"No, I can't." Yuzuru said though he already knew the answer. He just hoped that it wasn't true.

"We're going to sleep here!" The two girls said in unison.

All hope's gone.

There he goes. He face palmed as he heard the answer he already knew. He just can't believe that Kanade, yes, KANADE, agreed with her. And even said it out loud too!

"Do you even know what you're thinking?!" Yuzuru protested.

"Yep. It's not like you'll do anything." Hatsune said and made a small, unnoticeable smile.

Just how much they trust him?

'Well, it's probably a good thing that they trust me. But still…' he thought to himself.

"Alright, alright. Let me get another futon. I'll sleep on the floor." He said as he reached for the cabinet.

"Don't bother; you can sleep here with us." Hatsune said in a matter-of-fact tone as she hits the bed.

Yuzuru's blood rushed up to his face and at the same time, Kanade had this pink tint on her cheeks.

"Oi, do you even know what you are saying?" Yuzuru asked and directed his attention towards her as he tried to calm himself down, or maybe, tried to shove away the heat on his face.

"Of course, I know." She said nonchalantly. "Onee-chan and I are going to sleep here, in this room, on this bed, with you." She continued and emphasized few words along her statement.

"Well, I pretty much guessed that one." Yuzuru said. 'This escalated so quickly.' He thought to himself.

"Then what bugs you out?" Hatsune asked him like it's no problem. "It will only become an issue if you make it one." She said again.

That misplaced words of wisdom made Yuzuru slump his shoulders down.

Yuzuru sighed in defeat and face palmed. 'I give up.' Yuzuru mentally shouted. 'Her line of reasoning is hard to catch up.'

He took his pajamas, went inside the bathroom (A/N: Yeah, their rooms also have bathrooms! I believe I said it before, right?) to calm himself and his thoughts down. He just can't believe what happened today. Yes, a lot of things happened, some are weird, some are disappointing, and there are some that he couldn't pin his finger on.

He then looked straight to the mirror and checked if his self was still alright. He washed his face with water to ease the stress or uneasiness building up in his mind. Surprisingly, it did help.

He stayed inside the bathroom for more than half an hour and it was already past nine, much to his unawareness. He then went out of the bathroom and his lips curved into a small smile because of what he saw in front of him.

Kanade was hugging Hatsune, in a manner that she looked like a mother or a big sister. Hatsune slightly curved into a ball while being hugged by Kanade. In Yuzuru's eyes, they really look like sisters, save the hair color and eyes for the difference. Just as he thought that his bed was going to be cramped…

He then saw a space on the right side of the bed. It wasn't near the wall, so he might fall onto the ground at any moment once he slept. He sat down on that space and recollected himself for a while. Few moments later, he heard a muffled voice that came from behind.

"Onee-chaaan… onii-channn… mmmhmm… please stay… with me…" he recognized this voice, the voice that belonged to his little sister, whom he spent more of his years with than with his own parents. Just hearing that from her, the thought just hit him. He never realized it until now, and could never realize it if he didn't hear what she said at all.

Hatsune was lonely.

She was lonely. She lacked some parental love, because their parents were overseas and they left while they were still young, leaving them in their aunt's place. But 2 years after they left, their aunt lost her battle from cancer and passed away. Their parents didn't come home; not that they don't want to, but they just can't. Instead, they just had a talk through phone. The house was passed down to him, as in under Yuzuru's name. And that's the house the where the three people, Kanade, Hatsune, and him was staying in.

He then felt a tear fell down from his eyes. Remembering the past is kind of harsh, but no one can escape the past by just burying it under the ground.

'Huh…?' he mentally said. He then wiped the tear that just ran down through his cheeks. Sure enough, he might've felt the same way Hatsune might feel, but he needed to be strong, for them to survive. He needed to be strong too now that Kanade's staying with him, or them.

He sighed as he recollected his thoughts and lied down on the bed with the two girls. Hatsune was in the middle while Kanade and Yuzuru were at both sides.

Yuzuru's eyes started to gain weight and slowly closed his eyes, due to his exhaustion from today's activities. As he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, Hatsune smiled and murmured to her sleep, "Onii-chan… onee-chan… I love you…"

And thus, their day ends with a blissful slumber.



