Caught in the waves of hesitation

Lost in the sea of my own doubt


For you I'll always wait

For you I'll always wait.

~~Endlessly by Green River Ordinance

I should've been placed in the Guinness book of world records for how fast I got to the hospital. I didn't think there would be that many cabs at this hour, but I was proven wrong. The second those three words slipped out of the nurses mouth, I was up in a flash, running to my closet to slip on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt quickly, completely bypassing the sexy clothes that Alice and I had shopped for yesterday.

I paid the man in the cab quickly, and muttered a quick thank you before I bolted into the hospital. I ran to the elevators and repeatedly pressed the up arrow.

"Come on…come on" I muttered, impatient to wait for the doors to open.

The elevator dinged and soon I was on my way up to Edwards room.

When I arrived in his room I stopped at the open door. Inside, Mrs. Cope was standing next to the machines by Edwards bed, scrawling some numbers down on a clipboard.

I cleared my throat and stepped into the room "Mrs. Cope?" I said, but it came out more like a question.

"Dear, you're here!" she said excitedly. "I am so glad you made it. Come over here with me" she waved me over.

I walked over to where she was standing and looked down at Edward. His face was scrunched up, brows furrowing, and low groans were escaping his mouth.

"Now dear, you see these lines" she pointed to a machine in front of me where there was a bunch of squiggly horizontal lines I couldn't really understand "They represent his brainwaves, and they are arranged in a way that lets us know Edward is coming back to consciousness" she smiled happily at me.

"How long do you think it'll be?" I asked a little breathlessly.

She put a comforting hand on my shoulder "Not long now dear. Look at how much he's responding" she looked down at Edward and my eyes followed hers.

Edwards hands were clenching the sheets on the bed, and he was moaning louder now.

"Do you think he's in pain?" I asked while I unclenched one of Edwards hands from the blankets and held it between my own.

She took a deep breath and sighed "He's probably in a bit of discomfort because of the stitches and wounds. If he's in too much pain when he wakes, well give him some pain medication to ease it".

I nodded and said a soft thank you as I rubbed my thumb over Edwards knuckles soothingly.

Mrs. Cope put the clipboard back on the front of the bed and turned to me "I'll be right outside dear, so just call me if you need anything" she smiled and then shut the door softly when she was out of the room.

I pulled up one of the plastic chairs and sat close to Edwards side.

This was really happening. He was actually waking up. I should probably call Emmet and Jasper, but it was late; I would call them in the morning.

As I sat there with Edwards hand in mine, thoughts began to flood my head.

Doubt and fear started creeping back into me. What if he regrets the kiss? What if he doesn't want anything to do with me now that he's awake?

Edward was now making soft grunts and his head was thrashing around a bit.

"Shhh, shhh. It's okay Edward. Just relax" I cooed softly and brought my other hand up to caress the side of his face and his hair soothingly "Everything's going to be okay".

He relaxed tremendously under my touch, his breaths stopped coming out in ragged puffs and I felt his fingers squeeze mine.

I brought his hand up to my lips and placed a soft kiss on his knuckles "Everything's okay. Just relax"

His lashes were fluttering, and I could tell his eyes were straining to open.

"Bella" he breathed out in a whisper. I didn't notice I began to cry until I felt wetness on my cheeks, soft tears falling down my face.

I clutched his hand closer and stroked his cheek with my fingertips over his scruff that had begun to grow in "I'm here Edward, I'm here" I repeated to him.

After a few more tries, he opened his eyes slowly, and focused on me. "Bella" he whispered. "Don't cry beautiful" he said softly, his voice scratchy but sexy with sleep.

That only made my tears fall faster; and when he brought his hand up to cup my face and wipe my tears away, I nuzzled into his hand and pressed an open mouth kiss on his palm.

He looked disoriented, but I knew he was putting in a lot of effort and energy to try and stay focused.

"You're more beautiful than I remembered" he said with a lazy smirk.

I let out a soft laugh and rolled my eyes "And you're so doped up you don't really know what you're saying".

His face turned serious now and I felt like his green eyes penetrated into mine "You're so beautiful" he repeated "I dreamt about you, you know" he whispered as he dropped his hand from my face, weakness settling into his body.

He began to rub his fingers softly over mine where he had our hands rested on top of his bed. "I kept hearing your voice" he continued "and I kept seeing your face over and over again in my mind" he said as he looked down at our interlaced hands and then back up at me "You're my angel" he whispered softly.

My eyes softened at his gaze, and I leaned in to place a soft kiss on his forehead. "No" I said as I leaned back. "You're my angel. You saved me, you saved all of us".

My face was close to his, our noses almost touching. His gaze kept wandering down to my lips and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. All I had to do was lean down a few more inches and my lips would've pressed against his.

Edward tried to lean up, but hissed loudly as he did so, his eyes scrunching up in pain. I backed away immediately "Edward no! You'll hurt yourself" I said as I helped him back down and began to run my fingers through his hair soothingly.

"Are you in a lot of pain?" I asked

"My stomach" he grunted out through clenched teeth "I'm okay. Don't worry, I'm fine" he hissed, trying hard to hide the pain.

It was funny to me how he thought I would actually believe him "Uh huh. Yeah right" I said as I walked over to the intercom button on the wall "I'm getting you something for the pain."

I pressed the green button and Mrs. Cope's voice answered quickly "Yes dear?" she asked.

"Hi Mrs. Cope. Edwards awake, but he's in a lot of pain" I explained.

"No problem dear, I'll be right in with something to ease it" she responded.

Mrs. Cope came in shortly afterwards with a needle filled with a clear fluid. "Welcome back Mr. Masen" she said cheerfully "It's good to see you awake" she smiled at him.

Edward returned the smile and let out a soft thank you.

Mrs. Cope walked over to his IV "The medications going to make you a bit sleepy, but don't fight it. Your body has been through a lot of trauma and still needs to recover" she said as she pushed the medication through his IV.

She finished quickly and gave me a reassuring smile, saying the medication should start taking effect in a few short moments.

After she left, I made my way back to Edwards side, and sat down in the chair by his bed.

His body relaxed minutely, not as tense from the pain as he was a few minutes ago. He reached his hand out towards me, a silent question for me to take it.

I took his hand in both of mine, and began passing my thumb over his fingers in a calming gesture.

Edwards eyes began to droop a few minutes afterward, but he was trying to fight the exhaustion that was creeping into him.

I sighed "Edward, you know what the nurse said. Sleep. You need to rest" I brought my hand up to his hair and began scratching his head slightly, hoping to relax him enough so he would give in to sleep.

He let out a soft moan of pleasure as my fingers kept scratching over his scalp, and he allowed his eyes to close.

A few minutes passed and I thought he was already asleep when he spoke. "Bella?" he asked.


"Will you be here when I wake up?" he asked again.

I took his hand in mine and gave it a soft squeeze "Yeah I will. I promise" I whispered.

He let out a soft sigh "mmkay."

I kept scratching over his scalp as his breathing evened out and I knew he was asleep.

I leaned over his bed again and placed a soft kiss on his forehead before I pressed a small kiss to each of his eyelids.

It was still really late, and I was still tired from being woken up. I settled myself back in the uncomfotorable plastic chair and took hold of Edwards hand again.

Edwards peaceful face was the last thought on my mind before I fell into a deep sleep.


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