(A/N: A clerihew is a simple four-line poem where the first line rhymes with the second line, and the third line rhymes with the fourth line, regardless of meter. This type of poem was made famous by the 20th century British author Edmund Clerihew Bentley. Most often, the subject of the clerihew is a famous person or character. Each clerihew has the first line be the name of the character and the epithet. The second line of each clerihew rhymes with the epithet. I have written at least one clerihew per chapter of Winnie-the-Pooh.)

1A. Pooh the Climber of Trees
Wanted to fool some bees.
His plan was to float up high
Like a black cloud in the blue sky.

2A. Rabbit the Disguiser of Voices
Gave Pooh two choices
Of what to have on his bread.
But Pooh gave a third option instead.

3A. Piglet the Grandson of Trespassers Will
Went with Pooh to track Woozles until
Pooh said that he saw four
Sets of tracks. Piglet said that he had forgotten a chore.

4A. Eeyore the Sad
Lost his tail but did not know
Until Pooh told him so.

4B. Owl the Wise
Did not realize
Pulling the bell rope he found
Did not make a sound.

5A. Pooh the Counter of Heffalumps and Sheep
Saw the honey pot on the Very Deep
And got his head stuck in it.

5B. Piglet the Not Very Brave
Pooh instructions to get honey for bait,
Which Pooh ate.

6A. Eeyore the Pathetic
Knows a trick
To make him hear
Better. With his hoof he pushes forward his ear.

6B. Piglet the Popper of Birthday Presents
Over Eeyore's Balloon, which Piglet burst.
Piglet gave his present to Eeyore first.

6C. Pooh the Eater of Birthday Presents
Over Eeyore's honey which he ate.
Eeyore thinks that his pot is great.

7A. Kanga the Distracted
To Rabbit's switch with fright,
But then she was sure that Roo was all right.

7B. Piglet the Small and Weak
Made a squeak
The way Roo would.
But his "Aha!" wasn't very good.

8A. Christopher Robin the Leader of Expeditions
Told Pooh that Provisions
Were things to eat.
Pooh helped him get a boot on one of his feet.

8B. Roo the Swimmer
Was in a situation that grew grimmer.
When he fell into the stream.
Everybody helped him as a team.

8C. Pooh the Eater of Marmalade
A discovery. He found the North Pole!
That was the Expedition's goal.

9A. Piglet the Writer of the Rescue Note
Sent his message in a bottle and watched it float.
Christopher Robin and Pooh
To the rescue!

10A. Pooh the Receiver of the Special Pencil Case
Can now erase
Any mistakes.
He asks himself, "What's for breakfast?" when he wakes.