Yuzuru's eyes slowly opened as the alarm clock buzzed off. He then met a white ceiling in front of him and slowly sat up on the bed. He then got up and opened the curtain, which made him cover his eyes at an instant it was opened due to the beam of light entered the room.

He turned his gaze towards the bed, and formed a smile as he saw who were sleeping on it. He saw Kanade hugging Hatsune, while she, Hatsune, was cuddling to her.

He just crossed his arms for a while and went outside the room, not bothering the sweet moments of the two girls on their peaceful sleep.

He got downstairs and headed straight to the fridge to check what's available for cooking breakfast. He opened the refrigerator and looked around inside while thinking what to cook. He then took a few eggs and the Tupperware of hamburger patties inside the freezer and started to cook it.

Nothing out of the ordinary this morning, he thought. It was the least of his concerns that time though.


As he finished cooking breakfast, the two girls got down while they still have their morning hairs (A/N: you know what that it is :3). They headed straight to the table and waited for the breakfast to be served.

"Good morning, ladies." Yuzuru said as he placed their breakfast in front of them trying to give a sexy look on his face. (A/N: might be OoC, but it's funny XD)

"That's sexual harassment, onii-chan." Hatsune answered without a huff. Kanade just chuckled a little from her answer.

"Which part?" Yuzuru said with a slight sarcasm. He definitely didn't want to hear that answer from her little sister, but it's just like her, so there's nothing he could do about it.

"Everything of it." She retorted.

Yuzuru chuckled a little as he placed his plate with breakfast on the table and said, "So, 'Good Mornings' are considered sexual harassment?"

"That's not what I mean!" Hatsune said to him with a slight pout and a blushing face. Kanade just stared at the bickering of the siblings and continued to eat her breakfast with saying a word. She just smiles at every time she glances towards them.

"Then what do you mean?" Yuzuru asked again even though he already knew the answer to his god-forsaken question. Being sarcastic is fun, they said.

"Hmmph, nevermind." Hatsune said and continued to dig her breakfast and shifted her attention towards Kanade.

'The house was never this lively before Kanade arrived.' Yuzuru thought to himself as he saw Hatsune talking to Kanade. 'Kanade had a great influence on her.' He thought again.

At that thought, he just smiled.

"Why are you suddenly smiling? You're creepy." Hatsune said.

"Nothing, don't mind me." Yuzuru said and his smile disappeared. "I'm finished. I'll go to the convenience store for a while to buy something." He said again as he stood up and placed his plate in the sink.

"Buy me an ice cream!" Hatsune jumped in cheer.

Yuzuru ignored her sudden change of personality and asked Kanade, "Do you need anything, Kanade?"

"Ummm, nothing in particular… but if there's a Mapo Tofu bread then…." She interrupted herself in no particular reason, or maybe there is. Her face went red.

Does that food even exist?

"Okay." He said to her even though he's not sure if there's a Mapo Tofu bread existing in this world. "I'll be right back." He said again and went to the door.

"Take care!" The two girls said to him.

This is going to be a long day to him, maybe.


Yuzuru started to walk down the streets without paying attention to anyone he passes to and anyone who passes to him. He was in his calm demeanor as he was walking but the heat of the sun above him ate it away.

'God, it's really hot today.' He thought to himself as he wiped the sweat running down on his face and looked up to the skies. 'What's with the weather today?' he mentally asked himself.

Yeah, three days ago, it was raining like hell. And now, it's burning like hell.

'Dammit, I didn't bring an umbrella.' He mentally cursed. One big mistake.

After a few walks, he arrived at the convenience store and he felt refreshed when he entered the place, due to the air conditioner.

"Welcome!" The store clerk near the entrance door, specifically in the cashier greeted.

He ignored that clerk and went inside to get his necessities and the wants of Kanade and Hatsune.

He didn't have a list, but he pretty much know what they're going to need throughout the entire days coming to them.

He walked around the store and picked up some goods for their needs. Eggs, bread, some frozen and canned foods. Particularly nothing special.

'This should be enough.' Yuzuru mentally said to himself as he picked up everything they need and walked to the counter. 'Oh yeah, their requests.' He thought again and went back to the dairies section.

He took a gallon of ice cream and went to the bread section. He scanned every bit of bread displayed in front of him and finally got what he wanted, no, what Kanade wanted.

