Hey Guys! New story if you haven't already guessed. Yes I am planning on updating my Ouran stories soon I promise. Anyways here's the summary for this story:

For 3 years Danny Fenton is gone. No one knows where he is or if he's alive. Not even Clockwork knows where Danny is. So when Danny returns, and theres something seriously off about him will Sam and Tucker be able to help him through it, or will he be forever scarred by the tradegdy that befell him. Can he cope, or will he perish?

~His Return~

My best friend Danny Fenton went missing 3 years ago. He was 15. The police have no leads on where he may be. Everyone's hope for him is pretty much gone, and as much as I hate admiting it mine is to. If he's out there I can only hope we find him soon. Until then though... It's time to try to move forward, but is that task even possible?

Sam's p.o.v.

The sun begins to set like everyday. I walk the streets all alone. This is my evening ritual. Everyday at sunset I'll go take a walk, but it's much more then a walk. It's my way of searching the streets without looking. Today it seems I've lost track of time. The sun is gone,and the sky is dark. I need to get home fast. I turn down a different street in order to get to my home faster. This isn't the normal route for me. I take in my surroundings as I walk. I know this street really well... It's the street my old best friend used to live on. I normally avoid this street for a reason. I continue walking allowing myself to mourn once more. A few more yards, and I'm outside a dull, sad ,looking Fenton Works.

The place looked terrible! The signs around the house that once lit up, and gave the place an energetic feeling, were long burnt out. No lights shown within the windows. No noises came from inside. The windows were full of dust, the door used only occasionally to go to the grocery store for food. The cars in the drive way were old and rusty. The lawn was unkept and full of long grass, and weeds. The place itself was dead. There was a piece of paper in the window, but I didn't have to get close to know what it was.

The paper was a classic 'Have You Seen This Boy?' flyer. The picture of a smiling 14 year old Danny made my heart stop. I hadn't seen that flyer with that picture in about 1 1/2 years. At first when Danny had gone missing he had been the talk of everyone. Even the popular crowd who had ignored him, the jocks, and cheerleaders who had made fun of him, and the adults who appeared to strongly dislike him. Every crowd who'd liked Danny, hated Danny, or didn't particurally care for Danny was shaken. For a long while everyone searched for my missing best friend, but as time passed searches became less frequent, people began loosing hope that Danny was alive, until Danny became just another kid whom had gone missing. Just another kid with no hope of being found. Just another kid who could've been suffering. Just another kid at the back of everyones hearts, or minds.

To me though he wasn't just another kid. He was my best friend, and first love. Only the ones who had been closest to Danny still mourned him, but everyone at one point had mourned the boy out of pity. The biggest thing that urks me however is that we have no idea of what happened to Danny. Not one idea. No body, no lead, no suspect, no evidence, and no theory. There was nothing to go off of. I miss him so much, as does his family, Tucker, and I think even Vlad may be missing him. Ghosts stopped attacking the town since it wasn't a challenge anymore. Only the occasoinal ghost would come back to see if their favorite nemisis was back. They left disappointed everytime.

I took a startled step backwards when a light inside of Fenton Works flicked on. I turned on my heel, and continued walking slowly. The front door creaked open, and I heard the voice of Jazz Fenton call, "Sam wait!" But I couldnt bring myself to turn and face her, so I kept walking. Danny may be gone, but to me he was everywhere. My phone in my pocket vibarated. It was a text from mom.

Mom: Where are you sweetie?

Me: I'll be home soon mom. Had to stop somewhere.

Mom: Ok see you soon.

I greatly hated the day my mom learned how to text. I tucked the phone back into my pocket, and decided to jog the rest of the way home. I closed my eyes, and began to jog. I opened them to find myself bumping into a man. "Sorry." I mummur. I look up at his face, and find myself looking at Jack Fenton. "No problem young- wait a minute Sam?" I nod. He looks me up and down, "It's been quite sometime Sam." I take his appearance in. He looks sad, tired, and hungry. "Yeah Mr. Fenton." He looks me in the eye and says, "Sam, feel free to bring Tucker for a visit sometime." I nodded, left. I jogged the rest of the way home with no problems.

I opened the door to my house to find my parents waiting for me. "Your late." My dad says. I shrug, "I was held up." He nods, and dismisses me. I make my way to my room. Once there I change into my pajamas. My room is dimly lit, and I stare at the picture of Tucker, Danny, and I. I feel tears begin falling from eyes. "I wish Danny was back." I said. I laid back on my bed, and fell asleep.

