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It seems as though our favorite test subject has escaped. Well we'll find him. He must know by now he can't escape us. We've lefft our mark on him... We've scarred him. He'll come crawling back they always do, but he's different. Let's see how he does on his own. Let's track him, and watch him. Let's see what our scars have done to him. He should know by now he can run but he can't hide. You've been a bad boy Daniel, tsk tsk. Boys who misbehave get punished.

Sam's p.o.v.

I was so happy that Danny was back! It's like a dream come true. I watched him beat Skulker up just like old times. Guess not much has changed with that. "Sam!" Tucker calls. I turn and he tosses me a Fenton Thermos. I open it up like old times, and aim for Skulker. I press the button, and Skulker is sucked in. Danny lands, and the crowd cheers for the return of their hero. Tucker, and I tackle Danny with hugs. "You've got a lot of explaining to do." I whisper. He flinches but nods. We get off of him, and he waves to the crowd. "Citizens of Amity Park...," He starts, "I'm sorry for my three year absence, but it could not be helped. I'm back now and that's what matters." The people cheer. He turns to us, "Meet me in the back alley." With that he flies off. Tucker, and I take off as well.

It's a ten minute jog, and thats easy for me, but for Tucker it's nearly impossible. By the time we reach the alley Tucker's panting like he may never breathe again. We turn and walk down the alley. "Danny?" I call. He steps out of the shadows, and looks us over. "DANNY!" I scream really excited. He offers a small smile, "Hi guys..." He says. "Where have ya been man?" Tucker asks. Danny's small disappears, and his eyes flash with pain. "I'm back, and I'd rather not bring that up." He sounds depressed. I really do want to know where he's been, but I'll wait until he's ready to tell.

I smile, "All that matters is that your back." He nodds. "Where are you going to go?" Tucker asks him. "Home I guess." He responds. "Let's go with him Tucker." I say, and Tucker nodds in agreement. Danny smiles, "Thanks guys." We nodd, and start towards Fenton works. "How are you going to confront your parents?" I ask Danny. He shrugs, "Well, I'll walk through the front door, and go from there. You know I'm the man without a plan!" We all laugh together, yet there is something troubling in his laugh.

We stray to the back roads, so Danny isn't spotted. Once we reach Fenton Works looks of recognition, confusion, joy, fear, sadness, and eagerness cross his face. We walk up the driveway, and to the front door. The cars in the driveway are gone, so I'm guessing the Fentons are out. Danny reaches the front door before me and Tucker. He jiggles the knob, and the door opens. He turns to us, "They should probally fix that." I nod in agreement. We all enter at the same time.

To my surprise the house was neat and clean. It didn't look all like the outside. Everything was orderly. Danny looked around. I think I even saw fear in his eyes. He gulped and walked to the stairs. Cautiously we followed. He climbed the stairs and went to his old room. He smiles warmly upon entering. I smile too. Everything is as we remember it. He turned to us, "I missed you guys... It's great to be back." I walk up to him, and give him aa hug. "It's great to have you back dude. We missed you."

Danny's p.o.v.

Sam was hugging me. I felt a blush creeping up my face. I hug her back. It's been forever since I've been hugged. I missed Amity Park so much, but I wonder how long it will be until they find me. Sam releases me, and I smile. I look at Tucker, "Come here man." I say holding my hand up for a high five. He walks forward and high fives me. I open my arms, "Come on man give me a hug." Tucker steps in and gives me a friendly hug.

I walked up to, and sat on the bed. My eyes find their way to my old purple bookbag.