He took it and asked himself, 'Never knew this kind of bread existed.' Then he placed it in the cart and walked to the counter wondering how the producers of this food stuffed mapo tofu in a bread.

As he arrived there, he saw two familiar people falling in line to the cashier. One with a long purple hair and the other one is a long blond-haired girl.

He walked behind them and called the two girls with a wave, "Yo."

The two looked back to him. "Ah, Good morning, Otonashi-san." The blond-haired girl, Shiori Sekine, greeted as he saw him.

"Good morning too, Otonashi-san." The purple-haired girl, Miyuki Irie, greeted.

"Good morning to the two of you." He greeted to them. "What're you girls doing here?" he asked.

"Oh nothing, we're just buying bites for our way to-" Miyuki said and suddenly got interrupted by Shiori by covering her mouth.

"Oh, Nothing! Really nothing! We're just grabbing something to eat. Hehehe." Shiori said with an awkward look on her face and showed few bread and a drink.

"Oh, I see." He said.

"By the way, what are you also doing here, Otonashi-san?" Shiori asked him and looked down to his cart. "You bought too much, I think."

"I'm just grabbing things for my sister and Ka-, err, myself." Yuzuru said as he made a no-no wave with his hands.

"Heehhh, you have a sister?" Miyuki asked with an interested look on her face. Her eyes are glowing like diamonds.

"Yep, little sister to be specific." He said with a proud look and proud pose.

"Be sure to introduce us to her someday!" Miyuki said as she and Shiori walked away from the cashier. The line moved too fast as they were talking.

He just smiled at them and placed the things he's planning to buy near the barcode scanner.

He paid the groceries and went out of the store. He was welcomed by a bright sunlight as he got out of the store, like something's about to go down from the skies.

"Man, today's really freaking hot." He said in a very low voice and started to walk.

He ignored the heat that was above him and continued to walk down the streets. He mentally cursed himself for the reason why he didn't bring a god-forsaken umbrella. He always used to bring an umbrella whenever he leaves the house, but today was an exception.

He wiped the sweat running down on his face and released a disappointed sigh.

Suddenly, someone called him from behind, "Yo! Otonashi!"

He looked back behind him and saw a blue-haired guy with a pink-haired girl clinging on his arm.

"Yo, Hinata, Yui-chan!" Yuzuru greeted them as he saw them. "Recovering fast now, aren't you?" He said to Yui.

"Yeah, I can somehow walk at slow paces." Yui said with a smile. She looked at what Yuzuru had on his both hands. "I see you're handling groceries."

"Yeah, my sister is kind of oblivious on this kind of activity." He said as he slumped his shoulders down.

"Must be hard for you, eh?" Hinata said with a slightly amused tone.

"Not so much, I guess." He said with a bemused tone. "Anyways, I should get going now. I know I'm hindering your walks."

"Not really, but yeah, we're in a walk to help Yui recover fast." Hinata said as he patted Yui's head using his other hand which made Yui purr a little. "See ya later."

"Yeah, see ya guys too." He said and walked away from them.

He then disappeared from the scene and continued to walk down the streets. The sun above him is already killing him inside out.

'Man, what a day.' He thought and gave off a sigh.


He instantly took his phone out of his pocket to check what it was. To his dismay, it was a message and it said:

"Don't forget our agreement for later!"

Even without looking to the sender of the mail, he already knew who it was and instantly slid his phone back to his pocket and resumed his walk under the sun.

After a few moments, he felt something from his pocket again, but it was unusual.


One vibration after another of his phone was he felt at that time. He went to a nearby shed and took his phone out to check what it was. He got 7 messages from an unknown number. He opened it one by one and froze after reading all of them. Each of the message said:








He then felt a stinging pain inside his head after reading the last message. He swore that he already heard these words from somewhere, or someone. But somehow his memories didn't function for him right. He tried to remember it, but realized that it was futile, and also realized something weird.

He can't remember something from yesterday.

Yes, and that something was the gap between when he separated from Kanade and Hatsune to buy drinks and when he regrouped with them. He can't even remember where he bought those drinks, and every time he tries, a sudden stinging pain enters his head.

"What in the world is happening to me…?" He mumbled under his breath while he stares on his phone.

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