I opened my eyes and groaned. What time was it? I looked around the clock said 3 am. I laid back down, and found that I couldn't fall back asleep. I began to let my mind wander once more. Where was Danny? I needed needed him. His family need him as well. "Oh Danny... Where are you?" I wondered aloud. "Young Sam..." A voice answered I snapped on the light to find no one there. I swear it sounded like Clockwork. I just shook it off, I mean its 3 am, I'm tired, and probally just hearing things. I yawn, and then I have an idea. I get up, and find a pencil and paper. I begin writing.

Dear Danny,

It's been a long 3 years without you. If only you could be here with us, or we could at least learn what happened to you. There isn't a day that goes by when you don't cross my mind. There isn't a day that I don't wonder what happened to you. There isn't a day that I wouldn't kill to be there with you. I miss you so much, so does Tucker, and your family. Fenton Works has been a wreck without you there, I've been a wreck without you here with me. We are 17 now, and the last time we saw eachother you were 14. What would I give to talk to you again? Anything, you should know that. I saw your dad today. He looked tired, and sad. We looked so hard for you. You don't understand how hard we tried to find you. I don't know why I'm writing this, but it feels right. Who knows maybe you'll see this one day. Maybe you won't. I have one thing that I have to tell you... I regret everyday that I didn't tell you how much you meant to me. Danny, I was in love with you. Everyday it kills me to watch the people who are in love be happy together knowing that my one true love is missing. I've tried so hard to move on knowing it's what you would've wanted, yet I can not. I've searched to find someone like you, but no one holds that interesting spark, and amazing personality like you. No one can fill the whole you left in my heart. I can only pray you'll return safely, but even I have my doubts.

I love you so much,


I smile satisfied with my work. I set it on my dresser and lay baack down. This time sleep comes right away. In the morning when I wake up the first thing I check is my dresser. My letter is gone, and in it's place is another one. I pick it up eagerly and slowly unfold it. I'm a little worried at what it might say.

Dear Sam,

The letter you wrote was sweet, and I'm sorry for the three years absence, but it's risky for me to be writing to you right now. I guess I should mention that this isn't Danny writing. It is Clockwork, and I'll try to track down Daniel to give him your letter. I'm not susposed to be communicating with you right now, but I must. I can not tell you anything about Daniel, his current state (dead or alive), his whereabouts, and his disappearance. IT would change to much in the timeline. I haven't seen Daniel for 3 years either, so I guess I must look into his whereabouts, and what has become of him. The timeline has a way of changing and I'm afraid it has been altered once more. I'm very sorry for your loss, and anyother letters written to Daniel, or me will be collected from your room by me. I must take a little time to apologize now and say had I noticed the altered timeline earlier, I might have been able to fix it. I find myself held a little responsible for this.



~Meanwhile~ 3rd p.o.v.

A boy is just entering Amity Park. The boy looks around, and his eyes take everything in. His head itches from the wig he's wearing, and his ice blue eyes are hidden by brown eye contacts. The boy smiles to himself dragging a suitcase behind him, "Welcome home." He mummered to himself. The boy drags himself to a nearby motel, and rents a room. The boy sets his stuff down on the bed, and removes the wig. Shaggy raven black hair falls free. He smiles and removes his contacts. He only needed a disguise to sneak back into Amity Park. The boy covers his head with a hat, and sets out to walk the town.

~Back to Sam's p.o.v.~

I walk through the town to go to school. I meet up with Tucker on the way there. "Hey Tuck," I mummer. "Hi Sam." He says a bit louder then me. "STOP friends of the ghost child." I sigh as we look up and see Skulker there. "He's not here Skulker." I say. Skulker cackles, "No matter the friends of the ghost child have some worth as well." He pulls out a little hunter gun, and fires at us. Tucker, and I dodge most hits, but one manages to hit me slicing my arm. I look at Tucker Skulker had never tried to hunt us before. We were defenseless. I drop to my knees feeling weak from blood loss. Skulker takes this oppertunity to fly in close to get me, but before he can get to me he is zapped by a green ectoblast. "You will not touch her." The voice I had longed to hear for so long yells. Tucker gasped, I felt my eyes begin to tear up. Danny was back! People stopped, and began mummering that their hero was back.

I was so happy to see him, but I didn't notice that something was different about him. Very different.

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