~Flash Back~

I walked into my house. As usual my parents were doing some idiotic ghost experiment, and my sister was in the kitchen probally waiting to lecture me. I sigh, and make my way up to my room. "I need a little break..." I mummur to myself. I throw my backpack down on my bed. I don't bother retreiving anything out of it. I wouldn't be gone for to long. I looked back at my backpack trying to decide wether I should take my cell phone. I decide not to. Quickly I transform into my ghost half.I open the window and just allow myself to fly out. Flying feels so natural. If only I could leave, and not return. Live away from all this stress. If only I could live in my perfect fantasy world. I smile at the thought. It's wquite nice but I know that rightv now I don't want to be anywhere but here. It's really peaceful, not a ghost in site. If only it could always be this way. The winds in my hair, and there isn't a cloud in the sky. But then everything was black, and I woke up far far away from Amity Park. "Your wondering where you are?" A tough voice asked me. I couldn't see the source of the voice. I was blindfolded. I nodded, "Well your not in Amity Park, and you won't be ever." I opened my mouth and yelled, "You can't hold me here. I'm strong I'll break free when you ren't looking then I'll-" I was cut off by a hand meeting my cheek, my butt meeting the ground, and a knife againist my arm. "You will not speak out of turn." The voice says, and the knife digs deeper into my arm. It begins to move upward. I'm left with a big cut in my arm. I hokd as long as I can, but eventually I pass out from loss of blood. It would be hours before I woke up again.

~End Flash Back~

"Danny? Hello Danny?" Sam's calling out to me. I look up at her, "Sorry Sam..." I trail off thinking. Had I brought my cell phone with me I might've gotten out of captivity sooner, or at least somehow contacted someone. Sam shakes her head at me, "Are you ok?" Tucker asks. I laugh, but it's a little bit of a messed up laugh, "I've been gone for three years Tuck. Held, and tortured againist my will. Do you think I'm ok?" It took me a minute to realize my slip up. Oops, I hadn't wanted to tell them about that. Crap, I hadn't planned on telling anyone about that yet.

My two friends stare at me wide eyed. I sigh, "Did you guys think I was on vacation? I mean really, where did you think I was? For the record I honestly don't remember what ok feels like, because I'm never going to be ok again." I know I'm over reacting, but what did they expect. "Sorry guys... It's just hard to have been isolated and afraid for so long, and then to suddenly be back in a loving nice enviroment." Tucker closes his mouth, and sits on the floor so he can think. Sam sits next to me on the bed. "Oh, Danny! We had no idea." I look at her, "It's ok... No one did."

Then we hear a voice from downstairs, "Hello? Who's in here?" I chuckle at the determined voice of my father. Then I remember we left the door open. I hear my mom's voice next, "Come out where we can see you!" I smile, I had missed them a lot. Then Jazz pipes up, "Guys how do you know someone broke in? I mean maybe the wind blew the door open. Our door has a lock issue remember?" I shake my head her and her logics. I nodd at Sam and Tucker, and mouth go. They nodd and make their way down stairs, "Sorry... Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, we just came by for a visit with someone, and forgot to close the door." Sam says. Even though I can't see them I'm almost positive Tucker nodds in agreement.

I listen to my mom and dad welcome them. Then Jazz asks, "Did you just say you came to visit with someone? Who's the third person?" I took this as my cue. I made my way to the stairwell, making sure my foot steps could be heard from down the corrider. "Me." I say. I begin walking down the stairwell, only to be greeted by multiple surprised gasps. Not even a second later I find myself at the bottom of a family dog pile. Once everyone is up, and I catch my breath, I am immediatly questioned. I tell them the same thing I told Sam and Tucker at first. My family was a bit disappointed, but they understood.

I looked over towards the window, and saw someone sneaking away from it. I should've said saomething about it. But for some reason I don't... I hope I don't regret this later.

Back to Mr. Evil's ~The guy talking in the very begining of the chap~ p.o.v.

Hmmmm... Ok Danny interesting way of getting around here. You've made quite a few mistakes since you've been here. I had to let you know that I'm watching you. Keep your gaurd up. You never know where I am, or better yet who I am. I'm getting this whole evil thing down... I'm talking while I sit outside your house watching you, petting my persian cat, and warning you about lots of things even though you can't hear me. Ok so I might've lied about the cat... That's totallyl evil! Lying is good I mean bad, and it's helping my evilness. Hehehe, I knew Dad was wrong when he told me I wasn't cut out to be evil. Oh back to the whole evil warning thing... Your biggest mistake so far has been not telling your family about seeing me outside the window. Goodnight for now Daniel, sweet dreams. Enjoy them while they last... You never know when I'll decide to end them.

~3rd p.o.v.~

Mr. Evil (as we'll call him for now) is prancing around the central park scrreaming "YESSS I'M FINALLY EVIL AHAHAHA! THIS IS THE BEST DAY ER I MEAN NIGHT OF MY LIFE! HEHEHEHEHE!"

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